ABSA Currie CupA proposal to expand the Currie Cup to eight teams in 2014 was withdrawn before being put to the vote at a SARU Special General Council meeting in Cape Town on Friday.

The decision to withdraw was taken on the basis that although the proposal had majority support the opposition of six provinces meant that the resolution would not reach the required 75% majority. The Games and Policies committee has been asked to reconsider the proposal.

The upshot of the withdrawal of the motion is that the Currie Cup status quo remains with a top division of six teams.

A second motion relating to Super Rugby participation was not put to the vote as it was dependent on the successful passing of the Currie Cup resolution.

The proposal related to the setting aside of a promotion play-off between the Southern Kings and the bottom-placed team in the South African conference of Super Rugby in 2014.

5 Responses to Currie Cup stays at 6 teams

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    I was so expectant of the General Council meeting of today… not only about the re-vote for how many teams would take part in the Currie Cup Premier Division…

    I was hoping for some tough stances against Jurie Roux and his investigation for complicitness in the Maties rugby scandal.

    I was hoping a stance would be taken and a statement made regarding the ERC versus Rugby Champions Cup problems in European Rugby.

    I was hoping someone would have the balls to rattle the cage, for serious questions to be asked and answered and to get all the spiders out of the box.

    It just shows, rugby is run like a MAFIA, with people deep in other pockets and others simply too limp-writed to act or speak out.

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    So disappointing, but not totally unexpected.

  • 3

    Maybe world rugby is ready for a breakaway global league, ala Kerry Packer’s cricket series in the 70′?

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    3 @ Lion4ever:
    The timing might be right for something that profound, but one needs a very strong business individual to spark, finance, initiate, plan & execute such a breakaway move… and I do not sense the ability at the English Premier League Clubs, French Clubs, Welsh Clubs… and of course not at the South african Unions.

    The developments over the coming weeks and months will be interesting indeed.

  • 5

    A pity that Doc Luyt is no longer around. He was that type of individual and had the arrogance to actually do it. The owner of Toulon is in that mould, but I don’t think he has quite the stature Doc Luyt had.

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