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Richie McCaw is the All Blacks’ most capped player of all time, having represented New Zealand on 116 occasions to date.


During the 2011 Rugby World Cup, which culminated with host New Zealand beating France in final, McCaw crowned a 10-year career that started with a man of the match performance against Ireland in 2001.

Unquestionably the greatest player of his generation, McCaw is arguably the most talented rugby player of all time, having won the prestigious IRB World Player of the Year title on no fewer than three occasions, more than any player in history.

In September 2012 after the All Blacks v South African Test in Dunedin, current Springbok coach Heyneke Meyer said that McCaw was the greatest rugby player the world has ever seen.

McCaw, 31, has also represented the Crusaders on 120 occasions in Super Rugby, scoring 130 points in the process.

In his autobiography, McCaw recounts for the first time, with brutal honesty, the roots of his family life that defined his character – learning to play the game on the family farm in South New Zealand and being inspired to fly gliders by his war-hero grandfather – and how it gave him the strength to emerge from the lowest moment in his career to become the most successful captain world rugby has ever seen.

Unafraid of playing the game right at the edge and putting his body on the line for his team mates, McCaw has set the standard of what a professional rugby player should be.

Hugely popular and respected, his sheer presence means that he is a natural leader of men both on and off the pitch and his story is not just a brutal account of life on the front line, but an exhilarating portrait of modern rugby.


The Real McCaw: The Autobiography by Richie McCaw (Aurum Press, £20) is currently available from all good bookshops.

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    Could be an interesting read… who wants to buy it for me for Christmas?

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    Not a bad amount of new news for the off-season… we saw 7 new Articles on Rugby-Talk today alone.

    Could have added more articles I suppose, but one also filters out the junk which one finds or reads.

    5961 Published Articles already on Rugby-Talk since inception, with another 9 Articles amongst the Drafts, waiting for the right moment to publish (Cheetah4eva’s Cheetahs Super Rugby 2013 squad contenders articles). Articles of the same vein will be done for the other 4 SA Super Rugby franchises as well and we’ll publish 2 positions a week from all 5 franchises… in other words 1st week will be props & hookers, for all 5 franchises, the week following it will be locks and loosies, the 3rd week will see scrumhalves and flyhalves, the 4th week centres & the back 3.

    That should keep us relatively interested and busy for a month… and by that time the warm-up games for Super Rugby will almost start.

    In addition we currently already have here on Rugby-Talk, another 156 Pages (mostly up under the Header Menu’s).

    This constitutes quite an active life for Rugby-Talk in just less than 3 and a half years… and you can just imagine the work which went into doing these things… for YOU, the rugby nut!

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    When this comment falls… we will have 238 000 approved comments on Rugby-Talk.

    Let’s go work it out…

    40 months…
    Almost 6000 comments a month on average
    About 200 comments a day, if you do it accross 7 Days a week solidly
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    About 5 New articles on average per day, seven days a week, every week
    Just short of 5.7 million page impressions generated since 31 October 2009 (when we started counting)

    Quite a nifty lekker site, would’nt you say?

    Now go compare that to anywhere else on the net!

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    @ grootblousmile:
    Geluk Rudi.

    Glad nie sleg nie.

    Congratulations Congratulations Congratulations

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    @ Stormersboy:
    Ditto, Grroot geluk met n baie breee BLOU glimlag, briljant .

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    @ grootblousmile:
    Not too shabby for a lawyer turned IT buff, and doing this on a part time basis. Still my favourite general rugby blog on the web. iPad @ grootblousmile:

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    6 @ Lion4ever:
    Must say, it takes time to do these bloody things and I’d be lying if I did not admit that I’ve sometimes thought – Why the hell do I do this – specially the times when there’s a bit of pressure form the wife for spending too much time here and in general spending too much time on rugby as a whole.

    Sometimes people just take for granted that this site is up and running, at no profit to me, in fact at some financial expense from time to time.

    Sometimes they say, why is this not up, speed up with putting that on… and so on.

    What works me up in general in life, is negativity…. I hate that, it’s not how I operate in life as an eternal optimist and “Extreme Glass Half Full Junkie”.

    However, this site and this community has given me so much and has made my life better and it’s been very rewarding at times from a rugby perspective.

    The site is strong, the active folk on this site is a quality bunch of people…. and we all share one great passion – rugby.


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