Bismarck du PlessisBismarck du Plessis has been cleared of his stamping charges and would in all likelyhood be included in The Sharks team to face Western Province in the Currie Cup final on Saturday.

Du Plessis appeared before the  South African Rugby Union judicial committee in Cape Town yesterday after he was cited on Saturday for stamping, when The Sharks took on the Toyota Free State Cheetahs. He received a yellow card for the incident.

Advocate André Oosthuizen cleared Du Plessis on his stamping charge stating that the incident looked accidental, after he reviewed the information given to him.

With Du Plessis free to play, The Sharks will now turn their attention to their injured players. Jannie du Plessis and Jean Deysel are still likely to miss out on the final due to their respective injuries.

The Sharks will however assess all injuries today before confirming any exclusions from the final.


Here is a look at the Video footage of the incident, certainly looks intentional to me!



You make up your own mind whether justice was served here or not….

18 Responses to Currie Cup: Sharks – Bismarck cleared to play in Currie Cup final (Revised)

  • 1

    I think it is a good thing that both hookers are cleared to play, leaving the teams at their strongest possible combinations for the final.

  • 2

    great, now there can be no excuses afterwards (if applicable)
    May the best team win

  • 3

    As die ou o skuldig is HOE eindig sy toks op lappies se bors….

  • 4

    Have a look at the Video which has now been added to the article.

    Bissie was damn bloody lucky… there is no way that the stamp was accidental, in fact it clearly looks exactly the opposite, a clear deliberate stamp… followed by a raking movement too.

  • 5

    @ grootblousmile:
    Can’t you see, it was accidental. Bissie accidentally slipped when he tried to stand on top of Lappies.

  • 6

    5 @ leon:

    Maybe he tried to stand on Lappies for a better view over the field of play, no malice intended…. hahaha

  • 7

    @ leon:
    Gelukkig vir hom was coenie besig, hy kon dalk net hard gebleksem gewees het

  • 8

    Lappies will henceforth be known as “Skroplappie” or “Jammerlappie”


  • 9

    @ smallies:
    @ grootblousmile:
    Ja, Ek moet darem vir Lappies gee dat hy Bissie se klap pragtig geblok het met sy arm. Ander spelers blok gewoonlik met hulle gesigte. Ek sal graag ‘n boks geveg tussen Coenie en Bissie wil sien.

  • 10

    Lappies het Bissy aan sy knaters gegeryp met die tekkel en valslag, toe swaai Bissy na hom, en toe trap hy vir Lappies met die opstaan….doelbewus.
    Kyk weer, die begin van die insident.

  • 11

    10 @ Pietman:
    Jinne Pieta, ek sien nie die knaters ding nie… kan wel wees, waarom anders sou Bissie gemaak het of hy hom gaan klap…

  • 12

    @ grootblousmile:
    Plein grootkopgeit ek is bismark en jy mag my nie challenge nie. Lappies is een van die niceste ouens op die veld as dit vlam vd wald of coenie was sou hy gekack het

  • 13

    @ smallies: Ek moet saam stem, uitsluitend dat Bismarck werklik goeie rugby speel is hy bietjie van ‘n boef as dit by sulke goed kom. Hy moet net weer terug aarde toe kom, hoopenlik hardloop Eben hom weer uit sy stewels uit die naweek selfde soos hy laas jaar gedoen het.

  • 14

    Bissie was maybe born 15 years too late….

    Rugby has become a lot “softer” in the last 15 to 20 years… and pre-1995 when you looked for kak with a player, you got it.

    Am I imagining it but there was much less biting and ball-grabbing in those days, because no player would have stood for it, there WOULD have been some retribution, which in turn cautioned the guys just not to do it.

    Rough stuff was limited to rucking someone away from where he was not supposed to be anyway and if a few shots were planted, it was met with the same right back.

    I do not think Bissie is thugish, he just sometimes reacts without thinking the process through…. hehehe

  • 15

    @ Timothy Bornman:
    Bissie se probleem is dat die refs hom gaan ‘merk’, soos vir Bakkies en Schalla destyds, en dan gaan hy begin terughou…

  • 16

    @ Pietman:
    Ja, dis ‘n probleem daai met baie SA spelers. Omdat ons spelers veral die bokke 150% gee, kom dit partykeer voor of ons vuil spelers is. Maar ons is net passie vol.

    Ek het nou die dag weer op youtube gesit en na video’s gekyk van spelers wat weg kom met moord op ‘n veld, soos bv McCaw met sy bal stelery, dan speel hy eintlik onwettig die bal, maar word dan ge-eer vir sy wonderlikke spel. Dieselfde met Brian Lima, die ou het amper nooit sy arms in ‘n tackle gebruik nie en hy word ge-eer daarvoor. Dan gaan Bissie en tackle die k@k uit carter uit en word ‘n geel kaart gegee.

  • 17

    The video clip doesn’t show enough of what happened in the build up to the incident but still to me clearly shows an act of foul play in the stamping by du Plessis that looked pretty deliberate, no way does it look accidental so there must have been some other mitigating circumstance (definitely not a clean track record) – perhaps what lead to his moment of madness, or maybe the fact that it wasn’t on the head got him off. I guess that it had to be found to be accidental or something as if they declared him guilty he would have got a long ban and probably put his end of year tour spot in the Boks squad in doubt. To me there is no use calling a spade a digging implement it is a SPADE – that deserved a ban.

  • 18

    Well I had a look at the video again and again and again and again and again. If you look at the first angle in the video At about 2 – 4 seconds in, you can see when they go to ground that Bissie is dragged down by Lapies close to his b@lls. This incident was obviously accidental. And then Bissie re-acted like a fool.

    I think he needs another break from rugby to go and pump by die dam.


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