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  • Scrumdown 2 Sep 2014, 08:25 SAST - @ CoachPete: Coach words cant express what needs to be said in times like that. Be strong for your daughter...
  • BrumbiesBoy 2 Sep 2014, 08:22 SAST - @ gunther: Not to worry, I'm sure that that "Kings10 EC" Toyota Tazz was reverse-parked into Sheeky's private bay allowing...
  • Scrumdown 2 Sep 2014, 08:22 SAST - All removed from nose. No bleeding. Must now wait until this afternoon to make sure it doesnt start again.
  • MacroBok 2 Sep 2014, 08:12 SAST - These ou toppies, Nonu and Smith would make mincemeat of any center combination NZ has had since Umaga and Mauger.
  • gunther 2 Sep 2014, 08:08 SAST - This is not the first time there has been untoward behaviour in the stands there. I hope Transie is ok.
  • MacroBok 2 Sep 2014, 08:06 SAST - We had a big debate a few weeks ago about a referee being assaulted in Pretoria with some claiming the...

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