Rugby World Cup 2015Twenty scrum machines will be required for Rugby World Cup 2015 in England
With just over two years to go until Rugby World Cup 2015, tournament organisers England Rugby 2015 and Rugby World Cup Limited are right on track to deliver a spectacular six-week celebration of rugby.

A massive amount of planning goes into the delivery of any major international sporting tournament, and RWC 2015 is no exception.

(ER 2015) Tuesday 17 September 2013

Here we give you a behind the scenes glimpse into some of the key numbers that will make up the 48 matches played by 20 nations over 44 days at RWC 2015.

1,400 Rugby balls
20 sets of rugby posts
200 kicking tees
100 spin bikes
200 tackle bags
20 scrum machines

Key groups
920 players & team officials
60+ citing, judicial & match officials
2,000 media (written press & photographers)
1,000 broadcasters

Team accommodation
740 team bedrooms (36 bedrooms x 20 teams)
1,100 team personnel staying at hotels (55 people per team x 20 teams)
25,000 room nights (36 bedrooms x 685 team nights)
151,000 meals served at team hotels (55 people x four meals a day x 685 team nights)

11km of fibre optic cable
42km of copper data cables
51,948 accreditation passes

6,000 volunteers
10,000+ volunteer interviews to take place
11 cities, 1,016 miles and six months to select the 6,000 volunteers

60 opportunities identified worth c. £70m

4 billion viewers on TV
207 countries to broadcast
400,000 visitors to UK

Economic impact
Estimated £2.1bn economic impact (based on a 2008 report from Deloitte estimating the potential economic impact of the Rugby World Cup on a host nation in Europe (not specifically England)). The £2.1bn is both direct (expenditure by, or generated from spectators –tickets, accommodation, match day catering etc.) and indirect (businesses spending on suppliers, recipients reinvest etc.)

As the numbers above demonstrate, RWC 2015 will be much more than just a rugby tournament. The planning involved in delivering these numbers is centred around making England 2015 the best it can be for spectators and on giving the players and teams the best possible stage to shine on.

2 Responses to Rugby World Cup 2015 in numbers

  • 1

    solamk die organieseerders sorg dat poite nie n rooi kaartvin sy sakkie kry nie worry ek nie oor die ander syfers nie

  • 2

    Lots of interesting info thanks just one important number missing- Number of host countries: 2.
    The tournament should really be known as England and Wales 2015.


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