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Daily Archives: 11 January 2013

Referees will now be able to ask Television Match Official (TMO) to review up to two phases prior to the ball being grounded as part of a new worldwide TMO Protocol trial announced by the International Rugby Board (IRB).

IRBThe IRB and its Member Unions have underscored their ongoing commitment to consistent and accurate match officiating by approving a global trial to extend the powers of the television match official (TMO).

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CheetahsFollowing on our series of articles about the player pedigrees, it was suggested we do the same for the coaching teams. To do the entire spectrum of a Super Rugby Coaching personnel would be too encompassing (the research was hard enough),  so I am going to focus only on the people responsible for the main portfolios of Head, Backline, Forwards and Defence coaches.

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56 Australia 2nd gameFirst match: 15 May 1956 – Canberra

South Africa 41 / Australian Capital Territory (ACT) 6


Promoting rugby union was paramount in Australia when the Springboks arrived in 1956. Consequently -soon after arrival- at a civic reception at the Sydney Town Hall Danie Craven and Basie Viviers promised to play open attractive rugby to help rugby union in their battle for player volume against rugby league.

The team travelled to Canberra for the first match against an Australian Capital Territory team. This match was not part of the original tour itinerary and was arranged as a tribute to the resolute efforts of local administrators to gain footing for union rugby in an area with a population basis slightly bigger than Paarl in Cape Province, South Africa.

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