Bryan HabanaIt has officially been confirmed that Bryan Habana penned the deal with the French side in the last few days.

This comes after Toulon president Mourad Boudjellal confirmed last month that the Top 14 leaders were in hot pursuit of the Springbok flyer. Boudjellal said at the time the chances of Habana joining Toulon were “closer to 10 than zero.”

At this stage it’s unsure exactly how long Habana, 29, will play in France, nor whether he will be available for the Springboks in June.

He was named SA Player of the Year for a third time. Habana also won the Try of the Year award at last year’s IRB awards, for his outstanding solo effort against the All Blacks in the Rugby Championship in Dunedin.

21 Responses to It’s official – Bryan Habana has signed for Toulon

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    Why the BIG picture, Tjarkie?

    Must be 83 x 83 pixels!

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    @ grootblousmile:
    Ok was busy resizing and the page froze

    I see however u are fixing it, thanks, I would have done it quickly.

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    OK, I have edited and fixed the Article

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    Rudi go check your post on the CHeetahs back 3 thread LMFAO

    Overjoy Overjoy Overjoy Overjoy Overjoy Overjoy

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    4 @ Sharks_forever:
    Changing someone else’s comment is an immediate bannable offence… seriously!

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    Rudi, that’s the point, it is open for anyone to do exactly what I did.

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    6 @ Sharks_forever:
    … and I’ll ban them if they do, no matter who they are!

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    Meyer must not select Habs for Boks this year. It will most definitely send the wrong message to other players playing in SA. Only two overseas players should EVER be selected. By not selecting Habs that will send a direct message to players that are thinking of signing for overseas right now.

    If Rhule has a good S15 which I think he will then surely he should get selected ahead of Habs? I know I would do that. Select Habs as a Bok this year and we will lose players in droves to overseas clubs. We will be seeing Vodacom Cup players in future playing S15 as all our best will leave for overseas knowing full well they have nothing to fear by not getting selected for Boks.

    Meyer do the right thing please. We want to see our very best playing Super Rugby and Currie Cup in our country not watching our best playing for overseas clubs.

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    7 Rudi why are you doing that? Why the edit button? You leaving our comments open for abuse now? Lucky we on a blog that has no trolls otherwise we would see daft editing no doubt.

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    Looks like Bekker will also be going overseas after S15. Another that must not get selected either. Players wanting to leave our shores to play overseas must know they do that they just might not wear the green and gold again. Only 2 players ever should be selected from overseas players.

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    9 @ Puma:
    There was a request for an EDIT Button.

    We will be testing it, if it does not work, I’ll remove it.

    It takes 3 clicks to remove it…

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    8 @ Puma:
    Weren’t you screaming for the coach to pick Frans Steyn a few months ago? Isn’t the same principle applicable?

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    Will be intersting to see how Habs plays in Europe, where there is no space to work with.

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    Au Revoir! Bon Voyage.

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    12 @ Scrumdown:
    Frans Steyn had to come back to South Africa. I read Meyer told him he had to come back to SA to get selected. Meyer told Fransie he wanted him to be playing his rugby in SA. So Fransie came home in June last year. Otherwise he said he would probably have stayed in France, but repected what the Bok Coach wanted.

    Then Meyer goes and selects 5 players from overseas on the eoyt. Not sure what message he is sending to someone like Steyn that was told to come back and others that might be thinking it is okay to play over there and still get selected.

    No I was not screaming for the Coach to select Steyn. He always gets selected so no need to scream for him to be in the team. When PdV was coach think he only selected two from overseas and Fransie was one of those players with Pienaar.

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    15 @ Puma:
    But you were “insisting” that FS was one of the 2 in the Div era if my memory serves me correctly.

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    15 @ Puma:
    As for what the “rules” are these day, who gives a continental?

    The SA Coach, unfortunately is a puppet of Hoskens and his henchmen, who collectively have about as much integriy as a leech!

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    He has served SA well, and deserves to earn a couple of Euro’s before he retires. If there is no one better, he still deserves to play for the Boks

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    Must have missed this one earlier, this surely is a BIG blow to Stormers and WP especially as it seems Habana had regained some of his earlier form last season. But all the best to Bryan hope he enjoys it in France, I guess there comes a time for all players to maybe reconsider things and try something different and especially late in their career try and cash in on big pay cheques before they retire.

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    Who will take his place in the South African team considering transformation policy say a player of color must replace him as well as about the South African team.


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