Herewith a Full Media Guide, detailing ALL Super Rugby 2013 Teams, Players, Management, Staff and Statistics, for all the Super Rugby participating teams, from all 3 countries.



2013 Super Rugby Media Guide


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  • MacroBull 23 Apr 2014, 10:46 SAST - Geez I don't know... kept the ball in hand, played most of the time in their own half and didn't...
  • nortierd 23 Apr 2014, 10:13 SAST - @Hondo Kak story Did you not dee the forward pass try he awarded to the Cheetahs against the Chiefs? He...
  • Hondo 23 Apr 2014, 09:28 SAST - The Bulls will have a Neutral referee, The Sharks will have Peyper, the Stormers have landed Joubert! :) How convenient...
  • Hondo 23 Apr 2014, 09:20 SAST - So the Old Firm of AC & Wakefield unearth yet another b. diamond? ;) A midget in all likelihood; 70kg...
  • nortierd 23 Apr 2014, 07:30 SAST - @Superbul True, it's the same when they say the Bulls or Stormers etc have 12 Boks in their team, but...
  • superBul 23 Apr 2014, 01:04 SAST - another comment "97 Springboks?!?!? How big is the squad? Rather compare active Springboks only and then look at the numbers"

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