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Why do you support your team?



Did you grow up to support team “X” because your father and family did?

Could it be because you were born there or something happened while you grew up that made you fond of a specific team?

There are many people staying in an specific area but support a team miles and miles away.

Everyone have their own story, what is yours?

76 Responses to Why you support the team you do?

  • 51

    @ Cheetah4eva:
    LOL reminds me of the joke that went around Markgraaf when he got canned for using certain words…

    He got an unsigned Farewell card that simply said:

    “Alles van die Beste…!”

  • 52

    @ Bliksem:

    They have Supporters??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 😆

  • 53

    47 @ Bliksem:
    Look at that. Stormers supporter threatening violence. I never even provoked him. Poor form sir. Dik.swak. First round on you then? Beer

  • 54

    @ Loosehead:
    Threatening violence? Have you ever been to a bar or pub in Goodwood? Beating the crap out of each other apparently is much more fun than playing pool that is why I avoided pubs and such. I haven’t seen drunks guys beat each other up since the get togethers after the match at the Freestate Stadion 93/94

  • 55

    @ Sharks_forever:
    I think they call them Stock holders in PE. Wonder if they will be able to fill a stadium halfway through the Super 15 when they are laying in 15th position. Though they are not as bad looking as the Australian Freestate over there in Perthfontein

  • 56

    @ Bliksem:

  • 57

    I be a true Sharks Born and raised supporter, there is no inbetween for me, you get those that move and decide to support where they live, or support a tea as per their performance, they are call draad sitters 😆

    Then you get the Cheetah supporters, like loskoppie, Hulle is Draad Trekkers 😆

    Sharks rule,

  • 58

    @ Sharks_forever:
    I got to ask. Are you gay?

    Reason I ask because on Twitter I have come across thousands of female spunky Shark supporters in their late 20’s who is single. I have to admit Shark country are loaded with beautiful woman more than any place in the country. For all those woman to walk around single almost hitting thirty either the men over there are poofters and go to ruby games to pick up other men or they have absolutely no taste…. at all!

  • 59

    @ Bliksem:
    nope ask ur gf I was good for her

    Wink Overjoy

  • 60

    @ Bliksem:
    Now you know its u stormer supporters that are broke back

    Overjoy Overjoy

  • 61

    Flok, Bliksem said a Bulls supporter has all the Steve Hofmeyr hits…

    It’s like me saying Bliksem lived close to Kimberley, so dan MOET hy mos definitief ook ‘n GROOT GAT hê!


    Vat so jou bliksem, Bliksem!

    But by the way, I suppose I do have all his hits… in between the 140 000 songs I have in total. I have not met another person, except old KruppelJan who worked for me (who sourced the music for us), who has a bigger music collection. Just more than a Terrabyte’s worth of MP 3 songs… plus about 15 000 music videos.

  • 62

    @ grootblousmile:That’s a lot of tunes bru!


  • 63

    62 @ Stormersboy:
    Yip, I could start playing them 24 / 7 and we will be here for 450 odd days listening, and no song would be repeated….

  • 64

    @ grootblousmile: Have you listened to everything?? I got a whole bunch of stuff last week and I just haven’t had time to go through it all. And there’s some really good stuff in there, new stuff from Heart, Slash, many bands.

  • 65

    58 @ Bliksem: so we agree that supporting the Sharks means that you are a Brokeback Mountain fan? That explains Lambie and Steyn’s hairstyles, the man love for Keagan Daniels and why at scrum time the Sharks “fans” call for more pressure from the rear.

  • 66

    Now if only someonecouldexplain why the Bools fans sing Liefling and love Meisiekind?

  • 67

    @ Snoek:
    thanks for stopping, it was great to see you again.

  • 68

    GBS did i miss something are we playing Superbru this year?

    MTN Lions Challenge
    1st game: 19 Jan

    Six Nations
    1st game: 2 Feb

    Varsity Cup
    1st game: 4 Feb

    Super Rugby
    1st game: 16 Feb

  • 69

    68 @ superBul:
    I will be creating SuperBru, Super Pools for all 4 Competitions… this afternoon, after my client run this morning and after a proper haircut…

  • 70

    I’ve supported the TVL / Lions since arriving in JHB from the UK in 1977 as a kid.

    Why would I ever contemplating changing allegiance? To do so shows moral weakness IMO.

  • 71

    As an aside, I’ve been quietly speaking to Lions fans, (and some Bulls and Stormers fans) over the last week or so, and the general feeling is one of excitement about the upcoming Lions Challenge games.

    The general feeling is that it could be a breath of fresh air in the local Rugby scene compared to the same old, smae old that the usual competitions offer.

    Whether that’ll transfer into bums on seats a Ellis Park remains to be seen. I think the first couple of Lions performances could well have a great impact on that fact.

    For those of you in JHB, the first game is Saturday evening v Russia. Kick off @ 19h00. For the rest, the game is live on DSTV.

  • 72

    71 @ Scrumdown:
    Snap! Just posted the Lions game on another thread. Only saw the fixture now so really excited to see how they go.

    I am also really excited to watch them this year playing new teams, will be interesting for all of us.

  • 73

    72 @ Puma:
    A young team and squad in general with some experienced campoaigners scattered around.

    Could be just what they need to grow into an effective squad.

    Expect some fireworks when they play the Kings. There won’t be any prisoners. Of that you can be sure.

    Gotta run. Have a great evening.

  • 74

    Scrumdown wrote:

    I’ve supported the TVL / Lions since arriving in JHB from the UK in 1977 as a kid.
    Why would I ever contemplating changing allegiance? To do so shows moral weakness IMO.

    I know too many South Africans that “fabricated” a reason to change their allegiances

    P.S. We should have a drink to those morals 🙂

  • 75

    @ Sharks_forever:
    Haha but did you notice when they show the Sharks supporters on Tv when its a woman she’s like standing alone cheering on. If its guys its like 3 of them with arms around each other Haha just look next time

  • 76

    @ grootblousmile:
    Enige iets met a gat en n heartbeat somtyds het jy nie die heartbeat nodig nie solank dit nog warm is


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