Rugby-TalkFriends, Brumbies, Countrymen (rugby supporters)… lend me your ears… or in your case eyes!

Rugby-Talk’s web hosts indicated before the weekend that they were in the process up upgrading their Servers to bigger, better, faster ones and to carry far more load.

It seems that the web host server migration process completed successfully and luckily we have not had any OFF-LINE time, having managed it well from our side and also from the web hosting side.

Because the new web host servers point to new DNS Nameservers at the web hosts, we might experience SLOW LOAD TIMES on our website and web pages for about 24 hours, due to the fact that the changes to these DNS Nameservers would have to propagate throughout the world’s internet sphere to point to and direct traffic to the new ones. The old DNS Nameservers are currently forwarding traffic to the new Nameservers, causing expected longer load times, however as the New Nameservers propagate the speeds will increase until all world traffic to our site points directly to the new and improved Nameservers.

It’s a small and almost negligible cost to pay for no downtime whatsoever, though!

Thank you for your continued support and patience during the vital upgrade process!

As you might already be aware, a couple of years back we switched web hosts when the earstwhile web hosts could not deliver what we needed, wanted and demanded and they could not handle all the traffic the way we wanted them to. The change was a big positive one, to one of the largest web hosts the world offers. We have to keep up with the times as we steadily grow!

Luckily the transition did not affect our rugby games this past weekend!

Rugby-Talk will always endeavour to build and improve our service, we have grown into a strong entity here and on the global rugby scene, but updates and upgrades is something we unfortunately have to live with.





6 Responses to Rugby-Talk web hosts server upgrades – Slower Load Times for 24 hours! (Revised)

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    No problem.

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    At the moment it looks like upgrades will happen only in 48 to 72 hours… which might indicate that it would only happen AFTER the Super Rugby Semi’s.

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    We’ll miss you GBS!!!!

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    3 @ Just For Kicks:
    I’m going nowhere… just to Loftus… hehehe

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    Looks like the Server migration completed without a hitch and without ANY downtime!

    PS! You may clap hands now and bow before our impressive skillset, here at Rugby-Talk!


    The website does and should apprear to load a bit slower for about 24 hours, whilst propagation to the new DNS Nameservers takes place and until the new Nameservers take over complete control. At the moment traffic is re-directed via the old Nameservers to the new Nameservers, causing these slower load times, but I’ve already pointed the processes to the new and improved Nameservers… and further transition should be seemless.

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    So, the website migration to new servers was’nt as flawless as we wanted… we lost a whole bloody day today!

    Site was down with the web hosts moaning that our site was using an inordinate amount of CPU time. Site got suspended, SQL Database got blocked… and I spent a day fighting with them in stead of working!


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