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Bookies 2013We all have our predictions and gut feelings, this is what the International top betting sites have to say:

How does this match your own predictions for 2013?


Bookies 2013

23 Responses to Super Rugby: What the Bookies say

  • 1

    Well well, is it a good or a bad thing I am not betting on this as I differer substantially
    For starters I don’t think the Crusaders will win it and I expect the Chiefs to suffer without SBW
    Also expect the Hurricanes and Cheetahs to better that their predictions

    Here my predictions at completion of round robin stages prior to the play-offs:

    1. Stormers
    2. Brumbies
    3. Sharks
    4. Highlanders
    5. Bulls
    6. Crusaders
    7. Chiefs
    8. Hurricanes
    9. Cheetahs
    10. Reds
    11. Blues
    12. Warrathas
    13. Rebels
    14. Force
    15. Kings

    and outright winner the Stormers, not cause they are my team, just think everything is ready for them to take the big one

  • 2

    but and a BIG but is that way the conference system works and the quality of the Australian sides playing each other twice might just make the Reds and/or Warrathas end higher

  • 3

    1 @ Gena_ZA:
    hahaha… Genia, I like you enthusiasm about you team. Not knocking you buddy, think Bulls and Sharks feel equally the same.

    It depends on who tops our conference and if we get a home semi if we go on to win it or not. Just look how my Sharks had to work their butts off to make the final with all that travel? Well it cost us by not securing a home semi. I feel if we had a home semi we would have gone on to win it. I know Chiefs smashed my Sharks in the final, but that would not have happened if we were not totally exhausted with all the travel. So who wins our conference has the best chance, also if it secures them a home semi even better.

    I also think Cheetahs will end higher up this year as well. Highlander look like they could be a handful, Chiefs have lost some big players so have to see how they go. Also remember how well the Canes started to play towards the end, well they only just missed out in a play off. Think they could be the dark horse this year.

  • 4

    2 @ Gena_ZA:
    Stormers have a tough start, by having to play Bulls and Sharks away at the start. Much like my Sharks had to do last year. Then think Stormers face Chiefs at home. Though doubt Chiefs will be as strong as they were last year by losing some players. Still a strong enough team to face after Bulls and Sharks.

  • 5

    Then give your predictions on all teams please for finishing 1 to 15
    at the end of the tournament we look back and give a Nostradamus award I-got-an-idea

  • 6

    5 @ Gena_ZA:
    Can’t really as there are always some that surprise. Also injuries play a huge role as the season goes. So it would be fruitless to predict who finishes where right now.

    These are the teams that should but may not either.


    The top 6 should come out of those teams then it may not. Only took the top two from each conference and not in any order. Very hard to predict who will end where right now.

  • 7

    A case in point was the Blues team of 2012. Prior to kick off, they were widely tipped to top the NZ conference! They were dismall!!

  • 8

    We will only get a clearer picture, once the final squads are announced, and the first few training matches commence. All of the Bulls, Cheetahs, Sharks and Stormers are arguably stronger than last year as far as depth goes. So I reckon all of them will and should end in the top 10.

    Going to be a very tough tournament indeed. Even the Blues, Western Force and Rebels were getting their shit together last year, and at this stage the only really predictably weak team is the Kings! For the rest, any team can beat any other team on the day. So I reckon it’s going to be a lot tighter than 2012

  • 9

    Cheetah4eva wrote:

    A case in point was the Blues team of 2012. Prior to kick off, they were widely tipped to top the NZ conference! They were dismall!!

    Same for Chiefs, see where they ended two years ago
    That’s why it is called predictions, see the fun side in it – if you dare

  • 10

    I think it will pan out as follows:

    1 Bulls
    2 Bulls
    3 Bulls
    4 Sharks
    5 Stormers
    6 Crusaders
    7 Chiefs
    8 Brumbies
    9 Reds
    10 Highlanders
    11 – 14 Most of The Rest
    15 Southern Kings


    Ek skree nie Stormers nie
    Ek bly ‘n Bul
    Ek skree nie Vrystaat nie
    Ek bly ‘n Bul
    Fokkie Sharks en die Leeus en die hele blerrie spul…

  • 11

    On a more logical approach…. I think it is wise to look at it Conference by Conference.

    SA Conference:
    1 Sharks *
    2 Stormers *
    3 Bulls *
    4 Cheetahs
    5 Southern Kings

    Aussie Conference:
    1 Brumbies *
    2 Reds
    3 Waratahs
    4 Western Force
    5 Melbourne Rebels

    NZ Conference:
    1 Crusaders *
    2 Chiefs *
    3 Highlanders
    4 Hurricanes
    5 Blues

    The * denotes a Play-off place

  • 12

    Teams that have really bolstered their ranks definately include the Highlanders. Whether they can haul in the Crusaders, who are always good and a very well balanced Chiefs side, I think is a step too far.

    I personally think all three top SA sides are better off this season and have more depth and experience. In addition the Cheetahs look a bit better too, depth in certain places still a problem though. I give 3 SA Sides a Top 6 because at least all of us would be able to milk the Southern Kings for 2 x 5-Pointer wins. I don’t think the Southern Kings will win 1 solitary match, the best they can hope for is the 2 x 4-Pointer bye weekends.

    I think Jake White’s Brumbies will top the Aussie Conference and it would make sense to back the reds then as No 2 in that Conference. That said though, I still think only 1 Aussie side will make it to the top 6.

  • 13

    Bah! :Crazy2:
    you partisan supporters! You should all take some objectivity tablets! Its obvious that the Cheetahs with their squad stand a more than average chance of making the play offs!

    Talk about armchair experts! Conceited

    SA Conference:
    1 Sharks *
    2 Cheetahs *
    3 Bulls *
    4 Stormers
    5 Southern Kings

    Aussie Conference:
    1 Brumbies *
    2 Reds
    3 Waratahs
    4 Western Force
    5 Melbourne Rebels

    NZ Conference:
    1 Chiefs*
    2 Crusaders *
    3 Highlanders
    4 Hurricanes
    5 Blues

    The * denotes a Play-off place! You heard it here FIRST!!!!

    Go Cheeeeethas! Alles in die kol as die cheetahs hol! Who-s-the-man

  • 14

    13 @ Cheetah4eva:
    Soms is dit maar “Alles in die hol, as die Cheetahs omrol”


  • 15

    @ GBS,
    Dit het flokken lanklaas gebeur! Worry

    Net die Bools en Sharks wat ons nog die laaste tyd goed rol!

  • 16

    12 @ grootblousmile:
    I am actually wondering if we are taking it for granted that we will beat Kings home and away with 5 points each time? We play them early so time will tell.

    I think the sooner we finish with this daft format in S15 the better. Seriously need to get back to the old format where it is a lot fairer, we only play each other once and that means the overseas teams as well. Right now we miss playing a team from OZ and NZ. Some get to play the tougher teams while others don’t have too. Last year Stormers never even got to play against the Chiefs. Who went on to win the S15. Also I personally think our conference is the toughest because of having to play each other twice. Well this year without the Lions it will be easier for my Sharks, they beat us last year once and we never even picked up a losing bonus point in that game. NZ’s conference just about as tough as ours. The Aussie conference it the easiest and they are guaranteed a home play-off whoever wins their conference, no matter where they sitting on the log. Last year the Reds ended on points below my Sharks, yet they had a home play-off and we had to travel.

    After 2015 truly hope we revert back to the old system that worked far better. This format we playing is flawed have said it many times.

  • 17

    10 @ Puma,

    I guess not a lot of people like this format but there are some facts that make it work for the rugby administrators

    - More tickets sold at the gate – better for fans and for revenues due to each loacl team facing each othe twice
    - In Aus the game has gained in popularity as this is now their domestic competition as well (laughable as it may seem to us
    - Correct me if I am wrong but on the old system in SA players used to travel more the the Aus and NZ teams less?

    I reckon our conference this year might be closer to the NZ one based on toughness with the Cheetahs a much improved team, all depends if the Blues are still as kak as last year.

  • 18

    17 @ Gena_ZA:

    I personally think playing home and away games during the S15 takes away something special from the CC. As many look at S15 now as if it is CC and S15 into one. By the time CC comes around many have lost interest in the CC as it has been all done in S15. I feel that is a real shame as CC is a top class tourney and I rather we played home and away only in CC. S15 is a flawed tourney, no matter which way you look at it.

    No way should a team that ends 6th or lower be allowed to have a home play-off just because they topped their conference. That should be rewarded to teams for where they ended on the over all log. Should be playing all the teams once and not missing a team from Oz and Nz. No need for home and away games in our conference. I don’t agree that it brought more people to the grounds just because we playing another saffa team. Like I said it has taken away a real unique feature we had in the CC. It has become all too much. People lose interest eventually. Another thing Oz should go and make their own domestic tourney rather than using the S15 for that.

  • 19

    I do agree with you 100%, what I said earlier is why the administrators would likely stick with the current format, personally I think it is rubish

  • 20

    The draw has a great deal to do with early momentum.

    It’s better (in most years) to play teams like the Bulls and Crusaders early. These two teams are rarely at their best in the first 3 rounds, and have lost games that one would never expect them to in the opening rounds.

    Another of the teams that in recent years seem to have had bad starts are the Sharks. If I recall correctly they have had to win clutch matches in the final round robin games the last 2 seasons in order to progress, succeeding once and losing out to the Bulls the other times.

    Obviously injuries could play a significant role, and as always the teams with lees squad depth, (all Aus teams, Kings and to an extent Cheetahs) will suffer in this aspect.

    At the end of the day, I expect the “usual suspects” to be there come playoff time.

    Bulls, Stormers & Sharks from SA.
    Brumbies should clinch the Aus conference.
    Crusaders a shoe in in NZ, but who will join them? All factors above WILL have a say in the final 6.

    By the way, still a cocked up, skewed system IMO.

  • 21

    17 @ Gena_ZA:
    Do you really think it sells more tickets?

    Visually attendances last year seemed to be down across the board.

  • 22

    @ 18 Scrumdown

    Had to look this up, read it sometime last season – must admit don’t have the full numbers for the year


  • 23

    I am sorry to say but you guys are poor bookies. How can you predict a game in the modern game of rugby without looking who is the referee in the games. After all breakdowns make up almost 70 percent of the modern game and how strict or lenient a referee is at will determine the amount of tries going to be scored. If a referee is lenient and miss a lot there will not be a lot of tries and the boot will be a factor and it will be a low scoring game. If he is strict expect to 4 or 5 tries in the game.


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