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Melbourne RebelsCheetahsRebels (17) 35 / 14 (0) Cheetahs (Final Score)

The Melbourne Rebels and Toyota Cheetahs did battle in Super Rugby at

AAMI Park, Melbourne at 10:40 SA Time (19:40 Melbourne Time, 08:40 GMT).

This was the live match discussion Article.

The match was broadcast LIVE on SuperSport 1, SHD & M-Net on TV in SA.




  • Penalties – Angus Roberts (1)
  • Drop Goals – Angus Roberts (1)
  • Tries – Lachlan Mitchell (1), Jason Woodward (1), Luke Burgess (1), Bryce Hegarty (1), Scott Higginbotham (1)
  • Conversions – Bryce Hegarty (2)


  • Penalties – 0
  • Drop Goals – 0
  • Tries – Jean Cook (1), Ryno Barnes (1)
  • Conversions – Johan Goosen (2)


Melbourne Rebels: 15 Jason Woodward, 14 Lachlan Mitchell, 13 Tamati Ellison, 12 Mitch Inman, 11 Tom English, 10 Bryce Hegarty, 9 Luke Burgess, 8 Scott Higginbotham (Captain), 7 Scott Fuglistaller, 6 Sean McMahon, 5 Luke Jones, 4 Hugh Pyle, 3 Laurie Weeks, 2 Pat Leafa, 1 Toby Smith
Replacements: 16 Steve Fualau, 17 Max Lahiff, 18 Paul Alo-Emile, 19 Cadeyrn Neville, 20 Colby Fainga’a, 21 Ben Meehan, 22 Angus Roberts, 23 Tom Kingston.

Cheetahs: 15 Willem le Roux, 14 Cornal Hendricks, 13 Johann Sadie, 12 Francois Venter, 11 Raymond Rhule, 10 Johan Goosen, 9 Shaun Venter, 8 Philip van der Walt, 7 Pieter Labuschagne, 6 Johannes Prinsloo, 5 Francois Uys, 4 Lodewyk de Jager, 3 Coenraad Oosthuizen, 2 Adriaan Strauss (Captain), 1 Caylib Oosthuizen
Replacements: 16 Ryno Barnes, 17 Trevor Nyakane, 18 Nicolaas van Dyk, 19 Rynhardt Landman, 20 Jean Cook, 21 Sarel Pretorius, 22 Elgar Watts, 23 Hennie Daniller.

Referee: Angus Gardner (Australia)
Assistant Referees: Matt O’Brien (Australia), Michael Hogan (Australia)
TMO: Steve Leszczynski (Australia)

344 Responses to Super Rugby: Melbourne Rebels vs Toyota Cheetahs – Live Game Article

  • 301

    Sien die Sharks, Leeus en Cheetah ondersteuners baklei lekker hier wie Morne Steyn se toksakke gaan dra as die Bokke weer speel.


  • 302

    The first hiding of note for the weekend – lets hope it’s the last

  • 303

    @ grootblousmile:
    300 comments, wow!

  • 305

    Just For Kicks wrote:

    Are the Rebels that good?

    Don’t think so, they beat all comers in their warm up games, got rid of Beale and O’Connor who, although superstars, was disruptive.
    The Reds and Waratahs should still be the better Aussie sides. Cheetahs surprised many teams last year, but surprises don’t last.
    Will be interesting to see how they go against the Reds next week

  • 306

    tough luck cheetahs… not much else to say… never in the game…

    well done rebels…

    good to see higginbotham back… will add the steel to the aussie pack they were missing last year… i said last year (before he was injured) he’d be aussie captain if i was coach…

  • 307

    303 @ Pietman:
    Ja, dit gaan geil hier op R-T

  • 308

    Suddenly it is looking uphill for Cheetahs. They have Reds next week and still the blues and canes to play. blues looked terrific against the Saders earlier.

  • 309

    Rebels deserved winners! Ref and commentators competing for Ass of the year, and Cheetahs back to the drawing board. First game on tour flutters? Hopefully, because the Reds are ging to be tough next week.

  • 310

    2nd wrong Bru pick… hehehe

  • 311

    Is this the year of the underdog? Blues beating the Hurricanes, and now the Rebels beating the Cheetahs. And the Lions winning their first 2 matches of the seasons, with both games being regarded as upsets, and Highlanders beating the Blues.

  • 312

    MacroBull wrote:

    @ nortierd:
    by the looks of it, any win point is good because this was an “upset”

    Lots went for the Rebels, especially in my other pools, but I only went by 8
    Still happy with the point, especially after the Crusaders losing earlier

  • 313

    @ Cheetah4eva:

    Which game you watching?

    Saw rhule take two forward passes in first half!

  • 314

    The Cheetahs now shying away from their kick, chase, tackle and turnover game from last year… I do not know why teams stick to what they are good at.

  • 315

    Agree, It looks like the ‘underdogs’ are finding their collective feet much fast than the top teams this year. Good to see, makes the latter stages much more exciting

  • 316

    Well, 2 surprize results on a nugter Friday morning….

  • 317

    What else is news in the rugby world?

  • 318

    @ Ben: Delighted Bwaahaaa… Morne wat op die bench sit in Frankryk?

  • 319

    @ grootblousmile:
    Worry Me too, and the Blues was an upset! Cheetahs match was 1st on tour, and Rebels were good value for the win!

  • 320

    I hope this dispels that, “but it is the first game of the seaon” nonsense.

  • 321

    @ Wallabie.:
    Walla, are you really going to try defend this rubbish Aussie ref, and really the commentators were as bad. First Kafer trying to justify a punch, and then a late tackle. How low are you Aussies prepared to go. After that loud mouth Warner being fines, a bit of introspection would have been expected Tounge-Out

  • 322

    Problem is, 2013 heightened the Cheetah expectations to a new level.
    Before last year, this was the norm, win one, lose 2 or 3
    It’s been like that for years, except for last year

  • 323

    nortierd wrote:

    MacroBull wrote:
    @ nortierd:
    by the looks of it, any win point is good because this was an “upset”

    Lots went for the Rebels, especially in my other pools, but I only went by 8
    Still happy with the point, especially after the Crusaders losing earlier

    Yeah I know a few people went for it, but like last week i dropped nearly 50 places, this week so far I am up 14 and also got the crusaders wrong. (On RT).

    Now only for the Stormers to win, but they really screwed over many a superbru last year.

  • 324

    Well don’t think any team will take the Rebels lightly after that game. Now come on Stormers need them to win for my bru. Saders and Cheetahs have let me down and surely
    I must be on the bottom now.

  • 325

    @ Cheetah4eva:

    My theory is when our team loses the ref is not seeing every pass, we never see the forward passes by our team….even the blades of grass is leaning forward when the bounce is awkward.

    Why did the cheetahs players not get sent off for holding the rebels flanker….yes the rebels flanker got rightly got sent off but even the ref said the cheetahs player was holding on illegally.

    All in all, yes there was stuff missed but think the cheetahs got more of the rub..

  • 326

    Close your eyes Stormer supporters they showing last weeks game against the Lions…hehe

  • 327

    I went Canes by a HUGE score, granted, I picked them after 13 minutes of watching the Stromers disgrace themselves at Ellis Park. Overjoy so I won’t mind the Canes winning
    So far though, home teams only, so Stormers will probably win

  • 328

    I know everyone likes giving the Bulls crap about the camo… but geez that orange is an eyesore.

  • 329

    Okay out of here now catch up for the Stormer/Canes game later.

    Cheers everyone.

  • 330

    306 @ ufo:
    Agree bud he had a good game.

  • 331

    The Rebels had a practice run running through parking cones today.

  • 332

    @ Puma:

    howdy bud… yeah… tough but honest player…

    liked your “close your eyes chirp”…

    yeah… must get on with work too…

    cheers all…

    laters gators…!

  • 333

    MacroBull wrote:

    The Rebels had a practice run running through parking cones today.

    He he
    Coenie “Oros Mannetjie” Oosthuizen Happy-Grin

  • 334

    Cheetahs scrums were woeful today, their defence was severely lacking allover the park, silly errors all over, Johan Goosen was woeful… EVERYTHING just went pear for the Cheetahs.

    It was like watching the Bulls and Stormers of the week before….

    Same with the Crusaders… they were aweful today!

  • 335

    nortierd wrote:

    MacroBull wrote:
    The Rebels had a practice run running through parking cones today.

    He he
    Coenie “Oros Mannetjie” Oosthuizen

    Die rebels het gelyk of hulle parking soek Overjoy

  • 336

    Luckily Kitchof does not play for the Cheetahs, if he smiled, all you would see is teeth.

  • 337

    Pretty much done with work today, spent all morning from 5 doing a work report, went to site, came back and I forgot to save my work The-Incredible-Hulk … I’m over it for this week. Weary

  • 338

    wat het tebeur, was uit vir ‘n meeting en toe ek terugkom sien ek hulle try soos my Stormers speel…
    Dis nou mos dom

  • 339

    @ Wallabie.: Your words have a measure of truth, but really it was blatant today, lineout throws weren’t even nearly straight, and balls knocked backwards by Willie gets called a knock.

    The rule is clear, you can’t retaliate. Cook should have gotten a penalty for holding the player, but it can never be allowed to send a blatant uppercut in retaliation, that is just stupid, and for that knob Kafer to justify it, is really absurd!

    Rebels were too good toda, and I am not blaming the ref for the loss, that blame is squarely on their own shoulders, but the ref was poor!!

  • 340

    @ Cheetah4eva:
    I do not need a chill pill my friend, you okes love to diss players from another team, but I see it is hard to take when there is a return of serve?? why am I not surprised??? Disapproval

    Oh boy so another 10 has a good game and he is also Better than Lambie?? Overjoy Overjoy

    You be a funny bloke, but here is a fact, Lambie is the top 10 in SA, whether the Bulls, Stormer, Cheetah Lions etc supporters want to admit it or not, just remember being a good 10 is not only about kicking.

    Like Naas said Lambie is our best option, I will take Naas’s advice Wink Happy-Grin Overjoy

  • 342

    @ Sharks_forever:
    best 10 while the super goose gets his mojo back….naas said goosen is the real deal,il take his word for it Happy-Grin @ Sharks_forever:
    best 10 while the super goose gets his mojo back….naas said goosen is the real deal,il take his word for it

  • 343

    @ Cheetah4eva:
    I thought willie knock on was correct….not because the rebels are australian but more when willie tries to catch the ball to then when it lands on the ground. Willie makes it look backwards because he himself lands in front of the ball.
    But really i am splitting hairs as there was much more to the game that dictated the score. If the brumbies were on the losing end it is tempting to scrutinise the game more harshly.
    And there will be aspects where i will be vindicated.

  • 344

    @ Sharks_forever: Lol, all in good fun. I don’t diss Lambie at all. He is a good player, and has as good a chance as establishing himself as the bok 10 as any. I grow weary of this petty Goosen and Lambie bashing! Let Goosen play himself back in form, without all this negative crap! I have had it all on Sharksworld with the stupid and petty “glassboy” stuff.

    The guy has barely three full matches after coming back from three serious injuries. So yeah, chill and cut the kid some slack.


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