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StormersSchalk BurgerStormers vice-captain Schalk Burger says they will pay more attention to their attacking game in this year’s Super Rugby competition.

The Stormers have been the best defensive team over the last few seasons, but their attack has been almost non-existent at times.


From 2010 to 2013 they conceded the fewest tries, but was found wanting in the try-scoring department.

Last year, only the Force and Southern Kings scored less tries and in 2012 they finished bottom in the try-scoring stakes, despite topping the overall log standings.

“In the past our defence put us in such a comfort zone that we simply didn’t put any emphasis on attack,” Burger said.

“This year the focus is to get our attacking game at the same standard as our defence.

“The good defence is something that’s always been part of the current set-up. Well keep the standard high. It’s important to stick with the plan we’ve decided to undertake, otherwise we’ll experience an identity crisis.

“We’re striving towards a balanced game plan,” continued Burger.

10 Responses to Super Rugby: Stormers to up attacking intent in 2014

  • 1

    Seeing is believing!

  • 2

    Yeah right. With Caterikilllllliiiiiis at 10 they will score plenty tries.

  • 3

    2 @ Loosehead:
    Catrakilis can control a game, play the right areas, slot the ones at goal, distribute well, defend well and attack when needed.

    Of all the flyhalfs at the Stormers, he is the one with the most balanced game.

    In a good backline, his attacking and distribution skills will flourish.

    In general nothing is wrong with the WP and Stormers attack in the 1st half, but somehow they have managed to go into ANOTHER MODE every time after scoring 2 to 3 tries in a game… and THAT is where the buggerup is in their inability to score more tries and earn bonus points for tries. It’s like they are desperately trying to close up shop in the 2nd half, rather than continue with an attacking mindset.

  • 4

    Would love to see what happens to their defence when they attack. After they have 2 tries scored against them they will close up shop.

  • 5

    Die Griek gaan die ander spanne NAAR maak die jaar

  • 7

    4 @ Lion4ever:
    If one argues from the vantage point that a strong defensive side , necessarily results in a side who does not attack well, then I understand your argument but the Chiefs have shown that a balanced approach between attack and defence bears the most friut… 2 years in a row now!

    I personally think that most of the SA Super Rugby sides (definately the Bulls and Stormers) put too much emphasis on getting to the right areas of the field before launching controlled and repeated attacks, whereas the New Zealand mindset is milder and more creative in this regard… they will attack all guns blazing from deep in their own 22 IF the attack is on.

    On the other hand I believe that the Lions & Cheetahs mindsets are too focussed on flair play and razzle-dazzle rugby, the result being that they often risk stuff deep in their own half when a more consolidating and conservative mindset would have been better. In the process they often concede soft tries and many tries are scored against them in a season.

    The Sharks… well they are an anomaly, they should have the ability, with their impressive depth, to play both the defensive and attacking games, but somehow managed to bugger it up time and time again in 2013′s Super Rugby season. With Jake White there we know it’s going to be a more tight and defensive structure, simply because that is who and how Jake works, period.

    This season the teams MUST strive for better balance between defence and attack.. and carry that right through to national level!

    Key for a balanced approach is “Possession Rugby”… getting and keeping possession, through the set pieces, mauls and even more importantly through massive ground ball work!

    The old idea that it is sometimes hazzardous to have possession and that one is sometimes better served defending in opposition territory, is hugely outdated and simply plain stupid under the new law applications. If you do not believe this was practiced, well I have news for you.

    I would much rather my side getting and keeping possession and working their way forward, ball and destiny in their own mits, controlling the game and forcing YOUR PATTERN on the opposition!

  • 8

    Stormers will play to type. Kick the ball away, defend and pray for a penalty.
    This is the style that they know.

  • 9

    6 @ Gena_ZA:
    Great skills, both feet to posts… impressive!

  • 10

    @ grootblousmile:
    I agree 100% with you. I sometimes want to scream when the Lions do their fancy tricks. I say, if the attack is on, you can do it from your own try line. But otherwise kick the ball far, and out. That’s where players like the Greek and MS are very good. The other 10′s maybe with the exception of Goosen, tend to kick for territory, gifting the opposition with possession. Jantjies in particular is guilty of that (I don’t know why he does that, because when he wants to he can kick huge touch finders). Maybe Boshoff will be a bit more like the first 2 10′s I mentioned. Lets hope all our teams gets that balance right between attack and defence.


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