hsbcsevenslogoScotland 7′s have continued their preparations for the Emirates Airline Glasgow 7′s, in just over a week’s time, by replicating a match day at Murrayfield Stadium.

The squad undertook three ties throughout the day and were supported by players from Edinburgh Rugby and Glasgow Warriors.


James Eddie, Lee Jones, Finlay Gillies and Scott Wight (all Glasgow Warriors) returned having been involved in the last leg of the HSBC Sevens World Series, in Hong Kong, and Nick De Luca (Edinburgh Rugby) linked up with Scotland 7′s for the first time since the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne and IRB Sevens in Hong Kong that same year.

The 41 times Scotland cap, De Luca, said: “The games of sevens today are the first I’ve played for eight years.  I’m delighted to have the chance to be involved and be in contention for selection ahead of the Glasgow 7′s.  It’s a shock to the system playing the short game again, but I’m enjoying the challenge and the chance to get lots of ball in hand.”

Replicating match day has been an integral part of Scotland 7′s preparations this season, prior to all legs of the HSBC Sevens World Series, as it allows the players to have valuable game time against experienced opposition and to re-familiarise themselves with tournament expectations.

Each tie is split roughly two-and-a-half hours apart, as it would be on the international circuit so the players can ensure their recovery and nutrition in competition is allowing them to perform at their optimum.

Eddie, said: “It’s really good to have the opportunity to replicate tournament day to get the body physically and mentally prepared for the Glasgow 7′s.  It’s also really enjoyable having extra game time. I’m working hard towards selection because the opportunity to play at the Glasgow 7′s, my home tournament, for the first time would be fantastic.”

The Scotland 7′s squad for the eighth leg of the HSBC Sevens World Series next Saturday (3 May) and Sunday (4 May) will be announced at the team’s permanent base, Ravenscraig Regional Sports Facility, next Monday (28 April).

Scotland 7′s play Australia (12:42), USA (16:10) and Spain (19:21) on day one at the Emirates Airline Glasgow 7′s.

Tickets for the 2014 Emirates Airline Glasgow 7′s tournament, the eighth leg of the HSBC Sevens World Series, are available now on general sale, starting from only £20 per person and £10 for under-18′s, students and senior citizens.

4 Responses to HSBC Sevens World Series: Scotland 7′s boosted as they replicate match day

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    What is it with the Scots?

    They continually seem to be doing the “right” things in terms of moving forwards, but they rarely manifest into positives on the International stage.

    Seems strange.

  • 2

    1 @ Scrumdown:
    Hello Scrumdown, good question that, and one that former Scotland coach Frank Hadden was addressing, in fact was thinking about you yesterday when I put his articles up here, thought that someone who has been involved as heavily as you may find it interesting reading, it shows that while the ‘issues’ may not be the same as you faced that there are ‘challenges’ to be overcome here too:


    and http://www.rugby-talk.com/2014/04/haddens-views-on-taking-scottish-rugby-forward-part-two/
    the second one is quite lengthy but really worth the read as he knows his stuff.

  • 3

    2 @ Bullscot:
    Thanks Bully. I saw them but have been so busy this week just haven’t really had a chance to read too much.

    I’ll have a look over the weekend.

    This time of the year is a real b@stard if you work for yourself in SA.

    Between now and the middle of May I lose 25% of the working month due to public (bank) holidays..

    No gravy for my pap next month!

  • 4

    3 @ Scrumdown:
    All the best for that man, have lots of admiration for guys who work for yourself like you do. I noticed when I was back there last year with family and friends that there seems to be a lot more folk running their own small businesses or just working on their own.


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