Rugby-Talk LogoHi Folks,

I am happy to report that the recent changes to Rugby-Talk (and by that I mean the new design and look and feel as well as the coding in the background and new additions of the website) is performing exceptionally well, in fact much better than expected or anticipated, keeping our use nicely within bounds on the web host server.

From a performance perspective, this has indeed been a massive step up from what we had previously… and the person who did the design certainly knows what he’s doing…. cough, cough, couch… it’s me of course, and I have to beat my own chest sometimes!!

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Fikile MbalulaDear Minister,

Please allow me to introduce myself.

I am a middle-aged male of European descent living in the Ekhuruleni area, for most of my life.

In that time I’ve seen and experienced MANY changes in the daily lives of both my immediate family and my fellow South African citizens.

For me personally, one of the biggest changes in my life occurred when I discovered that my “local” Rugby Club was just a few kilometres from my house, and was situated in the “previously disadvantaged” area of Edenpark.

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Rugby-Talk LogoHi friends & readers,

We have made a number of significant changes to the website, as you will no doubt notice at the outset, browsing and reading through the website!

We have a totally new “Look & Feel”, with a new design exclusive to Rugby-Talk, and designed by me, your friendly webmaster.

The development process is still ongoing, with a few elements not yet coded and added, the most notable of which is the COMMENT NUMBER. The “missing” comment number will be a priority to add and we ask for some patience on that score and a few other issues, as time constraints keeps me from just adding them nilly willy as I would like and as I am sure you would want.

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Rugby-Talk LogoThe rules caught up to ALL of us. We never intended the DRAWS to be so dominating. All 8 remaining players left after the last Round, never expected a Bulls draw, so they all fall out and we have nobody left standing!

A draw is not a win and that is exactly how it feels after the Bulls disasterous draw against the Chiefs! It feels like the Bulls lost.

If one changes the Rules and count losses and draws together as NO WINS we will have all 8 players living to fight another day.

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Kings ParkThe four men accused of beating former Royal Marine, Brett Williams, to death outside Kings Park rugby stadium have all pleaded not guilty.

Twenty-nine-year-old UK rugby fan Williams died outside the stadium following a Super Rugby match between the Sharks and Melbourne Rebels last year.

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Rugby-Talk LogoPredicting how many games each of the South African Conference franchises will lose, is the object of this game. After 3 Rounds of Super Rugby in 2014 we still have no casualties.

Each franchise plays 16 games in the regular season, 8 against fellow South African Conference sides (home and away) and 8 against the sides in the other 2 Conferences.

Players in this competition had to predict how many games each team will lose and draw during the regular season.

All participants showed little faith in the Lions and the players who gave the Lions their best chance of not losing too many were Gumboots and Grootblousmile, with only 11 loses predicted. The Lions might just be the Achilles heel for most in the competition. The Lions were only given a chance to win between 2 and 5 games.

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Delmas RugbyklubRugby-Talk LogoRugby-Talk is ‘n trotse mede-borg van die Delas Rugbyklub Rugbydag op 22 Februarie 2014.

Klubrugby in Suid-Afrika gaan gebuk onder druk van alle kante, waar die owerhede, Suid-Afrikaanse Rugby Unie (SARU) en vermoënde borge maar min geld beskikbaar stel vir hierdie uiters belangrike komponent van rugby in Suid-Afrika.

Delmas Rugbyklub hou jaarliks ‘n Rugbydag en hierdie keer is dit al hul fyfde suksesvolle Rugbydag in ‘n ry in 2014.

Daar is 38 spanne, 19 wedstryde en wonderlike pret en plesier by die wonderlike byeenkoms. Ons nooi ieder en elk uit om saam met ons te deel in die genot van rugby op die platteland.

Daar is ‘n vlooimark, tonne vermaak en kunstenaars wat gaan optree… en natuurlik is ons ook daar saam met Radio Oos Rand Stereo (93.9 FM), Big Bang Events & Marketing Solutions, Phoenixian SA en die borge van die dag en die spanne.

Ons skeep ook nie Super Rugby af nie, want die 2 wedstryde van die oggend en die 2 middag en aand Super Rugby wedstryde word lewendig op die “Big Screen” aangebied, van waar Rugby-Talk dan ook lewendig oor die tellings en verloop van Super Rugby sal rapporteer.

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Rugby-Talk logoLast year I took a bet with a fellow subscriber on Rugby-Talk and the whole idea of our own Prediction Game was born. We always brag or predict how many games other teams will win or lose. The idea was born to challenge you all to put your great rugby knowledge to test. This competition will eliminate the big mouths first and foremost.

Let me explain more…

This ARTICLE is the only place were you can participate and give your predictions. All Predictions must be in before 15:00 on Saturday 15 February 2014, that is roughly 2 hours before the first South African Super Rugby game of 2014.

This is a ONCE-OFF prediction game, you pick before the cut-off time, after that you just wait and see how far you go over the weeks. Once you have picked, the season will unfold and your wisdom will be tested. Rugby-Talk will  compile a spreadsheet and monitor your progress or lack thereof.

Last man standing will be our winner. The prize for the winner, will be a gift voucher of R 1 000.00 from Garden Pavilion Garden Centre. This prize will be sponsored by Appelblaar Road Stall & Nursery in Hoedspruit, but will apply to any of the Garden Pavilion Garden Centres in South Africa.

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IRBThe International Rugby Board (IRB) is considering stricter protocols to prevent players with possible concussion from returning to the field during matches.

According to a current protocol being tested in some tournaments, a player can return to the playing field if he passes a cognitive test within five minutes. It is called the Pitch Side Concussion Assessment (PSCA) trial – or ‘five-minute test’.

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Rugby-TalkThis is Published Article 8 002 on Rugby-Talk as we silently went over the magical 8 000 mark with the Stormers Locks Article earlier today!

On top of it, it is 1 January 2014, the start of a brand new year, which promises so much.

Here’s to a HAPPY and PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR to all the readers, subscribers, contributors, authors and webmasters of Rugby-Talk!


Happy New Year 2014

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Rugby-TalkIt is mid December 2013, 14 days till we welcome the new year.

Tell us about your holiday plans and / or your plans for the Festive season, coming up!

Rugby-Talk’s holiday plans and Festive season plans include keeping you up to date on the doings and screwings in the rugby world, but we acknowledge that Southern Hemisphere rugby news is in short supply.

In light of the above we’ll also focus on a bit of cricket in the lean times and most importantly we’ll start this week with detailed discussions on the SQUAD MEMBERS of the different South African Super Rugby sides for 2014. For each player position we’ll have a seperate article for each franchise, for instance there will be 5 seperate articles discussing the props, same with hookers, locks, looseforwards, scrumhalves, flyhalves, midfield & back 3. That equates to 10 new Super Rugby articles a week for 4 weeks, thus 40 new Super Rugby articles in total to feast on.

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The Currie Cup is done and dusted, The Rugby Championship is done… but we have a NEW COMPETITION to join.

The End Of Year Tours or Autumn Internationals as it is known up north, starts this weekend, so hurry up and join our new Pool!

To be a member of a Rugby-Talk.com SuperBru pool is easy as pie, all that you have to do is see to it that you are a REGISTERED SUBSCRIBER TO RUGBY-TALK.

The details are as follows:


Pool Name: Rugby-Talk EOYT 2013

Pool Code: bowssago


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Rugby-Talk logoRugby-Talk has had a change of clothes, but we’re still the same beast!

Over the weekend, I have made some radical changes to the website, some of which appear at first glance to the naked eye, with a bit of a new look and feel, and some run under the radar to make the site perform as it should and also adding valuable added functionality.

Was it strange to open your favourite rugby wensite, Rugby-Talk, and be confronted with a new look?

Tell us what you think of the new look and feel!

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When we started Rugby-Talk none of us could have foreseen how this website would have grown, matured and become so successful. It all started as a group of friends broke away to form our own thing and where we could discuss rugby without having to scour through a plethera of political comments, racial slurring and plain nasty and vindictive comments.

Today Rugby-Talk has become a leader, with great content and our Live Game Articles are unrivelled in the rugby world.

To date we have 7 126 Articles plus another 174 web pages and over 280 000 comments on the website. We have generated over 7 320 000 Page Impressions (website clicks) since we first started counting a few months after inception of the website.

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So, the transition to new webservers by our web hosts created all sorts of problems today.

Rugby-Talk was suspended, the SQL Database was blocked… we were OFF AIR for a day!

It felt like I was the naughty child who had to go stand in the corner and it reminded me of the old fighting days when Pietman, myself, Cuzzy, Kwagga and the old fighters from the bad old Voldy days would get banned, suspended and worked our way around the impediments till we were shouting from the rooftops again, fists bared and the bit between the teeth.

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Rugby-TalkFriends, Brumbies, Countrymen (rugby supporters)… lend me your ears… or in your case eyes!

Rugby-Talk’s web hosts indicated before the weekend that they were in the process up upgrading their Servers to bigger, better, faster ones and to carry far more load.

It seems that the web host server migration process completed successfully and luckily we have not had any OFF-LINE time, having managed it well from our side and also from the web hosting side.

Because the new web host servers point to new DNS Nameservers at the web hosts, we might experience SLOW LOAD TIMES on our website and web pages for about 24 hours, due to the fact that the changes to these DNS Nameservers would have to propagate throughout the world’s internet sphere to point to and direct traffic to the new ones. The old DNS Nameservers are currently forwarding traffic to the new Nameservers, causing expected longer load times, however as the New Nameservers propagate the speeds will increase until all world traffic to our site points directly to the new and improved Nameservers.

It’s a small and almost negligible cost to pay for no downtime whatsoever, though!

Thank you for your continued support and patience during the vital upgrade process!

As you might already be aware, a couple of years back we switched web hosts when the earstwhile web hosts could not deliver what we needed, wanted and demanded and they could not handle all the traffic the way we wanted them to. The change was a big positive one, to one of the largest web hosts the world offers. We have to keep up with the times as we steadily grow!

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IRPAInternational players have renewed their calls to develop a global rugby season by moving the June Test window to the end of July.

The International Rugby Players’ Association (IRPA) – the worldwide representative body for professional rugby players – held a conference in Australia recently and considered the possibility of moving the June Test match window until the last three weeks of July, beginning in 2016.

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Hello folks,

I have deemed it fit to reward some regular contributors here on Rugby-Talk, by issuing them their own unique and absolutely FREE Rugby-Talk E-Mail Addresses – sporting 1Gb of Storage Data… and full functionality!

The regular Authors will get their Addresses whether they want them or not, I’ve already created them!

A Mail will be sent to you with your unique E-Mail Address as well as detailed instructions on how to configure the E-Mail Address!

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I certainly hope you all have your rugby shoes ready for tomorrow, Saturday 25 August 2012!

There are 5 marvelous games on, starting with the Test between the All Blacks vs Wallabies at 09:35 SA Time.

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Hello friends,

This is a reminder that there is indeed a SuperBru competition for the Junior World Championships 2012, taking place from early June 2012.

The details are:



Pool Name: Rugby-Talk JWC 2012

Pool Code: haspweak

Remember folks, to be part of a Rugby-Talk SuperBru pool, you HAVE TO BE registered here at Rugby-Talk.

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