IRBThe International Rugby Board (IRB) is set to ditch the ‘YES NINE’ scrum call in favour of a non-verbal, pre-agreed instruction.

The change will take place with immediate effect, and will be introduced at all levels of the game.

Referees will no longer give a verbal instruction of ‘YES NINE’, and instead will issue a non-verbal instruction to the scrumhalf when he considers the scrum to be square and stable.

The non-verbal instruction must be agreed by the referee and both scrumhalves prior to the start of the game and could be in the form of a tap on the back while the referee is on the side of the put-in, or an agreed signal (nod of the head or hand signal) by the referee while he is on the other side of the scrum.

2 Responses to IRB to IMMEDIATELY ditch ‘YES NINE’ Call

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    Finally some sense happening around the put in. But will the refs be consistent regarding the “straight” put in? At first scrummies were generally very good, but I have seen some stray put in that were not blown by the ref.

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    Good news, any case calling YES NINE is so 2013…


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