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Caylib OosthuizenNew Cheetahs prop Caylib Oosthuizen says the prospect of being coached by his childhood hero, Os du Randt, played a big role in his move to Bloemfontein.


The 23-year-old loosehead joined the Cheetahs at the end of last year after five season at the Lions. He represented them at under-19, under-21, Vodacom Cup, Currie Cup and Super Rugby level.

Oosthuizen believes he will grow as a prop under the guidance of Du Randt, the Cheetahs’ forwards coach.

“The main reason for my move was Os du Randt,” he said.

“He was my hero at school and to get an opportunity to play under him, is huge.”

Oosthuizen will also join up with former Baby Bok team-mates in prop Coenie Oosthuizen and centres Johann Sadie and Robert Ebersohn. They played together for the SA Under 20 side in 2009.

He’s also relishing the opportunity of packing down in the scrum alongside Springboks Coenie Oosthuizen and Adriaan Strauss.

“I can learn a lot from them and it will be terrific to get a chance to play with them.”

The Cheetahs start their Super Rugby campaign at home against the Sharks on 23 February.

39 Responses to Super Rugby: Caylib lured to Cheetahs by Os

  • 1

    Cheetahs looks stronger than ever before, really hope they have a good season

  • 2

    A good buy for them. Just a pity that he decided to go the Veraaiers.

  • 3

    @ Lion4ever:
    Very few “professional” sportsmen with principals.

  • 4


    Didn’t the Stormers vote against the Lions. Seems, quite a few Lions went there?

    Cilliers, Jantjies, Taute, and Rhodes.At least Caylib will benefit from the experience. Cheetahs scrum has been strong for quite a few years now.

  • 5

    The Stormers did not vote. They were playing rugby. Some fat cat in a suite did

  • 6

    @ Cheetah4eva</
    Both voted against the Lions. Even before the vote, Coetzee was headhunting Lions players. Don't know how Jantjies and Taute will fit in with the Stormers conservative, defence oriented game plan. Even the Bulls play a more exciting brand of rugby. I think Oosthuizen signed with FS before the vote.

  • 7

    @ Bliksem:
    That fat cat represented the Stormers, was part of the Stormers management.

  • 8

    @ Lion4ever,
    Jip sneaky buggers the Stormers. They shafted the Lions, and still head hunt their players.

    Cheetahs were Angel by comparison.

  • 9

    @ Bliksem,
    You must be confused, Stormers haven’t played rugby for years! They did play a brand of “bore them to death” lol.

  • 10

    The last time the Stormers played rugby was when Fleckie and Slap Chips were part of the team and not the coaching staff

  • 11

    @ Cheetah4eva:
    Still miffed with thm though.

  • 12

    @ Lion4ever:
    You shouldn’t mix rugby with of the field politics.

    “The other guys ran, just like we expected them to run, especially my ‘pal’ there in the Free State … he is known for that,” the Lions boss told this website.

    However, he had kinder words of the Stormers hierarchy, who are believed to have been one of only two unions who supported the Lions that lost heavily (6-23) in the vote.

    “We never really knew where we stood with Western Province, but since the change in leadership this year they showed their true colours and we know exactly where we stand [with them].”



  • 13

    @ fayaaz:
    So how did Fleckie and Slap chips do in a final…. oh wait

  • 14

    @ Cheetah4eva:
    Nope we leave the backstabbing to you guys and those Tjarkies. Experts at it since 200 years ago

  • 15

    Bliksem wrote:

    @ fayaaz:
    So how did Fleckie and Slap chips do in a final…. oh wait

    Overjoy Overjoy Overjoy LOL

    Good point – but then again I don’t support the Stormers Wink

  • 16

    @ Lion4ever:
    You are blaming the wrong people. You should be blaming the very people who put you in this position. Look towards your own union boet. You cannot blame the other Unions for that.

    It sucks but you have to try and move on. We were relegated once before too mate. I know how it feels.

  • 17

    @ Stormersboy:
    And the Stormers were one of the two unions who stood with the Lions.

  • 18

    @ Bliksem:
    This is the first report I saw that said the Stormers voted in our favour. All others stated it was the Sharks and Bulls that voted for us.
    #16 @Stormersboy
    The Lions management did not help themselves. It is not the fact of us being kicked out (our performances were lousy), but rather in the manner that it happened. Broken promises, false business plans etc.

  • 19

    @ Lion4ever:
    Well that came from the Horses mouth and not from that arse sniffing cocaine snorting c… Mark Keohane

  • 20

    Aaaaaaag flok tog die ou verdomde stemmery kak al weer as die cheetahs dan nou wel ir die kings gestem het so what,ek wonder of de klerk vir die cheetahs sou stem as die skoen aan die ander voet was? fok tot die leeus se super partners het teen hulle gestem,ek het die idee dat de klerk dalk n boks of note kan wees….amper so groot soos cheeky.hy is immers n de klerk …

  • 21

    15 @ fayaaz:
    Welcome to this site Fayaaz. Which team do you support?

  • 22

    21 @ Puma:
    Heaven forbids, hope he’s not another Tjark supporter…. hehehe

  • 23

    17 @ Bliksem:
    NO wrong, Stormers never voted for the Lions they never stood by the Lions at all. It was Sharks and Bulls that voted for Lions no other union did so only those two.

  • 24

    22 @ grootblousmile:
    I am hoping because all of a sudden we are over taken by the Stormers supporters here hehehehehe………. Overjoy Overjoy

    Remember the new bloke that joined us late in the CC I think it was or was it RC not sure, who came on here and was asking about how to make it work for his restaurant, well give him ideas with the rugby crowd to stay after the game. Who was that blogger? He was a Stormer supporter I know but he was a good bloke and interesting to speak with as well.

  • 25

    22 @ grootblousmile:
    Did you see we have Carlos Spencer helping us out at the Sharks for a few weeks? Great news I thought.

  • 26

    25 @ Puma:
    Hehehe, now just wait for the leaky defence….

  • 27

    @ smallies:
    De Klerk has been the best thing toi happen to the Lions in the last few years from a management point of view. He inherited a truckload of garbage that all came to a head during his tenure as president. Yes, some things, like JM’s disciplinary and the firing of Carlos Spencer and Wayne Smith were done badly, but I think things are starting to turn around slowly at Ellis Park

  • 28

    26 @ grootblousmile:
    Nothing wrong with our defence was outstanding last year. He will be mostly working with Lambie and also Butch. Though looked at the photo gallery and it seems he is working with quite a few with kicking as well. Place kicking that is.

  • 29

    27 @ Lion4ever:
    Kevin will have learned by his mistakes, but he is a good bloke and very organised. I went to school with him he was my Head Prefect, think I was in std 7 at the time when he was Head Prefect. We both went to Hill High School. I grew up in Joburg and moved to Durban North in 1981 and started supporting Natal from then.

  • 30

    28 @ Puma:
    Sharks defence was good in 2012… except for the 1st 5 Super Rugby games…

    But with Carlos Spencer there, be weary of leaky defence!

  • 31

    30 @ grootblousmile:
    Doubt with him there we will let our defence go down the tubes. Our defence was okay at the start, remember we were missing plenty top players for the first 6 or 7 games. Also in those games we lost we picked up bonus points we were okay. Remember our defence against Bulls later on and Reds in the play off and Stormers in the semi? That was defence out of the top draw, don’t get better than that.

    Carlos is there to mostly work with Lambie also Butch to a certain extent. Probably work on some moves in with our backs as well. He was brilliant for Lions make no mistake he helped Elton to where he is today. Lambie is already top class and with a bit of Carlos help he will be even better.

  • 32

    31 @ Puma:
    Ever hopeful, I see… hehee

    Worry brother….. worry!

  • 33

    @ grootblousmile:
    Going to answer this on the Carlos thread…hehehe.

  • 34

    @ Puma:
    Who said that WP voted against the Lions? Proof please? Are you saying that the Lions President is wrong? The boss of the Lions who was there who saw who voted against them must I give you a reminder

    However, he had kinder words of the Stormers hierarchy, who are believed to have been one of only two unions who supported the Lions that lost heavily (6-23) in the vote.

    “We never really knew where we stood with Western Province, but since the change in leadership this year they showed their true colours and we know exactly where we stand [with them].”

  • 36

    34 @ Bliksem:
    Where have you been bru? Stormers was not ONE of the two unions that voted for Lions. It was Sharks and Bulls. Jeez everyone knows that. It was in the papers and on Sports24, SuperSport. Ask Rudi (gbs) he will tell you as well. You have your wires crossed somewhere that is for sure.

  • 37

    35 @ grootblousmile:
    hehehe. For sure he has it totally wrong. It was Sharks and Bulls that stood by Lions not Stormers…. Weary

  • 38

    @ Puma:
    Never forget Rugby365 is Huge WP supporter base, they trying to cover their Asses for what their union did lol

    Also the facts came after that article that it was Bulls and Sharks that voted for the Lions, fact

  • 39

    38 @ Sharks_forever:

    I know it is mostly a WP site that, well the journos there are. However, it was made known on Sport24 that it was Sharks and Bulls that voted for Lions. Jeez thought everyone knew that. Was in the papers as well.


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