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End Of Year Tours 2017 – Rugby-Talk EOYT 2017



We have 1 NEW SuperBru Pool for all to join!

  • The End Of Year Tours 2017 starts on 11 November 2017, so hurry up and join up for the competition where the Northern Hemisphere it thier strenghts against the Southern Hemisphere. I have left Pool creation late again… what’s new… hahaha

Immediately also make your picks for Round 1!

As of 2016 we have been doing it a bit differently and opened our Pools up to all readers of, but we encourage you to register as a subsciber on anyway, as our banter and commenting about our Pools will mostly take place here on the website and not on the SuperBru banter boards! It is so easy to register and such fun to discuss rugby here.

Our SuperBru pools are all lively and taking part in them adds to the spice and rivalry here on

To all our recent registered users who have not played SuperBru with us yet, kindly join up and become even deeper entrenched in our community here.

Now get hopping, don’t delay your registrations and also do not delay picking for the first games!

SuperBru’s system has queued a heap of Invitations, so if you do not receive an Invitation, kindly manually apply to the Pools!!


The Pool details are:

Pool Name: Rugby-Talk EOYT 2017

Pool Code: weekfens




Rudi Geldenhuys

(Webmaster & Pool Captain)

2 Responses to SuperBru Pool: Join our Rugby-Talk End Of Year Tours 2017 Pool!

  • 1

    Join up and get your picks in!

  • 2

    There are a number of games which overlap this weekend, so we’ll concentrate on the games which makes the most sense to handle as live game articles.

    For instance, the Scotland vs Samoa match, as well as the Italy vs Fiji match and the England vs Pumas match all overlap for a large portion of the time, so we will handle the England vs Pumas match and not the other 2.

    Similarly the Ireland vs Springboks match is on at the same time as the Wales vs Wallabies match and therefore we will handle the Ireland vs Springboks match and not the Wales vs Wallabies game.

    Luckily the France vs All Blacks match does not overlap with another match, so that game will also be handled here!


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