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The Lions have finally announced their proposed fixtures to be played in lieu of Super Rugby participation in 2013.

The fixtures include matches from the “Lions Challenge”, as well as some friendlies against Super Rugby opposition as well as a number of international, American and European club sides.

The full media release from the Lions follows:

2013 MTN Golden Lions Fixture Schedule

The Golden Lions Rugby Union are pleased to announce the highly anticipated 2013 MTN Golden Lions fixture schedule.

The 2013 schedule includes fixtures from our new tournament, the Lions Challenge, and local matches in the Super Rugby promotion/relegation series. Currie Cup fixtures will be confirmed at a later date.

More information regarding ticketing, the overall tournament and opposition sides will be revealed in weeks to come. An official tournament launch will also take place.

Please find the fixture sheet below:

39 Responses to Lions announce fixtures schedule for 2013

  • 1

    3 Interesting Points.

    1. Venue is listed as “Ellis Park”.
    2. The Lions have chosen to use the Golden Lions logo as used in the Currie Cup.
    3. They have listed dates for the Super Rugby promotion / relegation games.

  • 2

    Other than the obvious problems of TV, trying to attract fans to “friendlies” on VERY FULL Saturday afternoons, and the lack of any “big name” (non SA) opposition, I’m glad they have at last made some headway in getting some Rugby for JHB.

  • 3

    1 @ Scrumdown:
    Yes, interresting to note that it is the MTN Golden Lions fixture schedule, not the MTN Lions (Super Rugby Franchise) fixture schedule.

    So, basically they have told the Leopards and Pumas to bugger off and they are going it alone, as a Union, not as a Super Rugby Franchise.

    Very interesting observation regarding the name Ellis Park… so has the Coca-Cola Sponsorship run it’s 3-year course or has Coke pulled out, giving the GLRU back the Stadium naming rights… or what?

  • 4

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  • 5

    I see that they are scheduled to play the Stormers and Sharks in June. Is that wise? It’s not as if the Super Rugby season isn’t already too long.

    Unless the Unions plan on sending their vodacom sides.

  • 6

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  • 8

    @ grootblousmile:
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  • 9

    8 @ Stormersboy:
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  • 10

    @ grootblousmile:
    haha so I see!

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  • 11

    5 @ Stormersboy:
    Part of the whole Promotion / Relegation idea is that the team which misses out on Super Rugby, will be given the opportunity to play games against EVERY OTHER participating SA Super Rugby Francise… therefor the 3 games against the Bulls, Southern Kings and Cheetahs in the beginning of the year and the 2 games against the Sharks and Stormers in June.

    You might remember the Southern Kings were also afforded this same opportunity at the beginning of 2012 and one or 2 of them in June 2012.

  • 12

    10 @ Stormersboy:
    I actually meant I use my Sunday fully…. the rest bit….

  • 13

    The Kwa-Zulu Natal Rugby Union (Sharks) will announce their new Chairman and Board of Directors tomorrow at 10:30 at the Jock Leyden Media Centre, Mr Price Kings Park

  • 14

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  • 15

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  • 16

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  • 17

    14 @ superBul:
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  • 18

    @ grootblousmile:
    Jy maar firefox block die grafieke en dan lock die skerm op

  • 19

    3 @ grootblousmile:
    It was a 5 year deal with Coca-Cola running 2008 – 2012 inclusive if my memory serves me correctly.

    The sponsorship was staggered with almost nothing being paid the first 2 years, and the majority in 2010 to coincide with the FIFA 2010 tourney and then 2 smaller amounts in 2011 and 2012. (But not as small as 2008/9)

    I assume there were penalty clauses preventings the GLRU from breaking the contract post 2010 that they (GLRU) probably couldn’t afford.

    Let’s face facts, Ellis Park won’t be getting much TV coverage in 2013, so it’s not really surprising that Coca-Cola didn’t opt to renew. Would you?

  • 20

    I think this is a positive move. I am also glad that the Lions have booted the Pumas and Leopards out. Yes, the GLRU did owe them money, but to stab your senior partner in the back like they did, just was not right.

    I hope there are some good sponsorships in the pipeline, as well as TV rights.

  • 21

    @ Lion4ever:
    Can’t see there being any DSTV coverage.

    Possibly E-TV or SABC.

  • 22

    Really pleased to see that Ellis Park is the name of the stadium again.

  • 23

    I see the Relegation games fixture is for 27th of July and 3rd of August. Well those are the dates for the Semi and final of Super Rugby. So what if Stormers/Sharks and Bulls are in those games then what happens to the Lions players in our teams? Well we only have one in Van Der Merwe. I have a feeling he could be a huge plalyer for Sharks next year, same as Elton and Taute no doubt will be for Stormers. Mapoe for Bulls as well.

    These players have to play in the relegation game for Lions. What happens now if the franchise they are on loan to need them to play in a semi or final? Could be a problem here. Have they got the Promotion Relegation dates right?

  • 24

    If those are the Promotion Relegation dates, then they obviously don’t think Kings will make it to the semi or final of Super Rugby.

  • 25

    It really will be weird not having the Lions play in SR

  • 26

    24 @ Puma:
    The BOTTOM placed SA Franchise plays in the Promotion Relegation rounds… now think carefully old bean, if you are the BOTTOM placed SA Super Rugby franchise, you cannot possibly be in a play-off or semi or final of Super Rugby.

    So, the team facing off against the Lions for Promotion / Relegation could be one of 5 possible sides… but most likely only will it be the Southern Kings.

    Therefore it is not automatically the Lions vs Kings… not at all… but the likelihood of it being the case is staggering if you ask me.

  • 27

    26 @ grootblousmile:
    I KNOW THAT… jeepers I worry about you old groot….hehehe. Do you REALLY REALLY REALLY THINK FOR ONE MINUTE THAT IT WILL BE THE SHARKS?????????????????????????????????????????????? Worry Pondering Weary We all know it will be the KINGS … No brainer really. Wink

    What I am talking about there all the big 3 have Lions players in their squad. They will NOT be playing for them in the semi or final if we make it that far.

    Bulls might be in the Relegation game if the play kick it everywhere…………… Overjoy Overjoy Overjoy

  • 28

    26 @ grootblousmile:
    Who do Bulls have from Lions on loan? I know you have Mapoe. Stormers have Elton and Taute. Sharks only have Van der Merwe, though I think he will play a big part for Sharks this year. Now totally pleased we don’t have more than one Lion player on Loan. As it does not work out if you need those players for the semi or final if we make it that far.

  • 29

    25 @ Sharks_forever:
    It is a shame they not playing Super Rugby. If not for injuries they would not have been at the bottom either. Then we would not be seeing Cheetahs either as they ended 2nd and that would a terrible shame as well.

    Need to go back to the old format after 2015 so we can have 6 teams. We need to have Lions and Kings in this tourney by then.

  • 30

    27 @ Puma:
    Why worry about me… just READ what you wrote in Comment 24… then worry about yourself!


    Bulls only have Mapoe on loan.

    The only kicking the Bulle will do will be to kick some butt… hopefully! I worry about the Bulls for 2013 man, will be a fresh year with new Super Rugby coaching structures and I must say I have very little confidence in Pine Pienaar.

    1. I worry a bit about the Bulls front rowers in general
    2. Locks are fine
    3. Despite losing CJ Stander the loosies are fine
    4. Scrummies quite OK
    5. Flyhalves – hope Bulls build nice depth there with Pollard possibly coming through
    6. Centres for once I am happy with – bloody nice depth there for a change
    7. Wings are fine and depth is building nicely there too
    8. Solidity at fullback is just fine.

  • 31

    As far as I can remember from a talk by KDK, is that the Lions loan players are available only for the league portion of the season. The Lions have the right to call the loan players back for the promo relegation games.

  • 32

    30 @ grootblousmile: I was mostly just thinking of who would lose out being in the semi without their Loan Lion Players.

    Look I was speaking realistically there. I expect one of the big saffa 3 to make a semi. Remember this year we had two in a semi. We all have Lion Loan Players in our sides. Then we are without the loan players for that game. As far as I did read earlier this year was that all the Loan Players from the Lions will have to play in that Promotion Relegation game. So don’t count on those players for the semi and final if any of the big 3 make it that far. Then who knows the Kings could just surprise us and not be bottom of our conference. That could happen, but for now doubt it.

    Mapoe is a very good outside centre as he proved playing for the Lions. Though for now Bulls don’t play that style of rugby. Have to see how he goes there. Stormers will be most affected at they have Elton who will probably be their first choice flyhalf and Taute their Fullback. Will Taute be there first choice FB? Not sure Joe played really well there for them in the CC final and Aplon has been good there as well. Though think they will use Joe and Taute at FB with Aplon mostly used on the wing. Think so, no sure. Sharks have Van der Merwe who I think will play a big roll in our team. Just have to see how it goes.

  • 33

    30 @ grootblousmile:
    Pollard is very good, will he be used in Super Rugby? Think he only finshed school this year. Or will he play CC first? You have Morne still and Fouche.

    Bulls do have good centres actually Bulls have a good team gbs. It is if they adapt to the off-loading game. That is how most teams are playing now.

  • 34

    32 @ Puma:
    Man, it’s not a train smash… rotation of players will happen right throughout the duration of the Competition, so one week these 2 players will be out, the next maybe another 1 or 3.. and so forth.

    So player depth will have to step in, in a case where Lions loan players might head back to the Lions…

    Naturally it’s not the ideal situation, just like many things in SA Rugby in general is not ideal at present, but heck we live with it and we manage OK, don’t we.

    You’re making a mountain out of a mole heap here if you ask me.

    One is dealt the cards… and one plays with those cards… that is the hand you have!

    What is MORE IMPORTANT is that those bloody Promotion / Relegation matched do indeed take place and that the Lions are not shafted again when the time comes and SARU does not retract on those Promotion / Relegation games. I have very little confidence in SARU doing the right thing in this regard at the opportune time.

  • 35

    33 @ Puma:
    Yip, young Pollard is very young… but like Naas used to say, if you are good enough, you are old enough.

    Johan Goosen was also only just out of school in 2012… and hell he played Super Rugby AND Springbok in 2012.

    I would give Pollard Super Rugby bench time and possibly let him come on for longer spells against the likes of the Southern Kings, possibly the Farce and Rubbles too. Louis Fouché is kicking mule and offers nothing more… boggerol!

  • 36

    34 @ grootblousmile:
    I know it is not a train smash, not with the Sharks even if Van der Merwe proves to be huge with us, we have depth. Thinking about Stormers they are gonna make Elton their first choice fh. That is a huge player to lose for a semi boeta. Grant was just poor for their semi against the Sharks. They should never have allowed the Greek (forgot his name) to leave.

  • 37

    36 @ Puma:
    Demetri Catrakilis

  • 38

    35 @ grootblousmile:
    Agree if you good enough you old enough. Lambie was only 19 playing for Sharks in 2010 Super Rugby. So was Frans Steyn. Frans Steyn and Lambie both played in a world cup at the age of 20. Then some have HUGE bmt and some crumble under pressure. Fransie, Lambie and O’Conner all have bmt. I think Pollard is the same, think he is cool under pressure, he proved that in the U20 jwc this year. From what I have seen he is better than both Morne and Fouche.

  • 39

    37 @ grootblousmile:
    Thanks. Stormers/WP should have tired to keep him. If they had him and Elton, no problems for them. They now have Grant and Elton. Grant for me is solid and that is it. Does not bring what Elton will, so Elton will be a loss for Stormers at fh if they make a semi and final for that matter as those are the dates set for the P/R games.

    I doubt Lions will get shafted there boet. Just look how they have gone about getting games for their players next year? They want to be in Super Rugby next year, they won’t take nonsense that they can’t play in a R/P game. It is in writing that will happen. Anyhow Kings should have being doing that Lions are going to do for their players next year with all the games they have organised last year already.


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