John MitchellFormer All Black coach John Mitchell quit as Sale Sharks head coach on Saturday after just a month in charge of the English Premiership club.

Mitchell led Sale to just their second league win of the season against Worcester on Friday, but less than 24 hours later Sale confirmed the Kiwi had left his role to return to South Africa for personal reasons.

The 48-year-old only joined Sale at the end of November, having previously worked for them on a consultancy basis, as the struggling Sharks battle to avoid relegation from the Premiership.

Sale owner Brian Kennedy said in a statement: “John was brought in on a consultancy basis with a view to the possibility of being employed in a longer term position within Sale Sharks.

“He has had to return to South Africa for personal reasons which we respect. We are grateful for his valuable and insightful contributions albeit for a shorter term than envisaged.

“Steve Diamond, Bryan Redpath and Pete Anglesea will continue to coach the side, implementing many of John’s ideas, and building on last night’s excellent performance.”

Mitchell has a role as technical advisor at the Johannesburg-based Lions, having been moved from his position as head coach last month following a legal wrangle.

11 Responses to John Mitchell Quits Sale Sharks

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    Please take overfrom Naka.

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    I wonder what is happening with Mitchell? We could still use his great rugby knowledge here, that is for sure. I did read at one stage that he wanted to live in SA permanently, who knows this could be him back here to settle for good.

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    morning Pooms

    Problem is Mitchell seems to come with baggage

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    Good morning Sharky thanks for putting this one up, just had time last night to post a comment about Mitchell leaving Sale Sharks to head back to SA. In the short time Mitchell was at Sale he already seemed to ruffle some feathers – see my comment about Sale selections on this weekends Aviva Premiership thread.

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    @ Bullscot:
    Good morning BS, yeah I saw last night, This is the problem with Mitchell, he it seems does not know when to shut his mouth some times, even when you are right, sometimes it is wise to pipe down.

    He does not know how.

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    3 @ Sharks_forever:

    Morning bro,

    Sorry to answer this late, had to log off and go sort out my pool, had a air lock. While at it had a long swim. So humid today, just looked and it is 100% humidity, that is a killer……LOL. The price we pay for living in this lovely part of South Africa…. LOL.

    Yip Mitchell does come with baggage, but he is a top class coach and we could use him as a consultant for a few weeks and I am not thinking for our Sharks, but rather our Boks could. While he is here in SA we should utilise his expertise. I think he would be okay for a few weeks, think most players could handle him for that period.

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    @ Puma:

    Problem is ? could HM handle him being around??

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    7 @ Sharks_forever:
    Not sure as they both strong minded people. I did read that Meyer is good friends with him. So Meyer might for a day or two as a consultant. Though I doubt it will happen unless Meyer feels he needs to add something to his game plan, which I think he does.

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    Ja julle klomp balsakke,ek hoop julle het n great kersfees gehad,vir 2013 belowe ek dat ek die sharks bashing bietjie gaan down tone en dit net vir games spaar.Ek hoop almal het n fantastiese jaar…..en die vaalies hier moet asb nie jaag huis toe nie.Ons het dalk 12/12/21 oorleef maar dit beteken nie die Delighted Delighted N3 is skielik n nice plek om te wees nie.

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    9 @ smallies:
    Goed Smallies, You gonna tone down your Shark bashing for 2013! Ek hoep so boet………….hehehe.

    All the best to you to boet for the New Year. Also all the best for your Cheetahs in 2013 as well.

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    Mr Mitchell, WTF is going on with you?

    I guess only time will tell us what’s going on, but if the GLRU has anything to do with it, the public may NEVER KNOW.

    As an aside, I see that Carlos Spencer has now settled permanently in South Africa, and is working in Mining.

    What a waste of Rugby talent.


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