So, the transition to new webservers by our web hosts created all sorts of problems today.

Rugby-Talk was suspended, the SQL Database was blocked… we were OFF AIR for a day!

It felt like I was the naughty child who had to go stand in the corner and it reminded me of the old fighting days when Pietman, myself, Cuzzy, Kwagga and the old fighters from the bad old Voldy days would get banned, suspended and worked our way around the impediments till we were shouting from the rooftops again, fists bared and the bit between the teeth.

Apparently Rugby-Talk was using too much CPU time on the server, or as they termed it “An inordinate amount of CPU time”.

Well, we’re up and running again, but we still need to bring certain elements back on line, our User-Online Widget on the righthand sidebar, our Recent Comments and a number of Plugin’s which perform behind the scenes. We will slowly bring those back, then enquire whether from the web hosts whether we’re still running within spec, then bring some more back… and so we will continue.

Thank you for your patience, it is appreciated!




12 Responses to Website was down, we got suspended, blocked… for a whole day – we stood in the naughty corner!

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    Good luck old GBS the master of Webs
    Almost like standing at the SARS counter , hey

  • 2

    Sound like you’ve had your work cut out!!!

  • 3

    @ Just For Kicks:
    Eishhhh JFK hows things your side?
    The only excitement left for me is when the Kings do a proper reversal
    unlikely but stil something to look forward to

  • 4

    2 @ Just For Kicks:
    I did, indeed…

    From Rugby-Talk running like clockwork last week and having been advised that the web hosts will take us bigger and better, the web hosts dropped us like a sack of suds in the small hours of the night… with an outage lasting almost the entire day.

    The response time by Server Administrators are woeful… and there are still issues they have not answered on!

    I am livid… and probably in the hands of a few pimply-faced order-taking freegin shits at the web host, who simply don’t know the meaning of service.

  • 5

    3 @ superBul:
    SARS was ‘n vars briesie teen die arme lot flokkers!

  • 6

    @ grootblousmile:
    sterkte ou BUL , nous ek amper bly die Bulle moet nie hier deur gaan nie. Mad

  • 7

    6 @ superBul:
    BlommieBees, is jy steeds daar?

    Ek vervies my nou vir hierdie web hondkak hosts… website was weer af vir ‘n rukkie, ek wil nou met hulle baas praat… en dan met die baas se baas en op boontoe tot ek die hoofmoffie in sy moer kan stuur!

  • 8

    Hoop dinge gaan beter vandag en ons site keer terug na normaal. Ons kan nou begin artikels opsit oor wie die ideale Bokspan gaan maak. Obvious gaan ons nie almal saamstem nie maar n lekker debat oor elke posisie sal nogal interesant wees.

    Ons kan by Voorrye begin en end by Agterste 3

  • 9

    @ grootblousmile:Buy out the web hosting company! Or, better still, offer to swop the company for a couple of coffins – which they will need when you’ve finished with them!

  • 10

    @ superBul: Slow this side – should pick up tomorrow with the Ashes again, and then on to some rugger over the w/end to break up the bowling a bit! Hope GBS has the site sorted by then!!!!

  • 11

    @ superBul:….Oh, yes – there is also the 5th ODI to look forward to in a few minutes. It looks like Sri Lanka are desperate to give us a chance bringing in 2 uncapped players into the squad and resting 3 front liners. It’s always good to blood your new young players against the weaker teams!

  • 12

    Glad to see the load times are now SIGNIFICANTLY better at least.


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