helpEdenpark Rugby Club have recently moved from the Golden Lions provincial structures, to the Falcons in order to conform with the Provincial sports boundaries as set down by the Gauteng Provincial Government.

As a result of the red tape and hence late registration with the Falcons, Edenpark were not able to compete in the Falcons league structures, and had to make do with only a handfull of friendlies throughout the season.

Edenpark is a former “coloured” area in the South of Alberton, and the club serves as a conduit to get young kids in the community off the streets and away from the gangs, drugs and alcohol related problems that are prevelant in communities such as this that have a high percentage of unemployemt.

The club also does exceptional work in raising awareness of Rugby withing the surrounding “black” communities.

As I’m sure many of Rugby-Talk readers are aware, far too many rugby club’s like this are ran on a shoestring budget with usually only 2 – 3 people struggling to perform all of the necessary admin’ and coaching functions.

Herewith their appeal as received by me last week:



 RE : Application for sponsor or donation

Herewith, the Management Committee of the Edenpark  Rugby Club, forward a humble application for a sponsor/donation which  will be utilized to cover expenses  for our Annual Rugby Tournament  to Ladismith (Western Cape).

Our intended tournament will be taking place during the weekend of 20-22 September 2013 and our expenditure for this tournament amounts  to ±R35 000.00. 

The Edenpark  Rugby Club is situated in Edenpark  (Alberton)  with our areas of jurisdiction  Edenpark, Tokoza, portion of Vosloorus, Palmridge, Zonkizizwe and  Greenfields.

Our player base consist of players coming mainly  from the previously disadvantaged townships and includes  players from all races as we in Edenpark Rugby Club upholds  the principal of non-racism and non­ sexism within our club.

The majority of our players are younger than 30 years and  most of them are unemployed; thus making it difficult to fund a tournament of such nature.

Our player membership also includes  high school boys from different high schools in our area  of jurisdiction.

The Edenpark  Primary School in Corvair Street, Edenpark, is currently our head office seeing that it is centrally situated and is also easily accessible.

Should your company decide to assist us with any sponsor/donation, we are willing to acknowledge it with the necessary media coverage in our local newspaper and  on our club’s official letterhead.


Edenpark is a truly Rugby mad community that I believe deserves a bit of help from the greater rugby community.

If any Rugby-Talk members or readers are able to help in any way whatsoever in this regard, please drop me an E-mail to scrumdown@rugby-talk.com and I will put you in touch with Edenpark’s secretary, Jackie Pietersen.

2 Responses to East Rand Rugby Club needs YOUR help!

  • 1

    Rugby Talkers come up with ideas.
    if there is 10 of us giving R200-00 maybe we will be surprised how quick we can make a impact

  • 2

    We all talk a good deal on how we want to include and uplift rugby in communities that WANT to take part, who deserves to take part…

    Now let’s see you put your money where YOUR mouth is!

    I have seen the official request, Scrumdown had forwarded the Club Request, on their official Letterhead to me…

    Come on folks, open your hearts… I know the people on Rugby-Talk are good people…


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