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About Us: started out due to the fact that we as rugby supporters and as normal bloggers on various rugby blog sites, for a number of years, became disgruntled when Politics, Trolling, Racial Slander and bad behaviour became the order of the day on those sites.

It was then decided to establish and create a new Rugby News Web Site & Discussion Forum, where there would be constructive and friendly rugby news and chatter, where diverse opinion is tollerated and encouraged but where the trolls, trouble makers and spoilers are shunned and kicked off at our discretion.

We started developing our own web site and for a very short duration we blogged on a Temporary Blog.

At this stage, we had already travelled some distance with development and although development was still ongoing, decided to invite people who shared our respect and sentiments of our main mission as detailed above.

Our biggest challange was the fact that none of the Principals / Proprietors / Authors at were seasoned Journalists yet… but you’ll find that we learnt and adapted quickly.

We have 18 Authors who currently write and source Articles for us, from all over the world and of course from within South Africa.

Our Contributors are from the widest possible range as far as Franchise / Provincial / National alliences are concerned and we try to be as objective as is reasonable possible.

The “hobby” took off at a gallop and then exploded into an animal of gargantual proportions, making the prime rugby discussion forum in world terms at this juncture in time.

We encourage healthy debate and banter amongst bloggers, but urge subscribers to always be adult about the way they go about blogging.

When rugby news is exhausted we also encourage bloggers to discuss anything and everything, within the bounds of common decency.



Although the Webmaster and Authors are a close band of friends and some of the subscribers are also well known to us, outside of the blogging environment, we respect the Privacy of subscribers and emplore subscribers who feel their Privacy is invaded to contact us immediately so that we can act appropriately against offenders.


Terms & Conditions & Disclaimer & Policy:

By registering with this site and / or continuing to blog with us it is recorded and understood that you bind yourself fully to the Terms & Conditions & Disclaimer & Policy as set out elsewhere on this site.

Remember that your continued use of this site is up to the sole discretion of the Principal / Proprietor and the Webmaster of this site.

We hope you enjoy the experience with us.



Rudi Geldenhuys

(Managing Director / Owner & Webmaster)


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