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Morné SteynIt seems as if  the Bulls and Springbok flyhalf has made a deal to leave South Africa after Super Rugby to continue his career in France.

More to follow….

27 Responses to Morne Steyn signs for Stade Français?

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    Please note that I posted a picture of him in the act of passing the rugby ball, not kicking it away aimlessly.
    This is so that I cannot be accused of being biased by bloggers of the blue variety.

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    I wonder if MS will be called a “huursoldaat”?

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    1 @ Loosehead:
    Your picture of Morne is to large, gbs will kak all over you when he logs on………….. Overjoy Overjoy

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    Don’t understand a thing in French. So if this is the case then I feel it is the best for Morne to go and make some good money.

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    Fark, what was up with all the French kak, Loskoppie? You guys must really check what appears after you click Publish!

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    5 @ grootblousmile:
    Straight to business I see…….hehehehe. Loosies large photo of rugby ball and Morne gone….hehehe.

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    6 @ Puma:
    Morning, Mr Fiddle Fingers!

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    7 @ grootblousmile:
    More klein boetie… Happy-Grin

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    OK, let me go do my morning run to clients… back later… oh, and after a freegin haircut too.

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    Good (or maybe not so good) morning, not the best of news this BUT it was rumoured/reported back in November that Morne may have met Stade Francais officials in London around the time of end of year tour, at the time the Blue Bulls were said to have denied this. One wonders now if this played a part in Morne not featuring much on the tour for the Boks.

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    @ grootblousmile:
    Can’t you read French? Pondering

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    11 @ Loosehead:
    I can only ask a girl to go to bed with me in French, or something to that effect…. hehehe

  • 13

    Still mere speculation

  • 14

    Actually glad he moves on, good on him to cash in and give opportunity to Pollard etc. at the Bulls, all in all this is good as long as he never see the green and gold again

  • 15

    Good luck to him, he’s achieved more than most at Super Rugby and international level, go for it mate.

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    @ grootblousmile:
    You need to teach you Cheetah Jounro’s to make sure they have facts 😆

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    @ Sharks_forever:
    Ja and Sharks Journos how to spell and use punctuation …..


    Overjoy Overjoy

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    @ Stormersboy:
    Hey I have a valid excuse, my articles are good so Tounge-Out Overjoy Overjoy Approve

  • 19

    Oh and that excuse is I am multitasking as I am busy Pffffffffffffffffffft


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    @ Sharks_forever:

    Fair point.

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    17 @ Stormersboy:
    Asking for good spelling and punctuation from Tjarkie_Fornever is like asking him and Oompie Puma to recognize other teams bar the Sharks…. ain’t gonna happen…. hehehe

    We’re stuck with them here, warts and all…

    Argh what the hell, I only have to redo Tjarkie’s Articles once, no big problem….. but I need to have a word with his English teacher, if she or he is still alive… and ask them if he EVER passed one English test in his whole school career…. hahaha

    Maybe he was good at Comprehension tests….

    19 @ Sharks_forever:
    Hey, stop multitasking on Kirsten and let her do some work and some cooking, for goodness sakes!

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    Every top player deserves to earn a bit of money towards the end of their careers. No matter what anyone thinks of Steyn, he ahs given his all for SA and Bulls rugby. He has been one of the top flyhalves in the world during his time, and I feel his move is fully justified and deserved. Go and earn some money mate, and enjoy the autumn of your career.

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    Yet some of the players past their so called prime are playing great rugby. I missed the game, but apparantly John Smit had a brilliant game for Saracens on Saturday. Big Joe van Niekerk has starred for Toulon for some time now, and Jonny still is a game breaker.

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    22 @ Just For Kicks:
    Morne did give his all for SA especially in that 2nd test at Loftus against the BIL. Will always remember him coming off the bench to take that monster kick that won us the game and we won the series right there. He went on to be terrific again during the Tri-Nations that year when we beat ABs home and away and also beating Oz twice. The next year he was very good for Bulls, but with the Boks he fell off the pace and was never as great as he was in 2009. Agree every player needs to head to the NH or Japan these days to make a nice lump sum for retirement. All the best to Morne.

    23 @ Lion4ever:
    So many of our boys are playing superb over there, I just don’t think they would have been doing the same in Super Rugby, just way too much on the body that tourney, not only playing but the travel. Think it is a little less taxing on the body playing over there. Read that John will be off to Toulon, which will be like having a ‘mini’ 2007 world cup squad there. They also have Big Joe there though he was not part of the 2007 wc squad. Bakkies, Danie Rossouw, Habs and John will soon all be playing together. Pity Morne never headed off to Toulon. Would have fitted in quite well with his saffa brothers there. Though they have JW playing fh.

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    There comes a time in every player’s career when he’s not as sharp as he used to be… and then it makes sense to head north and play for a bit of moolah, for the own pockets for the future.

    However, I hope Morné Steyn stays with the Bulls and Blue Bulls at least for the whole of 2013, as we bring young Handré Pollard through the ranks or school Louis Fouché into becoming a more rounded flyhalf and / or until the Bulls make contingency plans for 2014.

    To Morné, thanks for the services you’ve rendered in spectacular fashion, and thanks for the legacy you’ve made and will also leave this year. Go get them in Super Rugby and show the naysayers what you’re made off, before you head north.

    Morné has exemplified loyalty to the Blue Bulls and the Bulls and that’s the type of players we need for the future.

  • 26

    @ Puma:
    @ grootblousmile:
    Morne is still more than sharp enough in SR.

    As far as heading North during the last few years of your carrer are concerned, I think the slightly heavier fields give the “older” players just that fraction of a second that they need to still be effective, whereas in SR (generall except NZ) the fields are quick and the defence is on you that little quicker to spoil your party.

    Personally I think Morne’s finest game was when he demolished the AB’s scoring 31 (I think) points at (Loftus?) A few years ago now, but it was a total performance that showed just how good he was / is.

    Good luck young man. Take your wife, enjoy a different type of life in a nice country and make some decent money. Just don’t expect any favours in the Top 14 or Heineken. It’s hard Rugby.

  • 27

    This is good news as Pollard won’t sit and rust on a Blue Bulls bench


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