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The past few years has seen Rugby’s world be dominated by one group of Villains that we have come to respect, hate, admire, deride, sledge and applaud. Let’s take a look at these Bad Guys and their alter-egos – whilst not forgetting that most of these guys eventually get their comeuppance. – Enjoy!


15. Ben Smith -Keyser Soze – The usual Suspects
Keyser Soze

Keyser Soze – The Usual Suspects

This is one of those moments where we are lulled into a false sense of security. The guy looks harmless enough and seems to melt into the background when surrounded by other more unsavory types. But it is with the Big reveal that things unfold and the manipulator truly emerges.

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Shortly after the final whistle in the Bulls’ 29-23 loss to the Blues on Saturday night, Johannes Gideon Nel dodged security and threw a plastic bottle at the players, the Pretoria franchise said in a statement.

Nel struck Blues captain Keven Mealamu.



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