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Fantasy League - Super Rugby 2013Super Rugby Fantasy League

I mainly play in two of them:




Join any league by reading the comments section on the main page.



The league I play in is with International rugby friends from www.therugbyforum.com – pool code is 60-3305 and a head-to-head is created called TRF where you play againsta another player till the best two compete for the honours. This fantasy league is more technical that the other and requires a bit more knowledge and management skills.

Take note this requires weekly management of your teams and not for the troller or hit-an-run type of player.

Read the rules and how players are scored every week.

Make sure you understand the transfer and subsitutes sections and how they influences week 1 and 17 – the shortened weeks.

It is immenslty satisfying once you get the hang of it.

See this as a personal challenge to you to join in the fun.

P.S. My team is called Gena’s Warteam in both.

5 Responses to Super Rugby Fantasy League

  • 1

    Oh Rugby Forum eeek
    They banned me. Then they track me down on twitter. Asked me to come back only to ban me again.
    Anyone playing fantasy rugby at Foxsports? http://www.testrugby.com/ is another good one that is much more accurate than Fox Sports as well. It has its own forum as well to discuss any disputes. Plus they give very good tips.

  • 2

    I play all 3. I don’t know of any other fantasy rugby comps this year.

  • 3

    @ Bliksem – under what name did you post there?
    I have been playing all 3 including testrugby.com for the last 5 years and letting testrugby.com one go, Foxsports is better

  • 4

    @ Gena_ZA:
    My name is Cave Dweller there. I am at Fox sport as well. I like test rugby one more but I am going to play both

  • 5

    I created a league over at Fox sport

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Rugby-Talk Super Rugby 2014

Pool Name: Rugby-Talk Super Rugby 2014
Pool Code: crowpore

Rule: You HAVE TO BE REGISTERED (as a Subscriber here on www.rugby-talk.com) to be eligible for acceptance in the Rugby-Talk pools on SuperBru.

The Pool is now CLOSED for Applications.

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