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The SPCA has visited Mondeor High School.

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) has visited Mondeor High School after reports of two chickens being kicked to death by five matric pupils at the school, the Johannesburg SPCA chief inspector said on Friday.

“We went there yesterday (Thursday) and met with the principal.

The principal says they identified the kids involved but they wanted to meet with the respective parents first,” chief inspector Ronald Ramalata said.

“We also want to meet with the parents.”

Ramalata said the SPCA was contacted on Wednesday evening about the apparent incident, and was hoping to meet the principal again.

“We are seeking more information about what might have happened,” he said.

Beeld newspaper reported on Friday that the two chickens were brought to the school on Tuesday by two of the pupils from their homes. They apparently carried them around in their school bags for two hours.

According to the report, an eyewitness said the chickens were used as rugby balls and kicked to death.

Tuesday was the last day before matrics started their preliminary exams.

One of the chicken’s feet was reportedly bound as the boys kicked it repeatedly to death.

Following this, the five matrics went around the school with the two dead chickens to scare the other pupils.

The school was not immediately available for comment.

Gauteng education department spokeswoman Phumla Sekhonyane requested Sapa’s query to be made in writing so it could respond.

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