Nick MallettNick Mallett, who will take charge of the World XV against the Springboks in June, has ruled out a return to coaching full-time.

Mallett, 57, was earlier this week confirmed as coach of the team to face the Springboks at Newlands on 7 June.

He did, however, state that he was not interested in getting a coaching role on a full-time basis.

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Coaches should know everything, right? And shouldn’t the players do what the coach wants without question? No, I disagree. I think that the players should know more than the coach and that they should be making the decisions. Here’s why……

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This weekend that was I went to a coaching course with a group of players. The course was generally speaking very informative. We rotated through different stations doing basic handling, rucking, tackling and kicking drills with lots of feedback to players and coaches.

At the end we played a game (10 players on each side) called touch and ruck. It is a really nice way to enforce some basic skills at the young age groups. Players learn about maintaining the offside line, to go up in a line on defence and on attack, to touch with both hands (essential to learn that you need to punch through with the arms when you tackle), to rip and place and to clean-out at the rucks.

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A while back I wrote an article on martial arts in rugby (see here). The focus of that article was more on the tactical side of things; strategic approaches in martial arts which can also be used (and are as a matter of fact) in other sports like rugby.

An interesting development in New Zealand rugby over the last two years has been the increasing use of martial arts techniques and training methods in rugby. One of my colleagues was heavily involved with the Manawatu Turbos last year playing under Dave Rennie. Rennie of course is now coaching the Chiefs and one can clearly see some of these techniques now being used by the Chiefs. According to my colleague, Rennie has acquired the services of a martial arts expert in Hamilton who is now working with the Chiefs.

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With all the criticism Peter de Villiers and his coaching staff have received following the Tri-Nations tour I came across a very different view from a blogger called David.  His assessment is unique to say the least and he does not muck around with niceties so be warned, this puppy is explosive! I recommend a PG16 rating for this one. Continue reading


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