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576460_10151065747141400_1111734430_nThe Sharks have launched their official Super Rugby jerseys for the 2013 season.






14 Responses to Super Rugby: Sharks Launch their new jerseys for 2013

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    Saw this the other day and put a link up to it. What you think bro? I thought 2012 was a better jersey. Then that is just me. Not sure about the piping down the jersey. See the Sharks logo is a bit bigger probably the best about the jersey….. :lol:

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    :lol: good morning bro, hope you are well??

    Yeah I am inbetween re the jerseys, not bad but I prefer the like greyinsh stripes they had on the sides before, like fangs lol

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    Okay just had another look at this years jersey. It was a classy jersey and the Shark is about the same size. Have no idea why they felt the need to change it? This jersey for 2013 with the white piping down the front does not give it a good look at all. Not a good design I feel. 2012 jersey was probably the best we have ever had.

    Anyhow jersey or not hope we go all the way to the final again……….. Happy-Grin

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    2 @ Sharks_forever:
    Just looked at this years jersey again it was classy, why change it to this? I saw this the other day and put a link up on another thread. Said there I never liked it much. Well I never got last years jersey either as I have more a supporters type that is for all seasons………….. :lol: Doubt many supporters are going to dish out another R550 or R600 for another jersey. Well I know I am not gonna. Mine is just fine black and white with a nice small shark to the side. Neat and can wear it to the club as well. It does me for S15 and Currie Cup.

    Anyhow it is just a jersey after all it is what the players do on the field that counts. Hope we can make it all the way again and this time a home final, that would be great…… Happy-Grin

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    2 @ Sharks_forever:
    How is your grandson doing bro? I hope he is doing much better. Will he still be in ICU for Christmas? That would be tough for the little fella and his parents. Our prayers and thoughts are still with him.

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    @ Puma:
    So far going much better thanks bro, just worried of course as we still have no answer as to the cyst seen on scan, he is eating more and breathing just fine,

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    It’s just so… well… bland…

    No colour to it, no pzazz…. typically Sharks, it’s just there, we all know Black & White is there… not even a shade or 2 of grey inbetween, and we all know one can’t do much without some imagination…

    Check the Tjarkies bite me now… hahaha

    So, while I go out of office for a while…. BITE ME!


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    6 @ Sharks_forever:
    Good to hear bro. Has to be a worry about the cyst. If he is breathing and eating properly then they will be able to look further into what the cyst is. Hope nothing serious.

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    7 @ grootblousmile:
    My team is not bland though, they play attractive rugby, that what counts… :razz: :lol:

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    @ Puma:

    Wink Who-s-the-man Overjoy

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    Ok just got done with the Locks article for the Sharks, tomorrow imma do the loosies, next week imma finish the lot.

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    You know what they say in Afrikaans: “Al dra ‘n aap ‘n goue ring bly hy nogsteeds ‘n lelike ding”, so you could dress you Sharks up in the prettiest of pink and they still wouldn’t look good to me Happy-Grin

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