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Zac GuildfordAll Black bad boy Zac Guildford has voluntarily stood down from the Crusaders following his involvement in a late-night incident at a residential home in Christchurch last weekend.


The 23-year-old wing has a history of alcohol problems and has admitted being involved in the incident after attending a private house party. The incident is now being investigated by the Crusaders and the New Zealand Rugby Union (NZRU).

“We and the Crusaders were very disappointed to learn of this incident. As a result, the NZRU has initiated misconduct proceedings against Zac,” NZRU chief executive Steve Tew said in a statement.

“We will be meeting with Zac and his representative in the following week to discuss the matter, and next steps.

“As his employer, we want to ensure that the process respects Zac’s right to a fair hearing so we do not wish to comment further at this stage,” Tew added.

Guilford, in November 2011, was banned for four matches and ordered to undergo alcohol counselling after a naked, drunken rampage in the Cook Islands.

He also escaped a playing ban at the 2011 World Cup after an alcohol-related incident prior to the tournament.

Guildford, who had previously apologised for his “excessive drinking”, is taking time to resolve matters, including the NZRU misconduct process.

5 Responses to Zac Guildford and the bottle… and the bottle wins again

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    This oke just cannot stay out of trouble, his boozing will cost him big. I can see the Crusaders showing him the door, if not now, definately on the next occasion. Who would want to sign up a fella like this, no matter how he plays, if he is regularly going to embarrass the team / franchise.

  • 3

    agreed, this is shameful, all offered to help him and this is how he repays them, should be shown the door for good

  • 4

    Truth is that a leopard cannot change his spots.

    My ex-wife’s father used to say, “A fukc up will remain a fukc up all his life. They just can’t change. I’t not in their genes.”

    Unfortunately it looks like it’s in this young man’s genes, so I reckon he’s on a rocky slope to nowhere.

    Having said that, look at someone like Herchelle Gibbs, who has managed to keep his demons (mostly) locked away to make a long term career out of sport.

    Would be a pity if this talented youngster can’t get his sh1t together.

  • 5

    Apparently when his sober he can’t play to safe his life.


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