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Rugby-TalkIt is mid December 2013, 14 days till we welcome the new year.

Tell us about your holiday plans and / or your plans for the Festive season, coming up!

Rugby-Talk’s holiday plans and Festive season plans include keeping you up to date on the doings and screwings in the rugby world, but we acknowledge that Southern Hemisphere rugby news is in short supply.

In light of the above we’ll also focus on a bit of cricket in the lean times and most importantly we’ll start this week with detailed discussions on the SQUAD MEMBERS of the different South African Super Rugby sides for 2014. For each player position we’ll have a seperate article for each franchise, for instance there will be 5 seperate articles discussing the props, same with hookers, locks, looseforwards, scrumhalves, flyhalves, midfield & back 3. That equates to 10 new Super Rugby articles a week for 4 weeks, thus 40 new Super Rugby articles in total to feast on.

In week 1 (this week) we’ll discuss the PROPS, then the HOOKERS and we’ll endeavour to have the articles on, on a Tuesday to Thursday.

It will take us 4 weeks to discuss all player positions, taking us into middle January 2014, whereafter the warm-up games for Super Rugby start and soon thereafter the Six Nations, Super Rugby and Varsity Cup.

Any additional suggestions from readers and subscribers will be welcomed and we encourage readers and subscribers to also send us material to publish. In the event that we publish your article, we’ll give due credit to you as source.





22 Responses to What are your Holiday / Festive Season plans?

  • 1

    Very creative, I commend you for keeping us informed and for such fine detail.
    It is clear that this web site also informs, welcomes and actively engages its visitorship.

  • 2

    1 @ Alles wat mal is:
    Last year and the year before we did exactly the same (Super Rugby Squad discussions & Cricket) and we had a marvelous off-season, with a lot of interest and responses on the Articles placed.

    Informing our readers and subscribers comes naturally, as this is a community, driven by the community.

    Our Authors here are indeed part and parcel of Rugby-Talk, who do this for the love of rugby and passion for the game.

    Ordinary subscribers can easily become Authors here, we quickly sum up their skills, writing accumen, rugby knowledge and general attitude towards us and the game… and invites to write easily flow from that.

    Some people have been hisitant to Author Articles, but once the bug bites, it becomes rather addictive.

  • 3

    @ grootblousmile:
    You have a very simple but effective formula to a good and unique web site here.

    This site has the potential to set a world example which could easily become the norm and standard to follow.

    This web site also has huge potential to make a lot of money and attract the attention of the big corporates who are involved in rugby and sport.

  • 4

    3 @ Alles wat mal is:
    Yeah, it is a rather simple and effective recipy!

    2014 Will see us expanding a bit on the commercial front, with some intent to sell advertising space.

    Anybody who ties Rugby-Talk to an advertiser and active advertisements by them on the site, will be rewarded and offered a very simple incentive, ONE THIRD of the revenue of the adverts he / she brings in, will go straight to that person as commission, calculated on money actually received from such advertiser.

    In addition, should the commercial element be successful, further “Talk” web sites will be launched, for cricket, soccer, motorsport and possibly golf too.

  • 5

    I am already on holiday, will only start working again on 6 January 2014.

    Going away for a while to the holiday cottage as from the weekend, but I am now tempted to take my tablet with, to follow what’s coming here on the site.

  • 6

    Hi GBS. How are things?

    Gee what a varked up weekend!

    If you need me to assit re the Lions squad just shout.

    I’m feeling “Lus” for Rugger again now, just don’t know if it’s enough to get back involved with the Club structures again. (Have been asked to by the “old” club)

  • 7

    6 @ Scrumdown:

    Timothy and myself will be doing most of the squads, but hell, you doing the Lions could be very helpfull.

    The los-and-vas arrangement was that I’d be doing the Bulls & Sharks, whereas Timothy would have done the Stormers & Lions, with us alternating on the Cheetahs articles.

    But maybe we should do it as follows:

    GBS: Bulls & Sharks
    Timothy: Stormers & Cheetahs
    Scrumdown: Lions

    That would mean 4 Articles per week by me and Tim each, and 2 Articles per week by you.

    I said to Timothy that I would put a Template up under Drafts (now considering doing 5 Templates – 1 for each franchise), then when one needed to do the Article, one could open the Draft Template, change over from Visual to HTML code at the top, COPY all the HTML CODE and paste it into a new and fresh NEW POST ARTICLE (in html mode), then change the Template and New Article (post) page back to Visual mode… and edit and continue unhindered.

    That way there should be direct similarity and uniformity of the 40 Articles… and it would make the new Articles so easy to do… basically just filling in the missing info and add your own thoughts… and wham, bam, there it is to publish.

  • 8

    Working till Friday, and then doing some chores around the house.

  • 9

    7 @ grootblousmile:
    The first half of the comment seems totally logical and easy, but the second half lost me completely.

    Remember you’re talking to someone who has been battling to open a project that I saved online for my website!

    Flip I sometimes hate technology.

  • 10

    7 @ grootblousmile:
    Oh, and the last sentrence made a lot of sense and I understood it as well!


  • 11

    9 @ Scrumdown:
    Hell, I’ll talk you through the 1st one on the phone… hehehe

  • 12

    Tough times for us.
    Mom-in-law diagnosed with level 4 liver and colon cancer, had a big operations and recovering now
    We are taking care of our aging Granddad so all plans halted, our time to give back
    Going to watch the cricket though and spend more time with the kids :)
    Alos explains me being off-line a lot

    May all be blessed and gaan bos where you can

  • 13

    12 @ Gena_ZA:
    Vasbyt. Tough times indeed. Hope all recover speedily.

  • 14

    12 @ Gena_ZA:
    Sorry to hear Gena… all the best!

  • 15

    @ Gena_ZA:
    Sterkte , hoop alles draai goed uit

  • 17

    We trade until Sunday after lunch then are closed for 10 days.
    Potter around the house, take my dogs for walks, swim, braai, drink. It may not be in that specific order.

  • 18

    Well decorate the farmhouse and prepare for 50 guests for lunch on Sunday!! (Yes 50)

    Carol service by candlelight at my childhood church (Note to self, go easy on lunchtime fizz)!!

    Carols round the Christmas Tree in our local Cotswold Village on Christmas Eve followed by drinks in the village PUB.

    Christmas Day with family, Boxing Day with friends!!

    Happy Days, have a great Christmas to all Rugby Talkers and visiting Koeites!!

  • 19

    18 @ Blue Bird:
    Hi Blue Bird sounds like you are in for a busy but magical time, great to have the time to catch up with family and friends and both your Carols plans will be really enjoyable, have a wonderful Christmas! Although it is still a week away so hopefully ‘see’ you here again before then.

  • 20

    @ Bullscot: That would be great, life has been rather manic of late!!
    Hope you and yours have a great time too.

  • 21

    @ Blue Bird:
    Carols by Carol?

  • 22

    @ nortierd:
    What could be better? :-)


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