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Super RugbyHave you ever wondered where the TV and Radio Commentators get all their statistics on Teams, Coaching Staff, Players, participating Countries and detailed Tournament History?

Well, wonder no more, because here is exactly what they work from, for your own personal pleasure!

I took the trouble and the liberty to take the 402 page printed Media Guide Book – converted it into a fully indexed PDF Document (which opens with any version of Adobe Reader – which is normally installed on almost all computers – and the latest version of Adobe Reader XI [Free version or Professional version] is available for download and installation from

If you do not have Adobe Reader, you certainly still live in the stone age and definately do not belong in front of a computer… with your knuckles certainly scraping the ground when you walk! Tell you what, I’ll even teach you to make fire and help you re-invent the wheel… how’s that?


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