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The Southern Kings will have two New Zealand coaches at the helm during next year’s Super Rugby competition.


Brad Mooar has been named as attacking coach by director of rugby Alan Solomons.

Mooar thus joins fellow Kiwi Matt Sexton (head coach) as the Port Elizabeth-based team set their sights on impressing in their first season in the competition.

Mooar worked as the EP Kings’ specialist skills coach during this year’s Currie Cup First Division, which they won after beating the Pumas 26-25 in the final.

Omar Mouneimne will be the Super Rugby side’s defence coach.

Mooar’s appointment means David Maidza, who was the Kings’ backline coach for the past three years, will be in charge of EP’s Vodacom Cup backline, with Ex-Bok prop Rob Kempson taking charge of the forwards and De Wet Barry the defence coach.

Barend Pieterse will work as lineout coach of both the Super Rugby and Vodacom Cup sides.

47 Responses to Super Rugby: Mooar will be Southern Kings Attack coach

  • 1

    Flok, they have to get some ball first, before they can attack.

    Ek dink hulle gaan uitge-Mooar word in Super Rugby…. hehehe

  • 2

    Hulle gaan n Mooarse pak kry amper elke game,dit gaan n mooarse lang seisoen vir hulle wees

  • 3

    Mooarse funny dat hulle nie ‘n plaaslikke afgrigter kan kry nie. En hulle gaan net ‘n Mooarse klomp geld spandeer om met Mooarse groot tellings te verloor.

    Whew, that took Mooarse effort to get that Afrikaans in. So much for being the poster boys for transformation in rugby.

  • 4

    @ Lion4ever:
    Jou afrikaans word mooarse baie waardeer…

  • 5

    @ smallies:
    Ek verstaan Afrikaans Mooarse goed, en kan beter skryf as praat, want ek het ‘n Mooarse Engelse aksent.

  • 6

    Die span gaan mooarse baie verloor.


  • 7

    My prediction is that the Kings will play Super Rugby for AT LEAST 3 YEARS.

    No dates set for promotion / relegation, and oxygen thief Jurie Roux stating that the executive board of SARU will set the dates (as stated in reply to Graham Joffe’s letter) tells me this.

    Thank fukc thw playing fields are level.

  • 8

    @ Scrumdown:
    Yes they have a history of changing their minds at the last minute.

    Plus SARU have a significant ownership stake in the Kings. They are not going to kill their own child.

    Where this leaves the Lions is unclear though.

    If I were the Cheetahs I would be planning for a possible relegation match against the Lions though, it’s quite feasible that the 4th placed team will have to fight to stay in the competition. Maybe a Cats reunion is what SARU is trying to encourage here, it would solve a lot of their problems.

    Bunch of gunnifs

  • 9

    @ Lion4ever:
    ek hoop die kings se afrigters is mooarse goed gemotifeer hulle gaan dit mooar nodig he

  • 10

  • 11

    Hellooooo, julle klomp mooarre!


  • 12

    Won’t we be mooarse surprised if they win a couple of games and show us a mooarse toffee!

  • 13

    @ grootblousmile:
    I will be mooarse surprised if that happens, but I’ll be watching anyway. Good luck to them. They are going to need it.

  • 14

    @ grootblousmile:
    Sal n mooarse toffie wees

  • 15

    12 @ grootblousmile:
    Realistically, which teams do you think they have a chance of beating?

  • 16

    @ Scrumdown:
    They will strenghthened by a few ne signings, the biggest being Maku. I think if they put on their strongest team, and the Lions put on a team from new signings and the guys that have stayed, the Lions will still beat them by a handsom margin. The Kings will struggle to beat Griquas. The 2 teams they may come close to beating will be the Force and Rebels. I do not think they will have the fire power to beat anyone next year. At least the SA sides will now have an easy 2 bonus points when they play the Kings.

  • 17

    15 @ Scrumdown:
    Mmmm, difficult to say….

    Best chance against the Farce, first game up… and the Melbourne Rebels (do they play the Rebels?)

    Can’t see them beat any of the New Zealand or SA Franchises, nor the Reds, Waratahs or Brumbies, to be honest… unless those franchises play a fringe squad, who are all half injured and demotivated… hehehe

  • 18

    Goeie more julle moarse kose en velepte dose :lol: atleast I got to rhyme

  • 19

    @ grootblousmile:

    You know about this??

    Cape Town – Bulls and Springbok flyhalf Morne Steyn has been linked with a move to French Top 14 club Stade Francais.

    French website, Le Rugby Nistere, has reported that Steyn met with Stade Francais’ management during the week leading up to the Boks’ Test against England at Twickenham.

    According to reports, the French club has had Steyn in their sights for some time.

    Steyn has fallen out of favour with Bok coach Heyneke Meyer following a series of indifferent performances.

    Steyn started the Boks’ first two European tour matches (against Ireland and Scotland) on the bench, but was dropped from the match-day 23 altogether for the final Test against England.

    Stade Francais are currently eighth in the Top 14 standings, a full 18 points behind leaders Toulon.

  • 20

    19 @ Sharks_forever:
    Yeah, I do… I also read it on Sport24.

    We’ll have to see what’s potting, I know Morné Steyn is still under contract for a while at the Bulls, and I don’t think there is a logical successor for him yet with Handré Pollard too young and inexperienced, Louis Fouché just too damn ordinary … and kak.

    So, I doubt the Bulls would willingly let him go.

    Fark, we might see Liefling back playing at Loftus sooner than we thought possible…..

  • 21

    Maybe the Bulls should buy Johan Goosen out….. the Cheetahs could do with the money – to buy decent locks.

    (Kyk nou hoe kak en kerm die Staaters hieroor… hehehe)

  • 22

    @ grootblousmile:
    Liefling? That would be taking a step backwards IMO.

    I hope he stays. It will help us (the other provinces) a great deal! Happy-Grin

  • 23

    Cheetahs possible locks for 2013:

    Andries Ferreira
    Ligtoring Landman
    Lood de Jager
    Martin Muller
    Edwin Westley Hewitt
    Waltie Vermeulen
    Francois Uys

    The one is as average as the next… but a Cheetahs supporter will never believe me… hehehe

  • 24

    @ grootblousmile:
    Snaaks hoe ons gemiddelde slotte altyd kompeterend is en party keer die ladida slotte van ander unies ore aansit

  • 25

    22 @ Stormersboy:
    Morné is OK… he’ll sink a couple of teams yet again in 2013.

    The slump can’t last forever.

  • 26

    @ grootblousmile:
    bulls het ok maar net vir geelkaart flip en kruger daarna is hulle kassie ook maar leeg

  • 27

    24 @ smallies:
    Ja, snaaks…. maar elke outjie kry mos maar ‘n lucky packet hier en daar in die lewe… of hoe sê ek nou.

  • 28

    @ grootblousmile:
    Here’s hoping :)

  • 29

    fracois uys het menige ladida slot al lelik op sy neus laat kyk,ek onthou n game in bloem wat hy vir bakkies cruywagen so hard geklap het dat die ou sy kop onder sy arms try wegsteek het

  • 30

    25 @ grootblousmile:
    Hmmm. Lions SR slump now 12% of a century old and at least another 1% before any chance of it ending, so whilst they can’t last forever, slumps can last a VERY long time.

  • 31

    26 @ smallies:
    Bulle het darem ook nog vir Wilhelm Steenkamp wat al kaptein en staatmaker van die Cheetahs was in Super Rugby… and dan het hulle vir daai jong man van die Leeus geteken…

    Nou hoeveel meer as 4 ordentlike slotte het mens nodig (behalwe as jy die Cheetahs is wat slotte beserings kry asof dit uit die mode gaan, elke seisoen).

    Nie EEN Cheetahs slot is naastenby in Steenkamp se klas nie.

  • 32

    30 @ Scrumdown:
    Yip, but the Lions had Manie Reyneke for 11 of those 12 years…..

  • 33

    @ grootblousmile:
    Nou verstaan ek nie so lekker nie,jy het dan nou net vertel hoe avarage die vrystaat slotte altyd is dan loop en swenk jy daarmee dat steenkamp n vrystaat staatmaker was

  • 34

    33 @ smallies:
    Wilhelm Steenkamp is mos weg by die Staat, terug Bulls toe, ‘n jaar al…. so wat oorgely het daar in Blingfontein was maar die kaf wat van die koring geskei is…. so bietjie van die koring het ook intussen oorseese kontrakte uitgetrek… en sit nou doerrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  • 35

    … anyway, voor Smallies se hart ontplof….

    Smallies, die Cheetahs het moeeeerrrrrse slotte, hulle speel alles kis wat voor hulle verskyn… jy kan maar rustig slaap… hehehe

    Cheers Smallies, die kliente roep my… ek moet NOU Daggafontein toe en vanmiddag Pretoorsdorp toe…

    PS! Jinne Smallies, ek waarsku nogal so in Comment # 21 dat ek julle been trek…. en toe neem jy sommer buitendien die aas…. Meneer visterman. Verstaan jy nie van visvoerplek maak of so bietjie brood op die watertjies gooi nie, jy is immers ‘n dam- en riviervisserman.

    Vang ek jou met ‘n mieliepit gedoop in muti… en met ‘n mieliebom wat so lekker geurtjie afgee en naby die grond lê en wag!

    By the way, het jy al OOOOIT die Atoombaits se mieliebompoeiertjies probeer en ingemeng? Die visse kannie daai goed weerstaan nie broer… my swaer oorkant die straat, ou Sagrys, hy is die vervaardiger en verspreider daarvan.

  • 36

    @ grootblousmile:
    @ grootblousmile:
    Ek sal dit moet herhaal want dit lyk my sodom se besoedeling is erg die jaar,ons slotte is just fine,jy kan wat se slotte he as jou hakker swak is is jou lynstaan crap kyk die tjarks in die cc final

  • 37

    @ smallies:
    Ja cheers ou groot pienk mannetjie

  • 39

    OK OK OK my Sharks have the shittest Locks, :lol: there you go Smallies that should make you feel better :lol:

    :roll: we need KAnko back to win lineouts for us :lol:

  • 40

    See even Breyten Paulse has come to his senses, watch the Sharks logo on his back :lol:


  • 41

    39 @ Sharks_forever:
    Jeeeez, even the Kings have better locks than you Tjarkies for 2013, with Sykes having fled to the Kings.

    Oh, wait… you guys are banking on the youngster Pieter Steph du Toit…. Piet Spiere se seun….

  • 42

    Hey, los my nou… ek moet ryyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • 43

    @ Sharks_forever:
    Yes you do! Overjoy

  • 44

    #8 @ stormersboy,
    You presume too much! Don’t be like the Aussie reporter that wrote an article about the “Baggy Greens’s” going to number 1, before a ball had been bowled on the last day in Adelaide.

    The Cheetah’s have actually got a decent squad together, so don’t assume they will be 4th in the SA section. They might just have Goosen fit for the whole tournament, en dan gaan julle kak!

  • 45

    @ Cheetah4eva:
    The Cheetahs are a great team on their day and most people’s second favorite after their chosen team.

    You’ll win your share of games for sure, and as you say, you have some top players. A bit thin on depth and this will hamper you. If your guys stay fit the whole season, with guys like Heinrich, Juan, Goose and others you will bag your fair share of points.

    Now that I think of it, you’ll probably beat the Sharks into 3rd place.


  • 46

    45 @ Stormpie,

    Happy-Grin Have you looked at our squad so far? I think the depth issue won’t be as bad this year.

  • 47

    @ Cheetah4eva:
    I had a brief look at it last week but to be honest there are many players that I don’t know.

    But if you say so then I believe you.


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