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DHL WPCell C SharksWP (20) 20 / 28 (11) Sharks (Final Score)

DHL Western Province and the Cell C Sharks did battle in the ABSA Currie Cup Premier Division at

Newlands, Cape Town at 17:05 SA Time (15:05 GMT).

This was the live match discussion Article.

The match was broadcast LIVE on SuperSport 1 & M-Net on TV in SA.




  • Penalties – Kurt Coleman (2)
  • Drop Goals – 0
  • Tries – Pat Howard (1), Kurt Coleman (1)
  • Conversions – Kurt Coleman (2)


  • Penalties – Lionel Cronje (5), Fred Zeilinga (1)
  • Drop Goals – 0
  • Tries – Sibusiso Sithole (1), Lourens Adriaanse (1)
  • Conversions – 0


DHL Western Province
Cell C Sharks
11 October at 17:05
  • Team: 15 Dillyn Leyds, 14 EW Viljoen, 13 Pat Howard, 12 Michael van der Spuy, 11 Devon Williams, 10 Kurt Coleman, 9 Louis Schreuder, 8 Sikhumbuzo Notshe, 7 Rynhardt Elstadt, 6 Rohan Kitshoff, 5 Gerbrandt Grobler, 4 Jurie van Vuuren, 3 Brok Harris (Captain), 2 Neil Rautenbach, 1 Oliver Kebble
  • Replacements: 16 Stephan Coetzee, 17 Justin Ackerman, 18 Gavin Annandale, 19 Anton van Zyl, 20 Patrick O’Brien, 21 Godlen Masimla, 22 Chevandre van Schoor
  • Team: 15 SP Marais, 14 Tonderai Chavhanga, 13 Sibusiso Sithole, 12 Andre Esterhuizen, 11 Lwazi Mvovo, 10 Lionel Cronje, 9 Cobus Reinach, 8 Tera  Mtembu (Captain), 7 Etienne Oosthuizen, 6 Jacques Botes, 5 Marco Wentzel, 4 Stephan Lewies, 3 Matt Stevens, 2 Monde Hadebe, 1 Thomas du Toit
  • Replacements: 16 Franco Marais. 17 Dale Chadwick, 18 Lourens Adriaanse, 19 JC Astle, 20 Khaya Majola, 21 Conrad Hoffmann, 22 Fred Zeilinga

Referee: Jaco Peyper
Assistant Referees: Lourens van der Merwe, Marc van Zyl
TMO: Shaun Veldsman

295 Responses to Currie Cup: DHL Western Province vs Cell C Sharks – Live Game Article

  • 251

    @ grootblousmile:
    I wonder if the guy on the crowd will make a criminal case?

    Could have done some seriass damage with that punch, the guy also has very bad concussion.

  • 252

    @ nortie: @244

    It was their 1st win in the Rugby Championship – give them credit for that.

    Could easily have been the Boks. But wasn’t, thank god. We didn’t want that dubious distinction.

    Are they still rated 12th?

  • 253

    @ grootblousmile:
    I just googled him, on sarugby Pondering

  • 254

    251 crowd = ground

  • 255

    My nexus battery is now recharged!
    Lions vs Sharks – Carpe Diem boys.
    This opportunity comes but once – take it!

  • 256

    Speaking of school mottos ( the above is that of Kearsney College), my school’s was “quisque sibi verus”.
    Apart from GBS, do any of you sad lot know what it means?

  • 257

    240 @ grootblousmile:

    just goes to show you… skop leaves springs… and, by your own admission, the place descends downhill faster than kurtley beale’s credibility…


    having skop around is a good thing…!! :wink:

    much as i understand and respect your views of creating a friendly site… and sincerely admire what you have achieved… and really do enjoy RT big-time… skop is one heckuvva interesting human being… and his insults are not like those of most others… i honestly don’t believe he means them to actually be insulting… and the trick is not to take them personally… no matter how personally he may tell you he means them…

    he really does have a wide knowledge of many things… and one thing is for sure… never a dull moment when skop is hammering his nokia…
    sure there would be arguments…
    but you could just think of him as an auto-entertainment pathetically pandering prose-pugilising personal pandemonium proselytising posting party plug-in…!

    and judging by those posts… it seems he has ‘mellowed’ a little anyway…

    and as macro points out… it’s not about agreeing or disagreeing with each other’s opinions etc… but… and again i agree with macro… it’s way better than having a racist dirtying the blog every day… imo of course…

    whether you want him… or whether he would blog here… is something only the two of you would know… but i guess you’ve both already answered that question for now… :lol:

    okay… climbing down from my soap box now…

  • 258

    256 @ Charo:

    one… day i’ll work it out… ‘s true…!! :lol:

  • 259

    @ ufo:
    Well, having spent a good few hours with the man, I can only concur.
    He is a very interesting person with a broad experience of life.
    Mostly, he is genuine.

  • 260

    And humble, strangely enough.

  • 261

    @ Charo:
    Not much of a challenge with Google around. Geek Delighted

    “Be true to yourself”.

    You’re a Northwood boytjie?

  • 262

    @ ufo:

    Google it!

  • 263

    @ Nama:
    Hey Nama how are you?
    We haven’t chatted for ages. Last time, I think, was when I was planning a road trip with my wife around your part of our country?
    You are nearly right. Northland’s (in my day) and we were told it meant “let each man to himself be true”.
    But that is purely semantics.

  • 264

    Northlands Boys High.
    Same as Rangerman, Biscuit and a few other good guys.

  • 265

    @ Charo:
    Fine on my side Charo. Hope you’re well too.

    Congrats on your team’s victory yesterday.

    Did you get around to this part of the world as you planned? Best time would be around end of July to the middle of August if you want to see the flowers at their best. Don’t let the media fool you into believing that it lasts until September. It does not.

    This year was an exceptional year. The flowers were very, very beautiful.

  • 266

    Ah school mottos.

    I’ve always like Heroum filii.

  • 267

    @ Nama:

    Next year.

    I’ll bring the kwv.


  • 268

    @ Nama:
    Sorry to say that I did not – my wife insisted that we head straight to CPT to see her family.
    Hoever!, I am intrigued by your area, especially the coast and have investigated the various towns around there.
    Will certainly make a trip in the near future .
    God willing of course.

  • 269

    @ gunther: @ Charo:
    You’re most welcome.

  • 270

    @ gunther:
    Nice one if your forefather won a medal of sorts?
    Otherwise I suppose one would feel a little inferior?

  • 271

    @ Nama:

    I’d like that.

  • 272

    257 @ ufo:
    259 @ Charo:
    Look, Skoppie might be an normal humble little chappie in private life, but when he climbs behind a keyboard or Nokia Keypad, he changs into an intollerable asswipe.

    I don’t suffer fools willingly.

    If he had to come here and behave, he could stay, but there will be none of the Voldy kak here.

    As far as Hondo is concerned, he will burn himself too if he is out of line and / or spews racial shit… that much is a promise.

  • 273

    @ Charo:

    Don’t worry they did.

    Besides it was my brothers school.


  • 274

    @ grootblousmile:

    Hondo is the Paris Hilton of this blog.


  • 275

    @ ufo: and here I am going to agree with all you’ve said. What can I say. I’ve actually met Skop. He’s not what most people perceive him to be or what he likes to project, is all I’m prepared to offer

  • 276

    Ours was “Semper Concire”

  • 277

    @ Tassies:

    Let me guess.

    He’s shorter in real life.


  • 278

    @ gunther:273

    I am suitably impressed. :grin:

  • 279

    @ grootblousmile: can’t see Skop getting to excited on RT ou GB. But then I’ve been wrong before now. Hound Dog is a serial wind-up artist, employing race as his tool. Makes it so bloody obvious and some of us fall for it some of the time. Harmless shit really.

  • 280

    @ gunther: you clairvoyant or just bloody smart? :wink:

  • 281

    @ Nama:
    Nice one.
    Those old school mottos were a great bonding system, even after we left.

  • 282

    @ Charo:

    Don’t be i didn’t do anything.


  • 283

  • 284

    @ Tassies:
    True about Hondo. It does get tedious at times but if you see it for what it is, it is actually harmless.

    “Quotas” and his “ref conspiracy” are what he has going for him.

    The Bok victory last week messed things up for him a little. He was setting Oupa up as the fall guy during the week before the test if the Boks were to lose. Wink

  • 285

    @ gunther:282

    Not by you, you prick, by your brother’s forebears.

  • 286

    279 @ Tassies:
    Why people cannot just be themselves on the blogs goes beyond me.

    Why the need to project anything whatsoever, goodness if he is a good chap, why then not just be good behind the keyboard too?

  • 287

    OK, friends… I’m outa here… Monday is not far away…

  • 288

    Country reports, September financials etc due in tomorrow.
    Oh the wonders of the international corporate life!
    Cheers boys.

  • 289

    If only Skoppie was quisque sibi verus… true to himself… it would have helped a lot… in stead he is semper in excretum, sed alter variant… allways in the kak, just the height varies!



  • 290

    @ Charo:

    Hey they’re mine too.


  • 291

    @ Nama:
    he is 100% a wind up. It is Pretty fun at times when everyone ignores him Overjoy

  • 292

    @ grootblousmile:
    You have skoppie wrong, he is not that bad. I think it is a case of he is so far in the past his “legand” has grown.

  • 293

    @ grootblousmile: well…..emm yes GB. To you and I maybe(more I). The character of the oke demands attention. In a crude kind of way, these people add spice to us boring(I speak for myself here) conventional lot. Skop generated enough spice to stock a masala shop. And you know how everyone craves a hot little vindaloo hey?

  • 294

    @ Nama: predictably Hondo certainly. Oupa did have a decent game for one so young, new and inexperienced.

  • 295

    yip. That’s me done too. More = nogga dag.


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