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Rugby-TalkSuperBruIt is 2 weeks prior to the kick off of 2 brand new Rugby Tournaments and just less than a month away from kick off of the 3rd Tournament – Super Rugby.

We will have SuperBru Widgets up in the Righthand sidebar for these 3 Pools, for easy access to make your PICKS, go to the POOLS and see an abbreviated version of the LOG in each pool (Top 10).

Rugby-Talk SuperBru pools are open to all REGISTERED RUGBY-TALK SUBSCRIBERS, so if you are not yet registered, get clicking man!

As is the custom and the excitement, Rugby-Talk will be taking part in rugby competitions on SuperBru in 2014 again, but at the end of last year we took it a step further, we also formed our own SuperBru Club, the Rugby-Talk.com Club. The Club gives us an added and combined interface, where messages are posted in the “Social Room”, where the current Rugby-Talk Bru Pools are detailed in the “Games Room”, where members are tabled in the “Members Wall” and where medal standings and tables are displayed in the “Trophy Room”.

So, firstly, join up to the 3 NEW POOLS and also join up at the Rugby-Talk.com Club!

The details are as follows:

Pool: Rugby-Talk Super Rugby 2014
Pool Code: crowpore

[maxbutton id="2"]

Pool: Rugby-Talk Six Nations 2014
Pool Code: gearhulk

[maxbutton id="3"]

Pool: Rugby-Talk Varsity Cup 2014
Pool Code: soapwren

[maxbutton id="4"]

Click on the relevant Pool Name and it will take you to that Specific Pool to join!


Rugby-Talk.com Club

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Enjoy it with us, bruddas and sistahs and fellow rugby-mad muppits!



Rudi Geldenhuys

(Webmaster & SuperBru Captain – Grootblousmile)

47 Responses to SuperBru 2014: We have 3 NEW POOLS to join!

  • 1

    Come on, a lot of INVITES were sent… and those who have not received invites, join up for the Pools!

    Just make sure that you are a REGISTERED person on Rugby-Talk.com (this website)!

  • 2

    The player ranks are swelling nicely…. considering the Pools were only registered a few hours ago.

    but we want MORE!

  • 3

    Hope my Superbru works better this year!!

  • 4

    I have applied for membership as Chilli.
    Please let me in.

  • 5

    I see on Sharksworld that Bismark will captain them.

  • 6

    Ok, I wonder if the captaincy will do to Bissie what captaincy did for AJ Venter? Its either going to cause him to play a bit cleaner, or he will be marked, and the Sharks will have a scenario where they are without their captain for 10 minutes. I just hope for SA’s sake that Bissie takes on the mantle of leadership, and plays hard but clean rugby.

  • 7

    4 @ Loosehead:
    You’re in and accepted, fat man!

    In fact, you’re in as Loosehead and Chilli in each of the 3 pools… now you just need to enter a third time as something like Jannie Dup… and you’ll be a whole front row all on your own!


  • 8

    lol, I’m in, bring it on

  • 9

    @ grootblousmile:
    Only people who are too lazy to eat call other people fat!

  • 10

    9 @ Loosehead:
    Bwahahahahahah. My energy levels must rise considerably about 4 times a day then, ’cause when it comes to cullinary delights I certainly have the energy required to partake, and my “unique phisique” bears testament to such.

  • 11

    Hierdie is flippen snaaks… check!


  • 12

    Folks, a lot of new INFORMATION was loaded under the Main Menu’s of this website, so go and look Under Internationals and you’ll find 2014′s Six Nations and particulars there, under Super Rugby you will find a heap of information on this year’s tournament, under Other Rugby you will find Varsity Cup and lots of info on the 2014 Varsity Cup and finally under Competitions you will find pages in preparation of our 3 SuperBru Competitions opened so far for 2014.

  • 13

    Attention to all Non-Registered Rugby-Talk readers who want to join the SuperBru Pools… and this applies to Riaan Scholtz (who’s applied for the Super Rugby pool) as well as Stoffel who left me a Bru Message on SuperBru.

    Remember fellas, I do not have your E-Mail Addresses till you register here on Rugby-Talk as a subscriber, so I’m left sending Bru Mail replies on SuperBru, which apparently few people read.

    So Riaan & Stoffel, read your Bru Mails on SuperBru, please… it revolves aroud the requirement to register on Rugby-Talk as a subscriber. Your registration here will always be treated as confidential, nobody but me as Webmaster, will see your Mail Address.

    Registration is so easy, a real walk in the park!

  • 14

    Count me in, I will register on Superbru right now for all 3 Pools!

  • 15

    @ Alles wat mal is:
    I’m in and it’s arse-kicking time in 2014!

  • 16

    14 & 15 @ Alles wat mal is:
    Glad to have you aboard…. now about the arse-kicking bit… well, hehehehe, many have tried and few have succeeded!

  • 17

    16 @ grootblousmile:
    Hello GBS see from the lists on the right you are top of the Supebru leader boards Congratulations think I have worked out your tactic though – registered first then sent out invites – one sure way to make sure you appear on top, oh well at least until the rugby games start Tounge-Out Happy-Grin

  • 18

    17 @ Bullscot:
    I have ONE question for you… Who won the last Rugby-Talk SuperBru competition?

  • 19

    18 @ grootblousmile:
    Had a look through the archives and lo and behold it was you GBS Congratulations

  • 20

    Some great sign-up’s for SuperBru on the weekend, keep it up!

    I was away on the weekend, had a whale of a time.

    We spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning at De Voetpad Kloof, not far from Loskop dam and then we went to Jugomaro Predator Park for the rest of the day. Jugomaro Predator Park is about 13 km off the road between Groblersdal and Marble Hall and it is the home of the famous Bengal Tiger, Panjo, who went walk-about towards Springs in 2010… made massive headlines at the time. The place belongs to Goosie Fernandez who also owns a BMW Workshop in Springs and the farm is run by his son, Justin Fernandez.

    What a wonderful place, they have Bengal Tigers, a Siberian Tiger, some Lions and a massive White Lion male, Canadian Timber Wolves, Crocodiles a little sick young Jaguar (Blade) which somehow ingested radiator cooler (Glycol) but he’s pulling though nicely and the naughtiest little white lioness, Priscilla, who bit me on the upper left arm, leaving quite a mark and very, very nearly drew blood.

    The big animals are in big enclosures and beautifully looked after, it really is a labour of love. On the rest of the farm there is plenty of other game. Go have a good look at their website at http://www.jugomaro.co.za

    They are planning big things and I want to help them get some Live Cams up and running and streaming to the world out there and help make their website nicely interactive.

  • 21

    In the Varsity Shield, which starts today, UKZN Impi (under John Mitchell) is ahead by 20 / 10 against CUT, 52 min gone. It’s on SS1

  • 22

    CUT 26 / 20 UKZN, 5 minutes left

  • 23

    Final Score: CUT 26 / 25 UKZN Impi

  • 24

    Fort Hare Blues vs UWC now on SS1, 6 minutes into the game, no score yet

  • 25

    UWC 8 / 0 Fort Hare, 10 min gone

  • 26

    Some rather serious handbags… and the inept ref is not able to handle the players.

  • 27

    Halftime: UWC 10 / 0 Fort Hare

  • 28

    UWC 12 / 8 Fort Hare, 49 minutes in

  • 29

    UWC 14 / 8 Fort Hare, 66 min in

  • 30

    UWC 26 / 8 Fort Hare, 78 minutes gone

  • 31

    Final Score: UWC 26 / 8 Fort Hare Blues

  • 32

    Let us make our predictions more exciting and add another prediction here on Rugby-Talk. I am willing to sponsor a Gift Voucher at Appelblaar Nursery, maybe time for a decent garden makeover after all the neglect in 2014,s rugby season.

    I will talk to GBS to see if we can do it here. I will propose a format now but in Afrikaans so that we can be sure i am not talking in circles.

    Ek dink dat die volgende Rugby raai heel maklik sal wees om te beheer en daar sal min kans wees dat twee saam sal eindig. Indien wel kan die uitspeel rondtes gebruik word om die dispuut uit te klaar.

    1, Almal voorspel hoeveel wedstryde elk van die Suid Afrikaanse spanne gaan wen
    2, hoeveel gelyk gespeel gaan word.
    Dit moet gedoen word voor die eerste wedstryd gespeel word. Ek sal dan n spreadsheet opstel en die deelnemers elimineer sodra hulle verkeerd is. Die laaste staande persoon/e sal dan die wenner wees.

    Vir sommiges kan die game baie gou oor wees, bv. as jy voorspel die Bulle gaan geen(0) wedstryd wen nie , en hul wen hul eerste wedstryd dan is jy sommer in rondte 1 al uit.

    Indien GBS die idee ondersteun sal ons die reels “fine tune” Kom met nog idees en wys maar slag gate uit.

  • 33

    ek’s game, klink na pret, dankie!

  • 34

    32 @ superBul:
    Klink na ‘n goeie ding, BlommieBul…. werk die formaat mooi fyn uit, stuur vir my ‘n mail daaroor en ons kan die ding so effe tweak en aan die gang sit!

    Dankie vir die aanbod!

  • 35

    Iewers hierdie gesien, lyk bleddie goed. Amper onwerklik

  • 36

    @ superBul:
    and we wonder why the Kiwis are the best in the world … this ten-year-old kid is absolutely insane.

  • 38

    Jeez, that’s good.

    In NZ they play specific type of games to develop these and other skills. Games like pop ball etc. think SA should also develop their own kind of games to specific develop these skills.

  • 39

    Reader Numbers here on Rugby-Talk has seriously picked up in January, more so than the years before. It appears we are well on our way to critical mass here on Rugby-Talk, as this site continues to astound me!

    We are almost at double the readership figures of January 2013 and have already exceeded the figures of 11 of the individual months in 2013 (bar September)… and that in an off-season month.

  • 40

    39 @ grootblousmile:
    Great. Hopefully we have to put up the “House Full” signs when SR gets going next month. (Still a looooong 2 weeks off.)

  • 41

    40 @ Scrumdown:
    This HOUSE will never be full, it will just be bloody busy… hehehe

  • 42

    41 @ grootblousmile:
    Would be nice if this house was full to capacity, whilst Voldy’s was like your Benoni business on a Monday Morning. (IE, more dead than alive.)

  • 43

    Just shows how addicted we are to the RUGBY drug

  • 44

    42 @ Scrumdown:
    The fuller Rugby-Talk gets, the more comments will flow, by more commentors… and that’s what we actually want.

  • 45

    43 @ Gena_ZA:
    I say this is a heathy addiction, much like my condensed milk drinking…. hehehe

  • 47

    @ superBul:
    watching these tries make me wonder. Am I not too critical about our skills? The players certainly have all the skills, speed and ability. Its just the game plans that are keeping us back.


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