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Andy Marinos

Andy Marinos

SANZAR has appointed Andy Marinos as the organisation’s new Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

His new job will formally commence on 1 January 2016 and he replaces Greg Peters – who is taking over as CEO of the new Argentina Super Rugby team.

The South African, who is no stranger to the position, having previously served as CEO between 2008 – 2010, brings a wealth of business and rugby experience to the role, both as an administrator and professional player.

Marinos re-joins SANZAR from SARU, where he has served as General Manager of Commercial & Marketing for the past 5 years, in addition to SARU Acting Managing Director and Board Member (2008 – 2010), Springbok Team Manager (2008), Manager of South African National Teams (2005 – 2010) and World Rugby Sevens Advisory Group (2008 – 2015).

As a player, Marinos represented the Sharks and Sevens (1991 – 1995), Western Province, the Stormers and Sevens (1997 / 1999) and Newport RFC and Newport Dragons (1999 – 2004) – where he would later serve as CEO throughout 2004 – 2005, as well as sitting on the Board of the Welsh Rugby Union during the same period.

He earned 8 Test caps for Wales as well as playing Rugby League, where he represented the Sydney Bulldogs and the South African Rhinos.

A dedicated family man with a passion for surfing, Marinos currently resides in Stellenbosch and is married with, 6 children.

“I’m incredibly proud to have been given the responsibility of leading the ongoing growth and prosperity of Southern Hemisphere rugby,” Marinos said.

“We are about to embark upon an exciting new expansion that will see us deliver the game to more countries, fans and commercial markets than ever before.

“The impressive performance of our 4 national teams at the recent Rugby World Cup was pleasing but the challenge for us is to not only ensure they remain at the top, but that we keep working to raise the bar even further both in terms of high performance and commercial success.

“I thank the Board for its confidence in me and look forward to commencing with this talented and dedicated team in the new year.”

SARU congratulated Marinos on his appointment.

“I’d like to congratulate Andy on behalf of the South African community,” said Jurie Roux, CEO of SARU.

“This is an extremely important position in Southern Hemisphere rugby and Andy takes to it a wealth of experience – not only as an administrator, but as a former player in the competition.

“He has been SARU’s ‘point man’ on SANZAR business for a number of years and has worked closely with our partners in Australia, New Zealand and Argentina on the development of the competition over the years.

“He will be sorely missed at SARU but the consolation is that he takes with him a keen understanding of rugby in South Africa which I’d like to think will have benefits for all the partners.”



15 Responses to Andy Marinos gets top SANZAR job

  • 1

    Oh boy… what a kak appointment!

  • 2

    @ grootblousmile:
    Dynamic, pro-active, dedicated and focused?

    Or maybe none of the above?

  • 3

    Married with SIX children.

    Vark me……………………………….. Kak TV in Durban, Cape Town, Wales and Sydney?

  • 4

    2 @ Scrumdown:
    He was responsible for the baaaaad negotiations South Africa did for our Super Rugby deals.

    Now suddenly he has to negotiate for the whole of the Southern Hemisphere… eish!

    If only he could negotiate as well as he could make children, then SANZAR would have been very well off!


  • 5

    3 @ Scrumdown:
    Talking about children…

    How’s the health now after your recent problems?

    You back to full fitness & health now, drinking less of the Captain and eating more sprouts and “Good stuff”?

  • 6

    grootblousmile wrote:

    If only he could negotiate as well as he could make children, then SANZAR would have been very well off!

    Making children is no guarantee that they are 100% in every department.

    Just like the deals he made for SA Rugby. They were deals, just k@k ones.

    You get my new cell’ number I sent earlier.

  • 7

    grootblousmile wrote:

    eating more sprouts and “Good stuff

    Green leafy vegetables are strictly a no no.

    Too high in vitamin K which promotes blood clotting. Something I DONT need right now.

    Limited to far too little of the Captain’s nectar. Disapproval

  • 8

    6 @ Scrumdown:
    I did, I did… got the SMS!

  • 9

    7 @ Scrumdown:
    Goodness… take plenty of meat then…. hehehe

  • 10

    8 @ grootblousmile:
    Don’t know if I had a dud handset, or Cell C network is kak, or a combination of both, but just about every call I made or received got dropped or garbled.

    That was enough to give me a thrombosis.

  • 11

    9 @ grootblousmile:
    The med’s (waferin) are fooking dangerous if not used correctly.

    You have to attend a class and sign that you understand the dangers before they give you them.

    Then you have to give a sample of blood every 3-5 days which they test and give you the dosage for the next 3-5 day window.

    It’s basically the same shit that’s in Rattex. Over do it and you can bleed to death internally.

  • 12

    10 @ Scrumdown:
    All the freegin Cell Networks in SA are kak at the moment!

    Vodacom runs their Voice band on the 900Mhz range
    MTN, Cell C, 8Ta are running their Voice band on the 1800Mhz range

    Had better reception generally with those early brick phones years and years ago! It’s as if, when they errect new broadcasting towers, they also see their way fit to reduce the range of the previouly covering towers who serviced that specific area.

  • 13

    11 @ Scrumdown:
    My late dad, GBS Maksimus was on that same blood thinning meds… I thought the name was wolferin… but then again I only heard it said and never saw the name written somewhere.

    Yeah, I know it is dangerous stuff!

    So, you’re brittle now!!


  • 14

    13 @ grootblousmile:
    Stronger than ever.

    Takes more than a blob of congealed blood to kill me off.

  • 15

    14 @ Scrumdown:
    Have you changed your working life style and hours?

    Or to avoid stress do you just avoid the wife and kids more?


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