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Kings (16) 21 / 48 (22) Edinburgh (Final Score)

The Southern Kings and Edinburgh Rugby did battle in the Guinness PRO14 2017 at

Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, Port Elizabeth, South Africa at 19:15 SA Time (17:15 UK Time & GMT).

This was the live match discussion Article.

The match was broadcast LIVE on SuperSport 1 & CSN on TV in SA.




  • Penalties – Kurt Coleman (3)
  • Drop Goals – 0
  • Tries – Harlon Klaassen (1), Dries van Schalkwyk (1)
  • Conversions – Kurt Coleman (1)


  • Penalties – Jaco van der Walt (1)
  • Drop Goals – 0
  • Tries – Fraser McKenzie (1), Viliame Mata (1), Grant Gilchrist (1), Dougie Fife (1), Sam Hidalgo-Clyne (3)
  • Conversions – Jaco van der Walt (2), Sam Hidalgo-Clyne (3)


Southern Kings
Edinburgh Rugby
1 December 2017 at 19:15 SA Time
  • Team: 15 Yaw Penxe, 14 Michael Makase, 13 Harlon Klassen, 12 Berton Klaasen, 11 Anthony Volmink, 10 Kurt Coleman, 9 Rudi van Rooyen, 8 Ruaan Lerm, 7 Martinus Burger, 6 Andisa Ntsila, 5 Bobby de Wee, 4 Stephan Greeff, 3 Rossouw de Klerk, 2 Stephan Coetzee, 1 Schalk Ferreira (Captain)
  • Replacements: 16 Alandre van Rooyen, 17 Luvuyo Pupuma, 18 Pieter Scholtz, 19 Giant Mtyanda, 20 Dries van Schalkwyk, 21 Godlen Masimla, 22 Barend Janse van Rensburg, 23 Jacques Nel
  • Team: 15 Blair Kinghorn, 14 Dougie Fife, 13 James Johnstone, 12 Phil Burleigh, 11 Duhan van der Merwe, 10 Jaco van der Walt, 9 Nathan Fowles, 8 Cornell du Preez, 7 Jamie Ritchie, 6 Viliame Mata, 5 Grant Gilchrist, 4 Fraser McKenzie (Captain), 3 Simon Berghan, 2 Neil Cochrane, 1 Rory Sutherland
  • Replacements: 16 Cameron Fenton, 17 Michele Rizzo, 18 Murray McCallum, 19 Ben Toolis, 20 Luke Crosbie, 21 Sam Hidalgo-Clyne, 22 Chris Dean, 23 Glenn Bryce

Referee: Stuart Berry (South Africa)
Assistant Referees: Cwengile Jadezweni (South Africa), Rodney Boneparte (South Africa)
TMO: Johan Greeff (South Africa)

79 Responses to Guinness PRO14 2017 – Southern Kings vs Edinbugh Rugby – Live Game Article

  • 52

    Kings 16 / 34 Edinburgh

  • 53

    8 Minutes to go in the match.

  • 54

    Another quick try by Sam Hidalgo-Clyne…

    I said he was good, did’nt I!!

  • 55

    Looks like I should have gone for a bigger Edinburgh win

  • 56

    Kings 16 / 41 Edinburgh

  • 57

    grootblousmile wrote:

    Sam Hidalgo-Clyne is a very good scrummie.. lively, fast, sniping, awake… Edinburgh should use him as the starter every time…

    And he is not a bad goal kicker. Interesting and glad to see you rate Sam HC. A few seasons ago he was very good and I thought he could take over at international level but then for whatever reason his form took a dip. Good he has been getting back towards what he is capable of.

  • 58

    Edinburgh penalty on the Kings 22… kicked towards the corner…

  • 60

    Hat trick try for Sam Hidalgo-Clyne!


  • 61

    Awarded indeed… under the sticks!

  • 62

    Glasgow v Cardiff coming up next should be a good game. Will try watch the start but probably miss the end. Uitgeput! Will be recording it anyway but who knows when there will be time to watch it back.

  • 63

    Kings 16 / 48 Edinburgh

  • 64

    Yellow Card for Cornell du Preez of Edinburgh, took out Penxe in the air…

  • 65

    Seconds to go in the match.

  • 66

    Try Dries van Schalkwyk, Kings!

  • 67

    Southern Kings (16) 21 / 48 (22) Edinburgh Rugby (Final Score)

  • 68

    So… a very good win by Edinburgh, thanks mostly to Sam Hidalgo-Clyne… who scored the last 21 points for Edinburgh in the 25 minutes or so he was on the field, as replacement… which includes a hat trick of tries and 3 conversions!

  • 69

    grootblousmile wrote:

    Yellow Card for Cornell du Preez of Edinburgh, took out Penxe in the air…

    I like du Perez so not saying this because it is him in particular but he won’t be off the field for the whole 10 minutes. There should be a way to make the yellow be a yellow i.e. a full 10 minutes off. So it could be carried over to their next game and the player sits out however many of the 10 minutes they have left. If that player is not selected then whoever is in his or her place starts the game later. The usual front row protocols applying etc.

  • 70

    69 @ Bullscot:
    Well, that is debatable… could cost the team 2 game looses in a row…

    Maybe players who get Yellow Cards should just automatically not be elligible for the next game of their team…

    Maybe when a player is sent off with a Yellow or a Red Card, a replacement player should be allowed on immediately, so that it is always 15 vs 15… and the player who is sent off cops an automatic 1 game suspension for a Yellow Card or a 2 game suspenasion for a Red Card (apart from and over and above the sanctions metered out on a judicial enquiry at a citing).

    At least then the TEAM still has 15 players on the field and players will be much more careful not to get cards…

  • 71

    @ grootblousmile:
    Yes but that makes the yellow card harsher than it is meant to be, more like a very low entry red then.

  • 72

    71 @ Bullscot:
    I think the whole system should be reviewed… as it stands there are far too many Yellow Cards for things that should never be Yellowed at all anyway… we don’t want the game to become too soft… do we.

    This Cornell du Preez incident is a typical example… he was at the wrong place at the wrong time, nothing spiteful or malicious there. It should never have been a Yellow Card if one had to be fair and honest about it (even though according to current Law Interpretations he had to get a Card). A lot of the incidences of players who jump in the air at the same time for an air ball is like THAT (no malice or spiteful intent), should never be Yellows in my mind… it is just patently unfair, when there is no malice intended…

    To me there has to be MALICE or INTENT for a Card, otherwise the result is always a shocker, I believe! In other words you must be “ASPRIS” or “OPSETLIK” or “ROEKELOOS” to use 3 Afrikaans terms for it…

    Then if a player cops a “Real Yellow”, under the “Strickter Conditions” it means he damn well deserves a bit of a game ban, does’nt it…

    I feel very strongly in favour of introducing the idea that it should ALWAYS be 15 vs 15 players…

  • 73

    @ grootblousmile:
    It is a team sport so at times a player will transgress for the team and hope it is missed or gets off lightly so if they are carded then it is ok that the team suffers for a bit too. I hear what you say about 15v15 but am concerned play would become more cynical if there is no chance of being sent off in a match. Problem is always with consistency can understand with the ref having to look out for many things they will miss things BUT when they make mistakes with TMO or the disciplinary panel after it is annoying. Think Kefu got away with an effective 3 week ban for launching with the shoulder at Watson’s head over the ruck it was very lucky Watson avoided injury. It may spoil a few games but I am of the opinion that if they apply the laws properly and we end up with 12v10 or something like that then the players will soon think a bit more about whether they want to do foul play and also if they dish out proper long bans too.

  • 74

    Oh dear it’s 10 nul to the Blues. COME ON GLASGOW!

  • 75

    Glasgow 7/10 Cardiff 20th min

  • 76

    Glasgow 7/13 Cardiff 27th min now

  • 77

    Cardiff look to be shutting down Glasgow space from offside quite a bit

  • 78

    Red card shown to Cardiff prop

  • 79

    Glasgow 14/13 Cardiff halftime


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