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As I was perusing Facebook, I came across the comment below.

While I applaud the Golden Lions Rugby Union (GLRU) for appointing a businessman as new pemanent CEO, one who has played club rugby, and is involved in school rugby, I do feel for the outgoing Acting CEO, Ruben Moggee. He took over from Manie Reynecke under very trying circumstances, and along with Kevin De Klerk, had to oversee many crises that came to head during his tenure. One only has think of the GUMA TAC debacle, the Pumas and Leopards suing the union for unpaid fees and the biggest humiliation of them all, being kicked out of Super Rugby.

While all of the above happenings surely do not look good on your CV, not all of the blame can be layed at the door of Ruben and Kevin. The GLRU have had a history of poor administration. I understand from various press releases that Ruben was one of the driving forces behind the Lions Challenge.

Congratulations to Manie Booysen on his appointment. I am sure all Lions fans across South Africa will give him their full support as he steers the ship that is the GLRU out of rocky waters into calmers seas, and back to the glory days like the union had in the nineties.


Golden Lions Facebook Page:

New CEO for the Golden Lions Rugby Union

The Golden Lions Rugby Union is pleased to announce that Manie Booysen has been appointed the new Chief Executive Officer of the Union.

Golden Lions Rugby Union President, Kevin de Klerk, says the Board fully supports Booysen’s appointment, which follows a lengthy recruitment process.

The Union received many outstanding applications from senior executives for the CEO position, but was particularly impressed with Booysen’s prior experience and success in managing organisations and companies where change and strategic development were essential for future existence and growth.

Booysen’s experience ranged from managing listed companies to national and multinational industry organisations.

Booysen, whose appointment is effective as of January 2013, holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree, a National Diploma and various managerial qualifications. He has been responsible for the successful turnaround of a number of companies and has worked extensively in both local and global markets – a factor that will serve both the Union and the Union’s supporters well.

“The Board recognised that, in the rapidly changing world of sport and in particularly rugby, it was important to appoint an individual who is unhindered by stereotypical industry approaches and is thus able to bring fresh perspective and insights,” said De Klerk.

“Solutions in our current challenges lie in creative thinking and not in fixed historical perspectives.”

Booysen, who played his rugby in the heat of the Carlton League describes himself as a fanatical rugby supporter. His involvement in and support of school rugby in the Gauteng region will help in the facilitation of passion, growth and professional development at all the levels and facets of the game.

Booysen is actively involved in sport and enjoys playing golf. He is widely respected for his strong managerial, leadership and relational skills and is married with two grown daughters. He will certainly take the Golden Lions not only into a new era, but also to a new level, whilst staying securely rooted in the 123-year-old values of Golden Lions Rugby – namely, pride, integrity and excellence.

“I am immensely honoured and proud to accept this role,” Booysen said.

“The challenge now is to take this proud and renowned Union to a level that will do justice to our heritage and will leave a legacy of success and accomplishment beyond our lifetime. It is a challenge that I cannot wait to get stuck into. There is a lot of hard work to be done and it will take tremendous personal sacrifice from all involved. I am 100% ready.”

De Klerk paid thanks to Acting CEO Ruben Moggee for the work he has done at the Union over the last fourteen months.

“On behalf of all at the Golden Lions Rugby Union we would like to express our sincerest gratitude for the outstanding work that Ruben Moggee has done for the business. Ruben has been a key component in the turnaround of Lions Rugby. We wish Ruben every success in his new ventures going forward.”

9 Responses to Golden Lions Appoint new CEO

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    Oh vlok

    Looks like we both hit it together.

  • 2

    Mr Booysen attended Frikkie Meyer High School, and studied further at UNISA and Pretoria Universities.

    He is currently Managing Director at Morecare Engineering Services.

    He was previously CEO at the Financial Intermediaries Assosiation of SA as well as the South African Meat Industry Company.

    Good Luck Mr Booysen.


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    @ Scrumdown:
    Great minds think alike.

  • 4

    Let’s hope this CEO, Manie Booysen, applies the soundest Business Principles possible, excercises due dilligence, filters down these sound principles right down to the lowest tea lady or floor sweeper, communicates well… and keeps everybody informed as they should be.

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    Sounds like he is a rugby man with a business brain. That can only be god for the union. As you said, Scrum, I hope all at the GLRU support him. I am positive about his appointment.

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    5 @ Lion4ever:
    He starts his tenure from a point of serious adversity, a low of aal time low’s.

    No Super Rugby, a legacy of bad administration and poor communication and a woeful financial situation at the Lions…

    But I think it is often better to start with little and in a company which knows it’s on it’s knees – ready for changes to be implimented, than from a position of strenght and then trying to convince people that things STILL has to change for the better.

    I certainly hope he succeeds.

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    @ grootblousmile:
    Had a look at his profile on Linkedin. Looks like the man is no monkey when it comes to business. So he should be able to run the union properly. I think with all the goggas that have been cleared out, he will have a relatively clean slate to start with (if all of the googas have been cleaned out).

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    @ Lion4ever:
    Have all the goggas been cleared out?

    I have it very good authority that the minutes of a Chairmans Council meeting from July have JUST been distributed.

    While such things might not be too important in the everyday running of the union, it points to the degree of professionalism (or not) that exists within an organisation.

    With no SR next year, it is perhaps the ideal time for the GLRU to have a real look at what they need to do to get back on top, and do it.

    I suspect it’s easier said than done though, and that there is still an element of “the old guard” from the (sh)amateur days that may well make it very difficult.

    Anyway, good luck to them all.

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    @ Scrumdown:
    Thats why I added the comment in brackets. After a history of poor administration, it is difficult to imagine that Moggee and KDK were able to get rid of everything. But looking at Manie Booyesen’s list of companies that he has headed up, he looks like he ran successful businesses. If he brings that business mindset to the union, we can see good things happening on the admin side


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