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John Plumtree & Carlos SpencerThe Sharks have recruited former All Blacks flyhalf and Lions assistant coach Carlos Spencer as they prepare for the upcoming Super Rugby season.


The former Blues playmaker served as John Mitchell’s assistant at the Lions where he had a big impact on the development of Springbok flyhalf Elton Jantjies, and after parting ways with the Johannesburg franchise he has linked up with the Sharks.

A mercurial pivot, Spencer played 93 times for Auckland during a purple period in the team’s history, also playing 35 times for New Zealand before embarking on a career in the Northern Hemisphere, making over 100 appearances for Northampton Saints.

“His experience as a player and the opportunity for us to use him – no one was – was great for us,” said Sharks coach John Plumtree.

“He loves his coaching and his knowledge of flyhalf and backline play is invaluable, he will also be looking at kicking skills, he was a great tactical kicker himself and he is really good at passing on his knowledge.

“We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to use him here and it’s good for the players to have a change. Because he’s going to be here for a couple of weeks, he can enjoy himself and get to know the players which can only be of benefit for everyone.

“I was really impressed with what he did with Elton Jantjies,” added Plumtree.

Spencer said he was thrilled to be in Durban with the Sharks and looked forward to working with the team.

“I’m really looking forward to it; Plum [Plumtree] invited me to come here and spend a couple of weeks with the Sharks, obviously to have a look at Pat Lambie and a few of the other boys. I’m really happy to be here.

“The Sharks have always been a very competitive side, they’ve always been up there amongst the top teams, be it Currie Cup or Super Rugby. They’ve always had a very dominant forward pack and backed that up with some pretty skilful backs. They are always challenging for a top four spot and finals, they’re an exciting team to watch.

“They play a good brand of rugby, one I enjoy as well, being an attacking player.

“They came close last year and hopefully they can do it this year, I’m looking forward to it, to see how they go this year.”

Working primarily with the flyhalves, he will spend a lot of time with Lambie during his stay in Durban.

“I enjoyed my time with Elton, he’s an exciting and skilful player, Pat is built along the same lines. He’s one of those up and coming players with a lot of skill and one certainly for the future – both for the Sharks and South African rugby. I’m looking forward to spending a bit of time with him and hopefully I can share a few of my ideas with him and teach him a bit of stuff,” he added.

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  • 1

    First time Rugby Talk is late with news.

    Have said my bit about this on the other thread, however will say it again. Just really pleased that Carlos is at the Sharks helping us before S15 starts. Can only be a good thing he was superb with the Lions and especially Elton so think Lambie will get even better with Carlos there.

    Hope we can have him for the duration of S15 that would be even better.

    Also good to see him with a Sharks Jersey on………….. Overjoy

  • 2

    Is he there for just a couple of weeks – I’ve never known any ex-MHS boy (myself included) ever take anything in in 2 weeks!

  • 3


    January 18th, 2013 at 16:27 SAST
    31 @ Puma:
    Ever hopeful, I see… hehee

    Worry brother….. worry!

    Seriously boet how can I worry? Carlos brings so much knowledge it can only be a good thing. He was brilliant for Lions and especially Elton. He will do the same for Sharks. Lambie is already top class, but Carlos will add that more to his game.

  • 4

    2 @ Just For Kicks:
    You can learn a lot in two weeks!

  • 5

    1 @ Puma:
    Sorry, I was ill and totally down for the count yesterday… still only half better today!

    Yesterday I was wondering if I was dying, then later I was hoping I was dying….. hehehe

  • 6

    5 @ grootblousmile:
    Ja read that, you should have let them do the tests. You never know what is going on if you have so much pain something has caused it. Unless you had a bit of food poison from the condensed milk you drink? Appendices can cause a lot of pain so can stomach ulcers. The pain comes back you have to check it out.

  • 7

    “He’s gonna have a go at Spencer! Get outta the road! haha

  • 9

    @ Puma:

    News was not slow boet, I posted this info on here about 4 days ago :wink: lol

  • 10

    No one in world rugby and I say no one can throw a intercept pass like Carlos Spencer. Especially in matches when the heat is on.


  • 11

    9 @ Sharks_forever:
    I know but this article has appeared on all the sites today. Thought we would have had one up. Anyhow we have it now. We did have it first though. Then read it on SW. Told you my mate saw Spencer at the Tank when he was renewing his season ticket. Though none of us gave it a thought, thought was there visiting Plum……hahahahaha. Dof both of us………….. Overjoy

  • 12

    @ Puma:
    LOL, and I did not post an article re this as I had to first work on my bad English ……

    Overjoy Pondering Pondering Be Happy

  • 15

    Do you guys think it’s safe to drink Condensed Milk on an iffy stomach?

    I’m galla-ing so badly now for Condensed Milk it is’nt even funny.

    Ate NOTHING yesterday, today only had some flat Coke….

  • 16

    12 @ Sharks_forever:
    bwaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Tell our boss here to cool it with picking on you….hehehe. We will sort him out together bro……………. Us Sharkies stick together like a gang….. Overjoy

    You see otherwise you could have copied and pasted this article earlier.

  • 17

    15 @ grootblousmile:
    Jinne boet, that stuff gonna make you sick. Think it is that what is causing you to feel ill…. :) :)

  • 18

    @ grootblousmile:
    Eat Toast, with Bovril, no marg or butter

    get green apples and grate them without the skin, let it stand a bit and go brownish, it is very good for a bad tummy

  • 19

    @ Puma: :lol: :lol: :lol: hehehehehe

  • 20

    16 @ Puma:
    I’m not picking on Tjarkie_Fornever… just wonder who his English teachers were… rest their weary souls!


  • 21

    10 @ Bliksem:

    Do yourself a favour and go look at other games Carlos has played in. He is a master class at flyhalf. He was part of the best Blues side ever, probably one of the best Super Rugby sides. Then when we played them in the final of 96 Sharks had one hell of team as well.

  • 22

    @ grootblousmile:

    The-Incredible-Hulk Hey now nothing wrong with my English, I just lazy to edit lol.
    now I do edit before publishing Overjoy Overjoy Overjoy

  • 23

    17 @ Puma:
    No man, have not had Condensed Milk for about a week now…. have an unopened tin in front of me…

    THAT’s where I get my power from…. hehehe

    18 @ Sharks_forever:
    Farkit, last night Handbriekie offered me some toast, could not handle the thought of it at the time!

    Must say, today I got better and better, pains all gone now.

    Now I’m ravished, can eat a skunk now from the arse-end right to the front!

  • 24

    @ grootblousmile:I have just come back from my medical – a must at our age! And on the very top of the ‘don’ts’ list above eggs was condensed milk. Seriously, give either that or smoking (preferably both) a miss. We’re not getting any younger, and that accident last year was a timely reminder that we’re mere mortals. Look after what you’ve got – it’ll be worth it!!!!

  • 25

    @ Puma:

    Pooms don’t worry about Rudi, he knows he half my size, and making it worse is he is a blou bal, lmao will just sought him out quickly :lol: Happy-Grin Tounge-Out Overjoy Overjoy

  • 26

    19 @ Sharks_forever:

    20 @ grootblousmile:
    Nothing wrong with my sharkie brudda’s english. You fight with him you fight we me too…. Overjoy

    Gbs, what has gone wrong boet with the smiley thing again? You post one and it repeats it self a few times. Have to check for it again and find where to delete so I only get one smiley up instead of about 3 repeated posts with smiley faces.

  • 27

    24 @ Just For Kicks:
    Jeez brother, if I stopped drinking Condensed Milk I could just as well pass away….

    And for goodness sakes…. one has to sip the nectar from life!

  • 28

    @ Puma:

    Overjoy Overjoy Overjoy

  • 29

    @ grootblousmile:

    I myself love condensmilk, I just don’t like it cooked in the can. ewwwwwwwwwwww

  • 30

    23 @ grootblousmile:

    It is seriously bad for you boet. Far too much sugar you will become diabetic if you carry on drinking that stuff.

    Look at the fat content in it as well. Your cholesterol boet going to go through the roof. That stuff is bad for you. Man how can you drink something so sweet? Makes me ill thinking of it……. Sick

  • 31

    25 @ Sharks_forever:
    For sure…………hahahaha. Overjoy

  • 32

    30 @ Puma:
    My cholesterol levels is that of a healthy 18-year old, my blood pressure is low but not too low, my heart rate is about 62, I’m not fat… I’m generally very, very healthy (except for yesterday and half of today). My knees are fine, my back is fine, my sugar levels is 100%.

    I’m lekker fit for an old ballie and play a mean game of squash.

    29 @ Sharks_forever:
    No man, caramel is freegin awesome… try and mix caramel with rice crispies, stuff it in an ice-cream cone… that’s lekker stuff!

  • 33

    @ Puma:
    Eish Pooms a little condensmilk wont harm you :lol:

    Life is so short lol rather tell him to stop all his smoking :lol:

  • 34

    33 @ Sharks_forever:
    Hey… I’ve only been smoking for 32 years and a bit…. hehehe

  • 35

    28 @ Sharks_forever:

    Your take on Carlos being with the Sharks for a few weeks? I think it is brilliant, pleased we jumped in first getting his services. Hope we can talk him in to staying the duration of S15. Well if the budget allows for it I suppose.

  • 36

    @ grootblousmile:

    Eish no boet, far to sweet for me, raw condensmeilk is awesome

  • 37

    35 @ Puma:
    Who’s been the Sharks kicking coach, before Carlos now arrived?

  • 38

    32 @ grootblousmile:
    Still bad for you, the damage will come boet. Give it up and also the smoking is really bad. Rather have some red wine it is good for you………. :) :)

    33 @ Sharks_forever:
    Jeez how you and gbs enjoy condensed milk, crikey I have no idea……………. :) :) Soooooooooooooooooooooooo sweet, makes me feel sick…hehehe. Rather have a few glasses of wine instead…. :lol:

  • 39

    @ grootblousmile:

    @ Puma:
    Good move from the Sharks, BUT !!!! how much can you achieve in a few weeks??

    Also my biggest concern with the Sharks is the lineouts and the breakdown problems, for me that’s where we really need a huge change.

  • 40

    39 @ Sharks_forever:
    I think you can pick up quite a bit, but agree longer would be better. Also agree it is our lineout that is giving us the problems and has done since the start of S15 last year, breakdowns if Bissie is not there. So we should have been bringing in some to help us there as well.

    Though I think Carlos will just make Lambie’s game even better and he is already a top class fh but with some good tips from Carlos think it can only make matters even better for us.

  • 41

    Okay I am out of here. Catch up tomorrow.

    Really looking forward to watching the Lions play Russia. Finally some rugby to watch. Should be good.

  • 42

    41 @ Puma:
    Tomorrow’s the 1st Cricket ODi as well

  • 43

    @ grootblousmile:
    hou op suip

  • 44

    43 @ Bliksem:
    Kaaak man… hou op nonsens praat!

    Jy sal jou watwou verbeel!

  • 45

    Dear Reader

    Our great friend Puma is dispensing some great diet advice here, ignore him at your peril.

    Diabetes is a terrible menace that is often caused by our terrible western diets, as for smoking…..Fark Me, you boys must get a grip!!

  • 46

    @ Puma:
    yeah I did. I remember him playing a instrumental part in the 13-3 win. Missing everything in front of the posts. He also played in that side losing for the first time in years to England at home

  • 47

    @ grootblousmile:
    yeah right. Ek bet jou vrou het daai baie virgin jou gese

  • 48

    47 @ Bliksem:

    ‘n Vriendelike waarskuwing… jy soek moeilikheid met die verkeerde ou en my geduld is op met jou. Hierdie is nie ‘n konfrontasionele of “abrasive” blog of website soos sommige ander nie, die FIFO beginsel geld hier, so Fit In of figure self uit waarvoor die FO staan.

    Ek vra nie weer mooi nie.

    … en jy het FOKKOL met my vrou of enige ander persoon se vrou uit te waai nie, verstaan jy!


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