Bismarck du PlessisSpringbok hooker Bismarck du Plessis will appear before a SANZAR Duty Judicial Officer after being shown a red card in the defeat to the All Blacks.

Du Plessis received two yellow cards for separate incidents in the 29-15 defeat at Eden Park on Saturday, and will have his case considered in the first instance by SANZAR Duty Judicial Officer Adam Casselden.


His first yellow card came in the 17th minute when a tackle on All Blacks flyhalf Dan Carter was deemed dangerous by referee Romain Poite, and the second came in the 47th minute for leading with his arm and hitting Liam Messam in a tackle.

Carter, who has been ruled out for six weeks with a shoulder injury,  tweeted after the game: “Nothing wrong with the tackle. Fell awkwardly and popped my AC joint #gutted #smashedembro.”

All SANZAR disciplinary matters are in the first instance referred to a Duty Judicial Officer hearing to provide the option of expediting the judicial process.

For a matter to be dispensed with at this hearing, the person appearing must plead guilty and accept the penalty offered by the DJO.

20 Responses to The Rugby Championship: Bismarck cited, the travesty continues

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    As hulle nou wil kuk sien dan moet hulle waag om Bismarck te skors.

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    Besig om ‘n goeie artikel te skrywe oor wat die wêreld se media oor die ref sê!

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    Is just them following protocol as laid down in the law GBS, ie. someone gets a red card must appear before the judge? If that is the case, given the many views expressed on the game, then it is probably just a matter of them going through the motions. At least its being done via video conference I guess thats because du Plessis will be back in SA by then rather than him having to remain over there for it.
    Has Nonu been cited?

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    @ grootblousmile:
    Het netnou op SABC 2 se nuus gesien IRB het gereageer. Hulle se dit is n fout, n menslike fout deur ref en assistente

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    IRB statement following NZ v SA match

    Following an initial review, the IRB confirms that it was incorrect for referee Romain Poite to issue a yellow card to Bismarck du Plessis in the 17th minute of The Rugby Championship match between New Zealand and South Africa in Auckland on Saturday.

    Just as players and coaches make mistakes, the decision was an unfortunate case of human error by the match officials, who, having reviewed the match, fully recognise and accept that they made a mistake in the application of law.

    All match official performances are thoroughly reviewed and assessed by the IRB and are considered when appointments are made for future test matches.

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    The IRB have issued a statement…
    However it will most likely leave you feeling far from satisfied. Its about as impressive as a low pressured, virtually silent fart…lame…a bit of a half job that will leave you thinking, “ok, and then?”… but it is an acknowledgment no less, so we eagerly await part 2…

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    OPINION: Rugby fans have been robbed of the crunch game of the year.

    Romain Poite’s officiating ruined last night’s test between the All Blacks and the Springboks, a game between the world’s two best sides.

    I am so disappointed with the way a number of controversial decisions, which still don’t make any sense to me, dictated the game.

    Bismarck du Plessis’ yellow card for a legitimate tackle on Dan Carter was totally unfair, his second yellow which led to red was also marginal and as a fan I’ve not been able to watch the best of what we’ve got, against the best of South Africa.

    Last night’s game was not decided on equal measure and at this level of the game, that is not acceptable.

    On a brighter note, my standout performer last night was Brodie Rettallick.

    Not since Colin Meads has there been a player with such swagger on the field and physical presence.

    Rettallick is not a limelight man, he just does the small things quietly and does them well.

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    5 @ superBul:
    So they saying this is unfortunate case of human error by the match officials? I am totally astounded. How on earth could that be? The match official and his assistants could see very well on the screen where it was being played on slow motion over and over and over. So how on earth can they say a human error? Unbelievable. Do they think we must be total idiots? How can anyone get it wrong if it was played in front of them for them? Why did the ref not look up to the screen and see for himself. Why? The IRB new law was that Match Official could look on the big screen and make a decision by himself without the tmo if he had too. It was there for this Poite to see quite clearly as we could. So how the hell did he miss it? We are told by journalists that were there, that the Ref was swayed by the hostile booing crowd. The ref never even looked up at the big screen and just gave the yellow card. That was spiteful and totally out of order. So he had it there to look at and should never ever have made a mistake. There simply should never have been a yellow card ever. It was a disgrace and it ruined what would have been a tremendous battle between two great sides.

    If Bissie gets a ban expect many to not watch the rest of The Championship and not to recognise the winner of this Championship. Honestly I have never been so angry at a ref since Bryce Lawerence totally ruined our wc 2011. This is not acceptable and we must not accept a ban against Bissie either. We were given just about no chance to win this game on Saturday. I would totally accepted the loss had we had 15 players on for the whole game. We never did and Bissie was sin binned for no reason at all.

    I am so sick and tired of bad officiating. It is totally ruining the game we enjoy so much. We had it right through the Super Rugby and that was every team had at some point bad officiating and we are having it again in the Currie Cup. The officiating has to be sorted out once and for all.

    Also this ref should never have been awarded such a huge game of the year. He had already messed up when we played Scotland this year. So the IRB should have known not to have given him the biggest game of the year to officiate.

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    7 @ superBul:
    Howzit Super,

    Have been reading around the rugby sites and news papers. Some older ABs said that Bissie was their mom even though he only played for 30min. They say he was like two men on at the sametime. He was everywhere. If he had not been red carded he would have picked up mom even if we lost. He was our best player for sure and a HUGE player for us to have lost for 50min as well as Alberts. What mess up it turned out to be after really looking forward to a game more than I have done in years.

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    @ Puma:
    i just hope something happens after this.I read someone suggested that they must apoint Nick Mallet to head a referee investigation. I would love a open mission of enquiry. I would pay to see this show

  • 11

    @ Puma:
    i wish i recorded the game, have you?
    If so listen to the reply from the TMO again. As far as i know he did not say it is high. Poite said something then, can someone listen carefully what he said

  • 12

    7 @ superBul:
    I read that about what Taine said. Great that some of the Older ABs are all giving us support here. Also read today that McCaw also has apologised as well as Carter.

    Think both teams must feel bad about the no contest. Shame on that ref really.

    Hope at Ellis Park there is one heck of a great contest between both sides and the ref does a good job. That is all we ask and I bet so do the players from both sides as well.

  • 13

    11 @ superBul:
    I have it recorded Super. Just could not watch it again today. My daughter is here for a holiday and she has had the remote since after the Bok game yesterday and all of today…hahaha.

    I will get a chance sometime tomorrow. Will listen to what the tmo has to say. From what I remember he said he only saw handbag stuff, well to that effect and it was up to the ref what he wanted to do. The ref had said previous to the tmo that he was going to give a yellow card for no hands. Then it was shown over and over on the big screen where Bissie actually DOES use his hands it was clear the tackle was totally LEGAL! Why did that ref not look up at the big screen? If the crowd had got to him to send Bissie off then this ref is most certainly not up to it. We need stronger minded refs where the crowd does not sway their thoughts.

    Those yellow and especially the red card totally ruined it for all of us supporters back home and there.

  • 14

    Puma wrote:

    Hope at Ellis Park there is one heck of a great contest between both sides and the ref does a good job

    wonder if the ref are looking forward to this one. Massive presure on the poor man. Laws must be upheld, Poite failed the whole rugby World, IRB included.

  • 15

    10 @ superBul:
    hahaha. It would be interesting for sure. Mallett would get the job done for sure…..hahaha.

  • 16

    Puma wrote:

    We need stronger minded refs where the crowd does not sway their thoughts.

    Agree, and the whole NZ build up(Haka) intimidates them in NZ i feel. They simply have a godlike status in Refs eyes

  • 17

    14 @ superBul:
    Super, For that game we have N. Owens. He too can get it wrong plenty. I think for this massive game he will be nervous for sure. Then he simply can’t get yellow cards wrong as he has the tmo and most of all himself as he can now look over and over on the big screen and decide.

    I hope the officiating for that game is excellent. We want to see a fair contest between both sides.

    I also hope our crowd do not boo and show that we here can have good manners. I felt for Bissie they booed him off the field after the first yellow card which he should never have gotten, then they booed him when he came back on and booed him again when he left for good. Just terrible that. We need to show we have dignity here. Whether they do that at Ellis Park remains to be seen. As the Bok Supporters are very angry about the fiasco that our team was not allowed to compete a fair contest.

  • 19

    16 @ superBul:
    It is actually a war dance. Not fair on other teams to have to face a war cry and just stand stairing. Then they say because the ‘haka’ has been around for so many years we all must respect it. I used to think so not so any longer, as we now see it too often every year. I think it gives them advantage. Also Meyer said he totally respects the haka and he stands on the side of the field to face it as well. He said he is the only coach in rugby history that does that. Well it does show them respect, but I feel it is a unfair advantage to them to be honest.

  • 20

    @ superBul:

    I really hope Bissie does not get a ban. I feel he should be fine. I am just wondering if this whole thing might affect his natural game now? He might want to hold back in case he gives away a yellow card? I do hope he just carries on and plays his natural game and forgets about this fiasco.


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