Rugby-Talk logoRugby-Talk has had a change of clothes, but we’re still the same beast!

Over the weekend, I have made some radical changes to the website, some of which appear at first glance to the naked eye, with a bit of a new look and feel, and some run under the radar to make the site perform as it should and also adding valuable added functionality.

Was it strange to open your favourite rugby wensite, Rugby-Talk, and be confronted with a new look?

Tell us what you think of the new look and feel!

It is a delicate jugging act as all changes need to leave the website easily readable, the articles easy to digest, the text in all the usual colours legible and clear. Commenting needs to be easy and conversations need to be easy to follow. This of course unfortunately cuts out some darker designs and limits the choice of colours to elements and background designs.

A lot of websites make use of simple white backgrounds, to achieve this, but it leaves the first impression of the website dull and quite bland.

Most websites open with a lot of “dead space” on both the left and righthand sides, leaving the core of the website stranded in the middle, whereas Rugby-Talk makes use of a fluid design which automatically stretches to fill any screen size or resolution and which automatically adapts to your computer.

At first glance it looks like we have achieved what we set out to achieve.

We are also gearing up to add a commercial element to the website, after 4 years in existence we have now garnered the necessary feet to the website, it is now time to build a bank account!

8 Advertising spaces are now available on Rugby-Talk:

  • 1 at the top, 1 at the bottom, 3 on the left hand side and 3 on the right.
  • Each advertising space can carry more than one advert, adding weight or preponderance of appearance to a specific advertising position.
  • In addition banner advertising strips will be available on specific Articles or Live Game Articles, effectively adding a 9th advertising space.
  • On web-based or electronic adverts, advertising revenue is typically based and calculated on a rate per 1000 PAGE IMPRESSIONS (actual clicks to open or refresh a web page), and not according to HITS (which is a very false measure of traffic, seeing as one click mostly means quite a number of so-called hits).
  • One can specify for which Category(ies) the Advert should appear… in other words one can specify that an Advert will only appear on Super Rugby Articles or only on Iternational Test Articles or on a combination of Categories.
  • In addition one has the choice of a specified number of Page Impressions OR a specific time duration for an advert to appear.
  • Click-through Links are built into an advert, making it clickable and either taking the person to a specific website url or opening an E-mail Contact page to get into contact with the advertiser.
  • Static images, animated images and flash media objects can all be built into advertising space.
  • An advertiser’s specific advert can very accurately be measured according to the PAGE IMPRESSIONS it was up and visible for and a huge amount of statistics can be measured quite easliy, even breaking the statistics down to where in the world the website is viewed from (countries), which days of the week or which hours of the day or night are busier than others, which operating systems and / or which mobile devices are used to view the site, which referral sites and search engines are used to source the website from and which types of articles or categories of articles are more popular.
  • Recognised statistics Plug-in’s, Applications and Sources are exclusively implimented.

A small but effective marketing team has been assembled to handle the commercial elements envisaged, consisting of 2 dedicated advertising specialists with a combined 46 years experience in the advertising industry and recognised as experts in their industry.





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