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Sitting here this morning bored out of my skull, wondering what to speak or write about got me thinking how big a part rugby plays in our daily lives.

And with no rugby this week everything seems empty and lost, blogger’s have gone into limbo, I mean can life go on? My point here is we should just talk about what we all do best, Just talk KAK…….

We can talk rugby yes, even though it is a quiet week, but there are a lot of things we can speak about, I mean we can speak about Puma’squeaky knees, Rudi’s slet sappies and hand brakes and brake shoes.

I mean there are the clowns on Voldy we can all laugh about? Or my fight against anyone dissing my Sharks or Loosehead (Loskoppietjie) can tell us why he is a fitter and turner? Lions supporters can tell us how they are going to get through the next year with no Super Rugby.

Oh hell, I can babble away all day but come on peeps, lets discuss all the issues on hand, Smallies come tell us how much you dislike the Sharks and that we have stolen all your players, Just For Kicks come tell us about ostriches and how their vision is clouded with their head up their @sses, I mean in the ground?

And of course let’s post some music and funny clips, I mean this is the ONE and ONLY blog where we can enjoy ourselves, this is the first year I have known Morné (Pissant) that he is smiling (WP trophy cabinet has a trophy at last).

Guys, all that is asked is that we do not get personal to the degree of insulting each other or each other’s family, but get your asses over here and kick up a storm!

145 Responses to The let’s talk K@#$k thread!

  • 101

    @ Puma:
    The secret is to do things that people want, and be differnt to other people

    what will make people want to come to you and not to the restaurant up the road from you

  • 102

    94 @ Sharks_forever:

    To think of it in the last game of SR before the play offs we played Cheetahs. We were losing at one stage by 14 points to zip. It was only once Bissie came on around the 34th minute that it all changed. They still had Brussow on he only went off after the break. We scored straight away once Bissie came on. He is most definitely the most important player for us. Just must watch giving penalties away. Though towards the end he had cut that right down.

  • 103

    @ fender:
    shhhhhhhhhhhh its our excuse and we keeping it :lol:

  • 104

    101 @ Sharks_forever:
    Agree. Also keep the food to a good standard. Some places the food goes down once they have big crowds coming. Food standards have to stay top class, well for me anyhow. Does not have to be a huge selection to choice from, just must be always good what they offer. Good music too is a must for a rugby crowd to stay after and of course the drinks.

  • 106

    @ Puma:
    Cool. Thanks for all the advice – I’ll pass it on. Gonna be interesting next Sat, because I assume I’ll be the only Ireland supporter!

  • 107

    106 @ GoBokkeAndIreland:
    Howcome you support Ireland and not the Boks? Were you born there? Or your parents are they Irish?

  • 108

    @ Puma:
    Hell no! I support the Boks! But – I feel a strong Irish connection for some reason – there is no scientific explanation for it! I support – Boks, Ireland, Stormers/WP. Other teams I CAN support – Griquas, Kings, Lions, Pacific Island nations and . . . ANYONE playing against Australia and New Zealand!

  • 109

    OK Sharky, you and Puma had me worried there….

    But how come you’re back in PMB? I thought you were settling in nicely here in the Cape between the winegums and the dentures…

  • 110

    108 @ GoBokkeAndIreland:
    Okay so next week you will be supporting Ireland and Boks, but Ireland more so….lol.

    Well to be honest not really looking forward to watching our Boks. They just not playing well, also their game plan is just so boring. Will of course support the Boks, but really not very worried if we lose. Never felt like that before, have to be honest. For now looking foward to Super Rugby again.

  • 111

    @ Puma:
    You got it! The game plan does bother me a bit, but as I said previously – given the ages and skill levels of a lot of the really good youngsters appearing recently, I think the future of SA rugby is in safe hands!

  • 112

    Ok Sharkies, lots of squad depth there it seems, but give me a 32.

  • 113

    111 @ GoBokkeAndIreland:
    It is the game plan that has gotten to me, we are predictable and very boring. We will be the same on this tour, especially in the wet conditions. Hope come next year our Boks are playing some attractive rugby. A few selections have been wrong this far as well. Not all, but some have been and have cost us.

    Still support our Boks, just not that excited for this tour, as I normally am.

  • 114

    Bakkies on Stand-By for Boks.

    This from sports24


    Boks put Bakkies on stand-by
    2012-11-01 15:42

    Bakkies Botha in Toulon colours (AFP)
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    How Flo changed Meyer’s mind
    Mitchell in Sale Sharks role
    Fans slam WP ‘high rollers’
    Cape Town – As the Springboks prepare to travel to Europe for their end-of-year tour, coach Heyneke Meyer has confirmed that Bakkies Botha will also be on stand-by for their tour along with Marco Wentzel.

    News broke on Wednesday about Wentzel being a possible go-to man in the event of injury and Meyer has now confirmed Botha is also being put on stand-by.

    “If we get an injury at (number) four, Bakkies [Botha] would be the stand-by man, but for five we’ve looked at Marco Wentzel,” said Meyer during their training camp in Cape Town this week.

    “I’ve been in contact with them and they’re both on stand-by.”

    Wentzel received his second and last Springbok cap in 2002. He moved to Europe 2007 where he played for Leicester Tigers, when Meyer was the English team’s head coach in 2008.

    Wentzel now plays for another English club, London Wasps.

    In the event of injury, Meyer was not planning to play any lock out of position as set-piece management might pose problems.

    As a result, it was unlikely specialised number fours Eben Etzebeth and Flip van der Merwe would make the starting XV as a pairing but offered options off the deck.

    “Flip has really played well this year and Eben has been exceptional,” said Meyer.

    “In a sense you’d love to have two guys who really put in the grafting work. (They) could be tough guys in overseas conditions.

    “The set-piece is so important over there. I’d love to play them together, so maybe off the bench it could happen.”

    Meyer said Etzebeth had been fantastic this season but with lineouts being a technical area, a specialist number five was required.

    “Eben has been brilliant but they (him and Van Der Merwe) haven’t called a lot of lineouts together, and it’s such a technical area these days.

    “It requires such a lot of preparation, and we only have three (training) sessions.

    “I believe we need a specialist five lock in those conditions. I did look at a guy like Johann Muller (of Ulster) for the tour but he is also injured.”

    Meyer still believed that experience was a vital aspect to any Test match-winning side.

    Meyer felt the spate of injuries which has robbed him of several Boks was the result of them playing too much rugby.

    “The players can’t play Super Rugby, Currie Cup and Test matches,” said Meyer.

    “I have had a lot of meetings with the players. They have a social and family life as well. As things are presently, these guys are never at home.

    “We will lose more and more players to overseas teams if we don’t manage them properly.”

    Meyer believed going forward that for South Africa to become and consistently be the best team in the world, the right systems needed to be reviewed and put in place.

  • 115

    @ GoBokkeAndIreland:We had a big screen at our place for the world cup, and it worked very well. We decided to make it a family style place to come – in keeping with our normal everyday theme, and it’s like Sharky says, it’s what else you have to offer thats important. We have a deli/restaurant a few meters away from the tasting room where the telly was, and a large open garden with tables and chairs, so those that didn’t want to watch could sit out there. We also have a large dam in front of the restaurant, so the kids could go fishing, swimming and kayaking, so everyone was kept amused. We also served homemade pizza’s during the matches which worked.

    We found it worked out to be very popular indeed. Only word of mouth, and after the first few matches, everyone was watching the rugga. People would come from Capetown and Hermanus to watch (we are in Elgin).

    So, I think it is what you after as well as the match itself, any angle that the public will buy into.

  • 116

    112 @ Stormersboy:

    Think this will be the 32:


    Beast, Jannie, Herbst, Chadwick, Bissie, Burden, Cooper, Bresler, Van der Merwe, J. Marais, PSDT, Alberts, Coetzee, Daniel, Deysel, Kanko. Botes or Kleinhans


    Reinach, Mcleod, Jordaan, Fransie, Whitehead, Bosman, Lambie, Butch, JPP, Mvovo, Odwa, Sithole, Ludik and Vijoen. Prinsloo or Fred Zillinga

    I think that could be our 32. Just off the top of my head there.

  • 117

    If I was Meyer I would be thinking of Bakkies,not on this tour but from next year. Would play Eben at 5 and Bakkies at 4. They would be lethal together!

    If he does truly not want to mess with positions (strange as he has done in other areas), then he should be looking at home next year at the very good young locks we have here coming through.

  • 118

    115 @ Just For Kicks:
    Sounded great there JFK. You keeping your farm when you head off to Scotland?

  • 119

    @ Just For Kicks:
    I bike at Oak Valley quite often, great place to ride.

  • 120

    @ Puma:Yup, keeping just a small share, just to keep us interested!!!!
    @ Stormersboy:Me too, did the race there a couple of weeks ago, and was there again last weekend as the kids did the Spur adventure race. You must pop round here next time you are in the area – we’re Highlands Road Estate – but we’re only here till end of November

  • 121

    120 @ Just For Kicks:
    You looking forward to your new adventure in Scotland?

  • 122

    Okay gonna pack up now. Been at my desk the whole day.

    Cheers all.

    Catch up tomorrow.

  • 123

    @ Puma:Yup, Furniture (including MTB) have gone, tickets are paid for, house is signed and sealed, kids have been accepted into their new school, so all looking fine and dandy…….except…….my bank advisor is on his way up to take all my loot off me, and tell me it’s going to be worth 14 times less by this time tomorrow, or to put it another way, it’s like going from owning an estate of one sort (wine estate) to another estate (council estate). Instead of the ‘Big Mac Index’, it is the ‘Mac JFK Index’

  • 124

    It’s Movember, and if you’re wives have been anything like mine, when I told her I was joining the movement, this next tweet will go a long way to explaining just why I shaved mine off before it had even surfaced! –

    Kirst ‏@thejollyjammer
    Girls have another name for Movember. We call it ‘celibacy’ or ‘The Month When Men Forfeit Sex for Facial Hair and Man Points’.

  • 125 reminds us that Ostriches surprise selection of Marco Wentzel isn’t the first strange choice by a Springbok Coach – there were some others as well. Have a gander at his blog:

    ‘When last has a week been filled with such strange events in South African rugby? Breyton Paulse has been named captain of a Kaizer Chiefs rugby sevens team, Demetri Catrakilis became a very uncharacteristic household name, and Western Province got to drink from the Currie Cup (even though some of the players had to show their ID books to do so).

    All this pales in comparison to Heyneke Meyer’s announcement as to who will be on standby for the squad for the Springbok end of year tour (or the EOYT as the kids call it these days). Marco Wentzel? It was apt that he left the announcement for Halloween, because there’s no better way of describing the 33-year old London Wasps lock other than a ghost of Rudolf Straueli’s past.

    When it comes to surprise EOYT Springbok selections, there is plenty of precedent. As an unwanted stroll down amnesia lane, let’s take a look at some of the ‘best’.

    2008 – Earl Rose

    This selection was so unpopular, he’s still thought of by some as Peter De Villiers’ worst selection even though he didn’t play.

    Some said Earl Rose had it all. Unfortunately, they were referring to all the protective gear that is conceivably possible. Headguard, shoulder-pads, knee-pads, a selection of gloves. Hey may have been unwilling to tackle, but no-one can say he wasn’t prepared.

    P Divvy identified him as one to watch for the future. That has to go down as one of the worst prophecies in Springbok history. Recently, after Griquas refused to renew his contract, he went on trial at the EP Kings and only managed to grab the headlines when he recently crashed his car into a fish and chip takeaway in Gordon’s Bay (hopefully, after the crash, the passenger had the foresight to lean out the window and say to the person working the counter “Hake and chips, please”).

    2001 – Deon de Kock

    A scrumhalf who boasts a 2-test cap history racked up against Italy and the USA. He was playing for the Valke when he was called up, and when his name was brought up by coach Harry Viljoen, the other selectors said “Great idea” while thinking he was talking about Neil de Kock (I only made some of that up).

    Since he was called up to the Springbok squad the year before, the Bulls felt obliged to call him up to their Super 12 squad for the 2002 campaign. Upon closer inspection, he was found surplus to requirements in a team that ended up with a record of Played 11 Lost 11.

    1994 – Lance Sherrell

    Okay, he was selected for an old-fashioned tour of New Zealand rather than a modern EOYT, but one has to make an exception to the criteria in order to include the ex-Western Province flyhalf. Lance Sherrell is someone who only made the Western Province team because he could kick (sort of).

    In those days, the Springbok coach had an extremely limited say in squad selection. Before the tour, everyone thought that coach Ian McIntosh was paranoid when he said that the Springbok hierarchy was out to get him. When Sherrell was selected in the squad, we all started to believe him.

    1996 – Theo Oosthuizen

    Andre Markgraaf shocked everyone when he included the uncapped 32-year old Griquas flank in his end of year tour. After all, it was hardly like he was a future challenger to the likes of Andre Venter or Ruben Kruger, let alone the recently deposed captain Francois Pienaar.

    It was rumoured he was chosen on the basis of his friendship with Markgraaff. It’s possible that Markgraaff did it after a failed blackmail and the coach got confused as to which of his friends had tape-recorded a previous conversation about black administrators.

    2002 – Half the team that lost against Scotland

    Rudolf Straueli had so many odd selections during his disastrous tenure as Springbok coach. It’s hard to discern which individual deserves to stand out on his own amidst the unlikes of Jorrie Muller, Christo Bezuidenhout and Gus Theron (it’s a pity that Gus Theron didn’t end up being capped, because he never ended up with proof of his call-up to provide all his doubting friends).

    Since we are coming up to the 10-year anniversary of arguably one of the most embarrassing results in Springbok history ever, let’s take a moment to digest the names of some players who were in the starting XV for the 21-6 loss to Scotland.

    There were 4 players in the starting line-up who were never called up for the Springboks again after that tour, namely Friedrich Lombard, Wessel Roux, Jannes Labuschagne and Pierre Uys. Deon Carstens started at prop, and afterwards had to wait seven years before he was recalled to the Springbok squad again. There was one other player who had to wait 10 years before he was mentioned to be a possible part of the Springbok squad.

    His name is Marco Wentzel.’

  • 126

    @ Just For Kicks:
    Great will make an effort. I did the Spur adventure series at the beginning of the year, the one with the runand bike at Oak Valley. The run killed me. The ride was great though

  • 127

    @ Just For Kicks:
    Wow big move. You going for business?

  • 128

    @ Stormersboy:Yup, going to start a wine business over there. Kids are about to go to high school, so seemed as good a time as any to do it. Bean1 wants to be near her folks as well, hence the reason for heading up north

  • 129

    @ Just For Kicks:lots of names from the past. Let’s hope that franco van der Merwe and Juandre don’t get injured then ;)

  • 130

    126 @ Stormersboy:This was the same one, although the kids did the shorter of the two races, so they weren’t as knackered! I did the Apple Blossom a few weeks ago – awesome race, you must do that next year.

  • 131

    @ Just For Kicks:awesome man! Iwent to Caroline’s white wine and Cap Classic review last night. Still feeling the effects! We come from a wine making family so it’s always close to my heart.

  • 132

    129 @ Stormersboy:Yup, heaven forbid, or Ostrich may have to do something really daft like call up a youngster (e.g. Anton Bresler, Willem vd Sluys, De Kock Steenkamp, Wilhelm Steenkamp, or Steven Sykes) from SA.

  • 133

    @ Stormersboy:I wasn’t there, but a client who was here today said that she had a ball there last night! Some good wines on show too! What is the wine you are associated with?

  • 134

  • 135

    The fine rugby brains at Ballz Radio have come up with what they think is the worst Bok team. Your thoughts?: 15. Roger Smith, 14. Darius Botha, 13. Jorrie Muller, 12. Hugo Van As, 11. Naqelevuki, 10. Earl Rose, 9. Stompie Fourie, 8. Elandre VD Berg, 7. Harold Karele, 6. Thando Manana, 5. Quinten Davids, 4. Johnny Trytsman, 3. Etienne Fynn, 2. Dale Sandton, 1. Gerhard Harding

  • 136

    @ Just For Kicks:
    My family owner Clos Malverne and my Dad ran the farm when he and my mom were just married. I don’t have any current connection other than some clients over the years and of course, the enjoyment of the stuff.

    I went to Carolines just to enjoy it with some old banking mates.

  • 137

    Pity GoBokkeAndIreland is’nt around anymore…

    Wanted to offer FREE ADVERTISING SPACE here on R-T for the months of November and December, to help the new business out.

  • 138

    @ grootblousmile:A very nice gesture – I am sure he’ll log on again – otherwise email him

  • 139

    138 @ Just For Kicks:
    Yip, I’ll wait and see if he reads… if not I’ll mail him.

  • 140

    YOung Player of the year: Eben Etsebeth
    Players Player of the year: JP Peterson
    Super Rugby Player of the year: Keegan Daniel
    Player of the Year: Bryan Habanna
    Coach of the year: John Plumtree
    SA Team of the Year: Sharks
    SA U 20 Player: Jan Serfontein.

  • 141

    Currie Cup Player of the year: Deon Fourie

  • 142

    @ grootblousmile:
    Hi GBS – that would be awesome! And very, very generous. Many thanks. If you can mail me, I can get you and the owners talking. They’d be extremely grateful – first round of drinks on me when you next in Cape Town!

  • 143

    142 @ GoBokkeAndIreland:
    OK… just going out to the Blou Bul Makietie today… and it’s my Wedding Aniversary today, so tonight is out.

    Will mail you tomorrow, Saturday 3 October.

  • 144

    @ grootblousmile:
    Cool – no problem, no rush. Thanks again. Congrats on the Anniversary, and enjoy your Bulls thing!

  • 145

    I am having this wonderful discussion/argument on twitter about the so called big schools and the luring/poaching of players. Well One of the guys working behind the scenes at Grey College almost had a fit. Saying nothing of the matter is happening and that kids moving there in the higher grades living 1000’s of kilometers away as well as attending the school on a rugby scholarship chose to go there out of their own.

    Then he went on about the boys but japped on about the schools glory and how their winning percentage is these past 150 years etc etc.

    Have to say if you go on about glory of the school then you do not care about educating those boys as losing is part of a lesson learned in sport. Maybe our teams of today are suffering due to that win win attitude. See as they learn the lessons of losing at the highest level these days at not at school as it is suppose to be.

    Also maybe Freestate lose a lot of talent due to Grey recruiting talent and giving them lots of freebies. You grow up like that when that proffesional contract comes you are going to look for those freebies even if its a overseas club.

    Anyone have a point of view about it?


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