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Schalk BurgerSchalk Burger looks to be the likely Stormers Captain this year despite Jean deVilliers being the current Springbok Captain.

Burger is raring to go for the new season and is set to be named Captain when Allister Coetzee announces his pre-season training squad at 12:30 this afternoon. Coetzee will also give an injury update on players like Bryan Habana (knee), utility forward Rynhardt Elstadt (breastbone), scrumhalf Dewald Duvenhage (leg), centre Marcel Brache and hooker Tiaan Liebenberg (both neck injuries)

A full report on the training squad will be posted this afternoon once the announcement is made.

18 Responses to Super Rugby: Schalk Burger looks like the front runner for Stormers Captain

  • 1

    Lekker, I hope he has a full season with no major injuries.
    Although some people might not regards him as a very sharp pencil, he is hugely respected on the field, where it counts

  • 2

    Not sure about this. Look Burger has always had my respect as a player one of the best out there, but not sure if he has been out for a year to just walk in and take over the captaincy from Jean.

    On Burger the player, very good to see him back. Will he just walk into the Bok team? The loose forwards we had playing on the eoyt seemed well settled. He will have to push hard I think to get his place back with the Boks. Or does a name count? Sometimes the big names just walk back in.

  • 3


    How you bud? Hope well.

    Congrats on your first article. Looking forward to seeing many more from you about the Stormers.

  • 4

    @ Puma:
    Hey howzit. Thanks, looking forward to writing more :)

    I also think that he will have to prove himself as a player but he does have the respect of all the players, including Jean and would probably have been the Bok captain had he been fit.

    I know that there is precedent for this (local captain of a squad even when the national captain is playing), Fitzie wasn’t his local team’s captain for example.

    I guess we’ll see how it goes

  • 5

    4 @ Stormersboy:
    Burger would have been the Bok captain no doubt if he had not picked up a injury. Now that Jean has done it for a year doubt very much Meyer will give it to Burger this year.

    Look Muller was the Sharks captain for a bit as well when we had John Smit and him playing. So it does happen, just that Jean has been captain for a year now so was just wondering if Jean should not have just stayed captain? Does not concern me too much as I am not a Stormer supporter…. :wink:

    Yeah, looking forward to more of your articles boet. I have always enjoyed JFK’s articles as well, just that you are there now and he in Scotland.

  • 6

    The question is, will his body still stand up to his kamikaze style?

  • 7

    @ Puma:
    Yes I will have to maintain the previous high standard so will have to work hard :)

    I liked Jean as a captain too. For me it’s a win-win having both in the squad. I think that both will have to be rested this year from time to time so both will have an on-field Captain’s role I expect.

  • 8

    @ Lion4ever:
    A very good question, both for him and for Andries Bekker.

    Only time will tell I guess.

  • 9

    7 @ Stormersboy:
    Agree. It is all good having two good captains in the team.

  • 10

    @ Stormersboy:
    Hi M,

    YOu do know old Skopgat is going to vloek Burger bad on Voldy now?? :lol:

  • 11

    Morning Bean1,

    See you logged on up there.

    How you enjoying being back in Scotland?

  • 13

    @ Puma,

    Moot point I know, but Juan was also touted as a Bok captain if he had been fit. From an experience point, Juan has certainly been an inspiring captain for the Cheetahs.

  • 14

    8 @ Stormersboy:
    Congrats with your first Article here on Rugby-Talk!

    Now we just have to teach you to add a Picture (and at what size and where to add it) and how to make the Insert More Page Break split (difference between what appears on the Home page and the full Article)

  • 15

    13 @ Cheetah4eva:
    Morning boet,

    Well I tell you I would have had Juan in a second as Bok Captain had he been playing. I think Meyer would have as well, no question about that. He is imo a better captain than Jean and Schalk. Just a pity he was out injured. One of the best in his position as well. Now if he does come back doubt that Meyer will fiddle with his captain, but feel Jean is not the best in his postion and one can go longer in age in some positions but not at inside centre or outside centre. There I think 32 years of age is the limit.

  • 16

    I think its a mistake. First of all, De Villiers handled the Captaincy with aplomb, and is a very worthy and good Captain. Secondly, by making Burger Captain implies that as long as he is fit, he will walk into the team. I am not convinced that after a year out, and with the others coming through, that this is necessarily a good thing. Will he have the form, will he still be as good as he was, and most importantly, will he be better than all those vying for the same position? Thirdly, if he does get injured again, and the chances are obviously greater than De Villiers, is it not just a disruption to the team?

  • 17

    @ grootblousmile:
    Show me the way Master Yoda! :)

  • 18

    17 @ Stormersboy:
    Will do so Luke Skywalker…. the Force is strong inside you…. or is that the Stormers that is Strong inside you.

    Fark, these Stormers creep in everywhere!


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