New Lions JerseyVox Telecom, a leading South African telecoms provider, has signed an associate / extended sponsorship agreement with the Golden Lions Rugby Union (GLRU).

The agreement allows Vox Telecom one title sponsor game during the Super Rugby tournament and also gives the company branding rights for the remainder of the competition and Currie Cup.

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MTNGolden LionsThe partnership between the Golden Lions Rugby Union and MTN South Africa came to an end as of Friday 13 December 2013, with the company opting not to renew their sponsorship of the GLRU teams.

After a fruitful three-year relationship, the telecommunications giant have chosen to realign their sponsorship portfolio and will no longer sponsor a rugby outfit.

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MTN Golden LionsThe Golden Lions Rugby Union (GLRU) have once again changed or shifted the goal posts for the remaining schedule of The Lions Challenge.

The French Barbarians game, which was cancelled and substituted with a SA Barbarians game, now falls away too, and in stead the Lions now have a bye weekend on that weekend.

They can colour it anyway they like, but it stenches of more incompetence and poor execution of a season which was always going to be a difficult one for the embattled Union.

6 International games have now been canned already!

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As I was perusing Facebook, I came across the comment below.

While I applaud the Golden Lions Rugby Union (GLRU) for appointing a businessman as new pemanent CEO, one who has played club rugby, and is involved in school rugby, I do feel for the outgoing Acting CEO, Ruben Moggee. He took over from Manie Reynecke under very trying circumstances, and along with Kevin De Klerk, had to oversee many crises that came to head during his tenure. One only has think of the GUMA TAC debacle, the Pumas and Leopards suing the union for unpaid fees and the biggest humiliation of them all, being kicked out of Super Rugby.

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The Official Media Release of the Golden Lions Rugby Union, reads as follows regarding former head coach, John Mitchell, who has been redeployed as a technical advisor to the Union, and Johan Ackermann has been appointed as head coach. I hope this long and drawn out saga has finally been resloved and the Lions can concentrate on the Lions Challenge and Currie Cup in their quest to regain Super Rugby status.

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The disciplinary hearing into allegations of misconduct against the Lions’ suspended coach John Mitchell has been postponed until next week, Golden Lions Rugby Union (GLRU) president Kevin de Klerk said on Tuesday.

“It was postponed until next week after the chairperson of the hearing had taken ill,” De Klerk said.

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It will be goodbye Lions, hello Kings come 2013 as a political decision has been endorsed to allow only ONE TEAM per PROVINCE.

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We’ve received an official request from the Golden Lions Rugby Union (with which we have extremely good working relations) to help advertise for them to fill the vacant post of CEO of the Union.

Manie Reyneke, the previous CEO, vacated the position late last year, and a new appointment has not been made.

I’m sure there are some of our readers who might just qualify for the position!

Be assured, with all the rumours and innuendo going around about the Lions, that it WILL NOT be the easiest of jobs to do, one would need a skin thicker than that of a rhino!

Herewith the full Advert:

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The Golden Lions Rugby Union made their “Major Announcement”, at a Media Briefing at the Auditorium at Coca-Cola Park, this afternoon.

Redefine Properties, the Second largest property company in South Africa, a listed entity on the Johannesburg, is going to be MTN’s co-sponsor for the Golden Lions Rugby Union in a 3-year deal with the Golden Lions Rugby Union!

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