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Although we have extensive TERMS & CONDITIONS which form the basis of our Agreement with Registered Users, we will make our GENERAL RULES & BLOGGING POLICY clear here.

It is written in less Legal Jargin, but must be seen as a supplement to the abovementioned TERMS & CONDITIONS.

We also detail SANCTIONS for non-compliance with these RULES & BLOGGING POLICY.



1.  Users wishing to continue commenting, need to UPDATE their PROFILE INFORMATION to include their real NAME & SURNAME, it is a requirement. (Why do we require Name & Surname? Trollers and troublemakers would not want to divulge their true Identities, whereas bloggers who mean well will have no problem to divulge it. In any event, the Name & Surname is not made known to the public or other bloggers.)


3.  No TROLLING for fights, no HARRASSMENT of Users / Bloggers / Webmasters.

4.  Changing NICKNAMES are strictly forbidden unless cleared with a Webmaster.

5.  “STEALING NICKNAMES” or IMPERSONATING another User / Blogger / Webmaster is a TERMINAL SIN, punishable by permanent Ban.

6.  Only Webmasters may DELETE or EDIT comments, nobody else.

7.  If your right to comment has been suspended or you are banned, you may not register another Username or use another E-Mail Address to sneak back, this is punishable by permanent Ban.

8.  General RESPECT and COURTECY is required.  Although we will not police LANGUAGE in general, we request Users to keep comments within the bounds of acceptable decency.

9.  Complaints must be directed, by E-Mail to



We reserve the right and absolute discretion to take whatever action we deem fit against offenders, even to permanently Ban at first offence or without warning.

However, these are the GENERAL GUIDELINES:

1.  FIRST OFFENCE         –  Warning the Offender and Deletion of offending comments.

2.  SECOND OFFENCE      –  Temporary suspension / Ban of commenting rights for 7 Days.

3.  FURTHER OFFENCES   –  Permanent suspension / Ban of commenting rights, including the possibility of Banning an IP ADDRESS and re-routing the offender to any other Web Address

We trust that it will not be necessary to enforce any of the sanctions.

Happy blogging !






Rugby-Talk RWC 2015

Pool Name: Rugby-Talk RWC 2015

Pool Code: bosslire

Rule: You HAVE TO BE REGISTERED (as a Subscriber here on to be eligible for acceptance in the Rugby-Talk pools on SuperBru.

The Pool is now CLOSED for new Applications.

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