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Clown CollegeThe Circus Ring Master has announced his team to take on the Blues in Aukland on Saturday morning. There are a few changes to the starting clown line up, one questionable, the others laughable.

In a somewhat comical outfit the following changes have been made: Cornal ” can’t tackle” Hendricks remains on the wing, Ryno “never played 12″ Benjamin is chosen at 12, the slowest backline player ever Hennie “The Thrilla” Daniller very slowly takes a spot on the other wing. Meanwhile upfront, one of Circus’s best players, Lappies Labuschnage, is replaced by Jean ” no wonder the Bulls didn’t want me ” Cook.


Clowns: 15 Willie le Roux, 14 Cornal “can’t tackle” Hendricks, 13 Johann “can’t defend” Sadie, 12 Ryno “never played at 12″ Benjamin, 11 Hennie “tortise pace” Daniller, 10 Johan “ek is alweer beseer Korporaal” Goosen, 9 Sarel “can’t defend” Pretorius, 8 Philip van der Walt, 7 Jean “no wonder the Bulls didn’t want me” Cook, 6 Boom Prinsloo, 5 Francois Uys, 4 Lodewyk de Jager, 3 Nicolaas van Dyk, 2 Adriaan Strauss (Captain), 1 Caylib Oosthuizen
Replacement Clowns: 16 Ryno Barnes, 17 Trevor Nyakane, 18 Rossouw de Klerk, 19 Andries Ferreira, 20 Lappies Labuschagne, 21 Shaun “how the hell am I on the bench” Venter, 22 Elgar Watts, 23 Howard Mnisi.

Barbara Streisand wrote a song about this management team… bring on the clowns, there will be clowns.

This is all in jest fellas, kindly relax!

68 Responses to Clown College announces it’s team to take on the Blues

  • 51

    The Cheetahs had an awesome year last year and deserved all the credit and praise that they received.

    Things is, that is more the exception than the rule, and this year has seen them come down with a bit of a bump. Still it’s a long season as everyone knows and it’s a bit early, IMO to be writing any of the SA teams off yet.

    I would still back them to take down some big names this year. Local and overseas.

    Same with the Stormers. Underestimate or write them off at your peril.

  • 52

    51 @ Stormersboy:
    I don’t know of any TRUE Rugby supporter that stops supporting “their” team when the performances go pear shaped, but the truth of the matter is that it’s extremely difficult to recover in SR after a p1ss poor start.

    The competition grinds away at resources in terms of injuries, and the chances of rectifying a start like the Cheetahs’ have had is minimal to say the least.

  • 53

    @ Scrumdown:
    maybe, and hen i think of a recovery by the Cheetahs I don’t think of a top 6 spot but rather something around the middle of the table.

  • 54

    @ Stormersboy:

    Agreed I have the Cheetahs Stormers and Bulls to all pull off upsets this weekend.

    That Blues side is hondkak and they’ve just come back from their tour.

  • 55

    @ gunther:
    Yip, with you there.

    SA to pull of an upset against the convicts??

    Dead rubber and all that?

  • 56

    Stormersboy wrote:

    @ gunther:Yip, with you there.SA to pull of an upset against the convicts??Dead rubber and all that?

    Not the convicts sorry. Had a blond moment there

  • 57

    When Horak left Naka said the will not get a replacement defensive coach as the structures are there and they need to stay sharp.
    Does he really lack the intellect to know the game keeps changing and all the other coaches worth their salt would have studies the Cheetahs after the great 2013?

    Blues will murder them I feel this weekend

  • 58


  • 59

    Flip vd Merwe out of Bull’s team
    Damn, I just put him in my fantasy team and my replacement is Whitelock who has a bye
    Just when I thought I would have a full 15 players scoring

  • 60

    59 @ nortierd:

    You too slow boet. Beat you to it. Put that news down on the team sheets of this week thread. Tounge-Out

  • 61

    Puma wrote:

    59 @ nortierd:
    You too slow boet. Beat you to it. Put that news down on the team sheets of this week thread.

    Ha ha
    I saw the report and checked my fantasy team, pity my replacement lock is not playing this weekend either.
    I already lost out when PSdt got injured, still have Fransie, Lambie ( kicker) Marcel and Alberts from the Sharks though

  • 62

    61 @ nortierd:
    Yip just hope no more injuries to any more players from either side.

    Bulls have Willemse to start now. So they do have a good replacement though Flip was playing some fantastic rugby so too was PSDT. Don’t think the hamstring injury Flip picked up is as bad as the injury that PSDT picked up. So Flip will probably be back for Bulls at some stage.

    Why players pick up injuries during training is just damn mind boggling.

  • 63

    That is a good question.
    Even more mind boggling is when players get serious injuries just practicing kicking like Carter during the WC and Goosen last year

  • 64

    63 @ nortierd:

    Yes the Carter and especially the Goosen injury last year was freakish as he got it while practising alone his kicking at goal.

    Suppose the Forwards take huge toll when training though they should not really be picking up injuries.

    Feel for PSDT as he is totally out for the year now. So there goes his Bok chances as well. Just hope he comes back strong next year as he is a quality player. So is Flip but Flip will be back for Bulls don’t think his injury is that serious. Might miss a few weeks tops I think.

  • 65

    Flip should be back soon.
    PSdT and Arno, not sure about those 2. Too injury prone, hardly get through 3 games without picking up some sort of injury. Touch wood, Goosen has had, what is for him, quite a long run of games without breaking down, too be fair, it’s not like the Cheetahs are too concerned with defense, so I guess that helps avoiding injuries not having to tackle

  • 66

    65 @ nortierd:

    Did you notice Sharks have one of your favourite players on the bench this week? Timo is there. Think he is covering for Odwa while he is away.

  • 67

    I like that Jake is backing the young players and not just paying lip service.
    I hope he gets a couple of minutes and does well.
    He must play when you play the Stormers and then he can show AC what a fool he is

  • 68

    67 @ nortierd:

    Yes I rate Timo. So hope he gets some gametime. Not sure where though as doubt JPP or Mvovo will come off. He is probably covering in case of injury. He is covering for Odwa as Estherhuizen is there to cover for centre. I know Timo can cover fb and fh and probably wing as well. Probably the reason he got the nod to be on the bench instead of Fred. Think Fred covers only fh and probably scrumhalf though we have cover with Mcleod there.

    Yip nice to see Jake backing the youngsters.

    I also rate Esterhuizen. Big and strong like Fransie. Only of course Fransie can kick at goal as well and at a hell of a distance.


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