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Game 7:10pm.

Game thread for the first Currie Cup game of the weekend.


Russell Jeacocks; Bom Samaai, Jovan Bowles, Basil de Doncker, Danie Dames; Cecil Dumont, Michael Bondesio; Christo van Niekerk, Thabo Mamojele, Wilhelm Koch (capt), Draad Linde, Ligtoring Landman, Philip Lemmer, Pellow van der Westhuizen, Divan Kotze.

Replacements: Gavin Williamson, Nardus Lombard, Rudi Mathee, Riaan Swanepoel, Theo van Wyk, Clayton Durand, Jean Tiedt.


Justin Peach, Deon Scholtz, Cornal Hendricks, Hein Myburgh, Luvo Sogidashe, Elgar Watts, Danie van der Merwe, Carel Hoffman, Wendal Wehr, Zolani Mofu, Rito Hlungwane, Nico Esterhuyse, Jacobie Adriaanse, Clemen Lewis (capt), Janro van Niekerk.

Replacements: Harry Vermaas, Johan Roets, George Earl, Zandré Jordaan, Denzil Willemse, Ernie Kruger, Llewellyn Adonis.

468 Responses to Match Thread Leopards 50 vs Boland 16 (f/t)

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  • 451

    Vark GBS, where are all the Rugby Lovers????? Very quiet tonight!!

  • 452

    451@Scrumdown – Only gone quiet now…. it was nice and busy before….

    Friday night is Family night….

  • 453

    naand julle mielie pitte van brakpan :mrgreen:

  • 454

    453@sharky_forever – Naand !

    You’re about to catch me logging out and going in to plant some mielie stronke in the house !

  • 455

    @grootblousmile – :lol:

  • 456

    @grootblousmile – thats cool bgs tac mate and have a great evening

    im sitting here with my wife watching some crazy movie on dstv

  • 457

    455@sharky_forever – Sorry to do this, but I’m outa here….

    PS! Your Tjarkies are going to bliksem WP tomorrow…. easy peasy !

    Goooooooooooi Mieliessssssssss

    Die Lewe is ‘n Lied !

  • 458

    @grootblousmile – That’s because they’re all watching Boer soek ‘n Wh@re of iets.

    Here’s an idea for the site. How about we (you?) approach all of the top unions and ask them to contibute to a “club thread” on a weekly basis?

    The Unions who don’t respond will soon realise that Rugby-Talk is not just a BS site, and is serious about EVERY aspect of the game and will (hopefully) come running with tail between legs.

    Get some info on the “premier” league’s of the top 5 unions and let the Rugby lovers know what’s going on at a level below what everyone sees week in and week out.

    To take it further, I’m sure that if you don’t already have someone in evey union close to the action, you soon will have, who can do a “close to live” report on a club game on a weekly basis.

    We all know that provincial Rugby is only the tip of the iceberg. Give it some thought.

  • 459

    @grootblousmile – stem saam lekker aand broer

  • 460

    @grootblousmile – ‘Life is a song, sing it with your whole voice’, and may the mighty Springboks beat the Wallabies on the morrow!

    Just too late back…….

  • 461

    Hey Carol, How’s Corrinium?

  • 462

    @Scrumdown – Well hello, I have not been for a couple of weeks, fine when I last saw it!!
    How are you doing Scrumdown?

  • 463

    458@Scrumdown – Thanks… will think on it…. we have many ideas in the head… still a little development work to do… then we do these wonderful EXTRAS that you’re talking about.

    We have people virtually everywhere already…

    We’ve just reached 100 ACTIVE Bloggers too…. so things are going far better than we expected….

    Our Journalistic Policy has now been formulated properly, tasking has reached all involved…

    If you told me a month ago we would be here today, I would have laughed !

    Today, Ed and myself have been away from the dark side for exactly a month !

  • 464

    @Supa Die Bloubul – Supa I picked Leopards by 6….but was too late!!!

  • 465

    @grootblousmile – Dark becomes light eventually!

    Without your (and whoever else’s) intervention, we would all still be “worshiping false Gods”, but thank goodness for progress.

    I’ve already let you know where I have connections. If I can help (strictly above board), please let me know.

    For me Rugby Development is the most important issue in the world. (Did you read “Putting Rugb First”?), closely followed by my 2 clubs. The GLRU/Lions results are close to my heart, but are not “deal breaking” issues.

    Sleep well “Webmonster”. I’m gonna drink myself into an “african coma”.

    Well dome Leopards. Long time coming!!

  • 466

    @carol – When you said that your soliciter was on Love Lane I thought that “you” lived there.

    Sorry. Assumption is the “Mother of all f*&cups”. Where are you in the Cotswolds?

  • 467

    Looks like all the real people have fallen off the edge of the world.

    I’ll now drink copious amounts of alcohol and pass out.

    Goodnight all.

  • 468

    Lurker, welcome. Please update your details. We require name and surname!

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