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The khaki brigade

The khaki brigade

WP Rugby has launched an investigation into alleged racist behaviour that occurred during last Saturday’s Rugby Championship match at Newlands.

According to Cape Talk radio, the accusations have been levelled at a group of men dressed in khaki outfits, who used the ‘k-word’ every time a South African player of colour made an error on the field of play.

When confronted by another member of the crowd, they got aggressive and verbally abused him for the remainder of the match.

Managing director of WP Rugby, Rob Wagner, has been made aware of the allegations and responded on Cape Talk with the following statement.

“I would like to make it quite clear that Newlands and WP Rugby will not tolerate racism of any kind.

“Our stadium rules specifically cover racism. Rule 11 states, ‘WP Rugby reserves the right to refuse admission to, or to eject from the ground, any person/s who in the reasonable opinion of WP Rugby, its servants or agents, makes or incites any form of racial abuse, chanting, gesturing or behaviour.’

“This is behaviour that cannot be tolerated and we will not tolerate it.”

Wagner said an investigation has been opened into the incident and should they be found guilty of racist behaviour, the perpetrators could face a ban from attending further matches at the stadium.

Email sent from fan to Cape Talk’s Kieno Kammies:

My son took a friend to rugby on Saturday for his (the friend) first Newlands experience. They were surrounded by about 12 khaki-dressed supporters that seemed to be from the same club / following? All went well for the first ten minutes until one of the Springboks of colour erred on the field. That’s when the use of the K word started. For the first approx 5 times my son ignored the use of the K word (not Kieno) but could not hold his tongue for longer and asked them to please stop. For the next 60 min they were verbally abused by most of the khaki brigade which of course spoilt the experience for both of them. I have included some pics to show their response to my son’s request. Pic one is my son ( curly hair ) and friend making selfie. Khaki brigade in background. Pic two and three is self-explanatory. I would love to find these guys. Would make my day. Eddie Burger.

20 Responses to The Rugby Championship: Allegations of racism mars test

  • 1

    At Loftus there is a cell phone number that is prominently displayed during the matches that ask people to report any abusive, racist or inappropriate behavior as soon as it occurs an they will come to the area and investigate immediately.

    This should be standard at all venues around the country.

    This doesn’t belong anywhere. If it were me I would have gone to the nearest group of Cape Crusaders and told them that they were being spoken of in a derogatory way, with colourful language included, and let the 2 groups sort each other out.

    2 Birds with 1 stone

  • 2

    Not nice at all…I wonder, is that bloke in the middle blogging on Voldy?


    P.S. Nice post SB!

  • 3

    @ Stormersboy:
    Likewise at Ellis Park. Number is on the electronic advertising boards around the pitch.

    Just the sort of controversy that Rugby needs right now!

  • 4

    @ BrumbiesBoy:

    @ Scrumdown:

    Yes, more grist for the mill for those transformation politicians.

    Luckily the WPRU is already totally transformed, djy wiet mos.

  • 5


  • 6

    These guys are morons

  • 7

    MacroBok wrote:


    Well they certainly put the K in Kolpak.

  • 8

    They look like they came straight off the set of The Hills Have Eyes

  • 9

    all things considered. a test match on Mars would be phenomenal.

  • 10

    Sounds like Hondkak has been up to no good again.

  • 11

    No doubt this event will be used politically event nationally. even it was only 5 men? lets say 10 out of 44955 people 0.02% of the crowd. Newlands will be the home of those boer racists and Hondo

  • 12

    gunther wrote:

    Sounds like Hondkak has been up to no good again.


  • 13

    stormersboy @ 1
    good idea
    just needed to get some people to collect the citi golfs and hilux’s afterwards!!

  • 14

    they must throw the book at these bigots… and the chair and table too…

    name them and shame them…

  • 15

    @ ufo:
    14 Hi pal.Hope you are well.
    Regards Rye

  • 16

    @ ufo:

    Some people just need a high 5.

    In the face.

    With a chair.

  • 17

    IAAS wrote:

    @ ufo:
    Some people just need a high 5.
    In the face.
    With a chair.


  • 18

    I saw in today’s “Die Burger” that a member of the group (they are from Limpopo) has said that the whole thing has been blown out of proportion…what a lot of BS!!

    Kudos to the 18 year old that asked them to keep quiet / stop the verbal abuse. Just a pity his test match experience was ruined

  • 19

    I honestly feel bad for this kid and I thought maybe SARU would do good to reimburse these two people.

    But when you think about it. In a crowd of 50 000 people and estimating that 10-20% can be well on the way to being drunk what are the chances of a bullying incident not happening? Especially when there are groups of people that grew some beer muscles.

  • 20

    Shocking. No place for this type of behaviour in society.


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