Rugby-Talk logoRugby-Talk has had a change of clothes, but we’re still the same beast!

Over the weekend, I have made some radical changes to the website, some of which appear at first glance to the naked eye, with a bit of a new look and feel, and some run under the radar to make the site perform as it should and also adding valuable added functionality.

Was it strange to open your favourite rugby wensite, Rugby-Talk, and be confronted with a new look?

Tell us what you think of the new look and feel!

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I was idly sitting going through Facebook, amongst others to have a look at how our Rugby-Talk Facebook Page was doing, and came accross this gem posted by one of my school buddies who now live in the Cape.

Thanks Dolf Baard, for giving me one of the biggest rolling laughs I have had in years…

Without further ado, here it is, time for some light relief:


How do they say… “Only in Africa…”


Hope in a manner of speaking that the Springboks can cure a few headaches in New Zealand on the weekend!

SuperBru LogoHello Friends,

Finally I have managed to get the time to set up SuperBru Pools for Rugby-Talk for the Currie Cup and The Rugby Championship!

Both Pools have been upgraded to Super Pools, giving us the added benefit and advantage to show a bit more than usual, like our SuperBru Widgets for these two competitions on the right hand sidebar.

To be eligible to join our Rugby-Talk SuperBru pools, the only requirement is that you are a REGISTERED RUGBY-TALK SUBSCRIBER.

To all our recently added Users / Subscribers, this counts for you lot muppits, moepels and mopkoppe as well, you can now join in the fun!

Invitations have been sent to our regular Pool members, but in case I missed you, register for these Pools too… this of course counts for our new and recently registered Users / Subscribers too.

Here are the Pool details:

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When we started Rugby-Talk none of us could have foreseen how this website would have grown, matured and become so successful. It all started as a group of friends broke away to form our own thing and where we could discuss rugby without having to scour through a plethera of political comments, racial slurring and plain nasty and vindictive comments.

Today Rugby-Talk has become a leader, with great content and our Live Game Articles are unrivelled in the rugby world.

To date we have 7 126 Articles plus another 174 web pages and over 280 000 comments on the website. We have generated over 7 320 000 Page Impressions (website clicks) since we first started counting a few months after inception of the website.

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SuperBruHello friends,

It is time for some International Rugby and of course we have our own Rugby-Talk SuperBru Pools for these Competitions.

So, if you are a registered Rugby-Talker, join up and join in the fun! If you are not yet a registered Rugby-Talker, register quickly then join in the fun!

I invited all our usual players, but in case I did not, or missed your name, please join!

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SuperBruRugby-talkHello friends,

Rugby-Talk, like every season, joins SuperBru via it’s own Super Pools and 2013 is no different.

If you are registered here at Rugby-Talk as a subscriber then you are welcome to join our pools, if not then quickly register and join us all in the fun and excitement.

Our Pools are fiercly competative and fun…. and we want YOU to be part of it.

The first 4 Rugby-Talk SuperBru Pools were registered today, now we just need to fill the Pools up with members!

ALL our SuperBru Pools have been upgraded to Super Pools, giving us added functionality like the SuperBru WIDGETS on the righthand sidebar.

Enjoy the Pools and most importantly, enjoy rugby with us.

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sharksdolphins_logoThe Sharks beat the Dolphins at Sahara Stadium Kingsmead, in the Pick n Pay T20 match in aid of charity, “and charity won big at the end of the day”.

Let me be the first to say that we were treated to a festival of cricket and fun with both team’s players doing their utmost to give time to fans and at the same time try put up a spectacle worthy of these high class sportsmen, and so they did.

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Firstly we at Rugby-Talk would like to wish all our bloggers a wonderful and prosperous NEW YEAR!

Who doesn’t love humour and laughter around them?

That oddball in your life who makes you smile without any reason, with the quirkiest things to say, that funny bone tingling. So be that person with our Funny New Year Messages, who spreads the celebratory cheer and zeal around with their words.

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MusicThis time of year fresh rugby news for the Southern Hemisphere is almost as scarse as chicken’s teeth, so bang away and discuss music… and place your favourite MUSIC YOUTUBE VIDEOS right here, in your comments!

It’s simple… just go to Youtube, find your favourite song, copy the web site address, also known as it’s URL, come back to comments and write your comment, PASTING that URL on a new line, before submitting the comment like usual.

Here’s my favourite band of all ages…. Pink Floyd, with one of my favourite tunes…

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It’s SuperBru time again, this time for the End Of Year Tours!

This competition’s FIRST matches kick off this coming weekend, in fact on Saturday 10 November 2012.

Get your BUTTS into gear and register!

We have registered a Super Pool with the following details:


Pool Name: Rugby-Talk EOYT 2012

Pool Code: grabgage

I certainly hope you all have your rugby shoes ready for tomorrow, Saturday 25 August 2012!

There are 5 marvelous games on, starting with the Test between the All Blacks vs Wallabies at 09:35 SA Time.

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Who of you remember the Player 23 Campaign of a few years ago, where supporters were asked or even convinced that we were Player 23, as supporters.

If you remember the campaign, you will also remember old Jan… well this is what it’s all about, we as the more ardent supporters of rugby in South Africa and around the globe always complain that we want to feel envolved in the game, mean something to the game of rugby as a whole, and have fun in the process.

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Hello friends,

This is a reminder that there is indeed a SuperBru competition for the Junior World Championships 2012, taking place from early June 2012.

The details are:



Pool Name: Rugby-Talk JWC 2012

Pool Code: haspweak

Remember folks, to be part of a Rugby-Talk SuperBru pool, you HAVE TO BE registered here at Rugby-Talk.

Hello friends,

This is a reminder that there is indeed a SuperBru competition for the Winter Tours, being all the mid-year International Test matches taking place from early June 2012.

We have set up a SuperBru pool for the Winter Tours SuperBru Competition.

The details are:



Pool Name: Rugby-Talk Winter Tours 2012

Pool Code: wadsbops

Remember folks, to be part of a Rugby-Talk SuperBru pool, you HAVE TO BE registered here at Rugby-Talk.

Hello friends,

We have set up a SuperBru pool for the Winter Tours SuperBru Competition.

The details are:



Pool Name: Rugby-Talk Winter Tours 2012

Pool Code: wadsbops

Remember folks, to be part of a Rugby-Talk SuperBru pool, you HAVE TO BE registered here at Rugby-Talk.

With 10 Weeks done and dusted in Super Rugby 2012 and having a fair idea of which players are performing and which players are injured, maybe it’s time for the Guru’s of Rugby-Talk to do the Following:




  1. Name their 15 Springbok starters
  2. Next to the above names to pen down 2nd choice players in the various positions
  3. Explain in detail why players are chosen as starters and why 2nd Choice players are chosen

In turn the Guru’s out there in the blogesphere, whether registered as bloggers or not, will have the opportunity to name their own side (with 2nd Choices) and take some swings at the Authors and each other.

Registered Bloggers just Login with their normal particulars, Non-Registered Bloggers will have to supply a Name (nickname is fine) and an E-Mail Address.

The rules are… there are no rules except to leave parents, wives and children out of the picture and to behave within the bounds of decent undecency.

At the same time, as this Article will be seen as fun and good natured banter, nobody is allowed to get angry… and by participating accept that whatever is said, written or inferred, is done so in jest and with the general aims and purpose of Rugby-Talk in mind.

Here we will go head to head, toe to toe… and get our frustrations out into the open.

Are you clear about all of that, muppits, moepels & mopkoppe… and friends?

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This weekend that was I went to a coaching course with a group of players. The course was generally speaking very informative. We rotated through different stations doing basic handling, rucking, tackling and kicking drills with lots of feedback to players and coaches.

At the end we played a game (10 players on each side) called touch and ruck. It is a really nice way to enforce some basic skills at the young age groups. Players learn about maintaining the offside line, to go up in a line on defence and on attack, to touch with both hands (essential to learn that you need to punch through with the arms when you tackle), to rip and place and to clean-out at the rucks.

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The Bulls and their supporters have certainly copped massive derision about the Pink jerseys the Vodacom Bulls will be wearing in away games where their normal Blue strip clashes with the colours of the Home side.

But here’s one back at you… so, Stormers supporters and those of the other franchises, I’d think TWICE about scoffing at those jerseys again!

…. and here’s the reason why….

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