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Springbok lock Eben Etzebeth has been cited for allegedly making contact with a the eye of a Scotland player in the Test match played at Murrayfield on Saturday.


Following this weekend’s round of Autumn International matches, two players have been cited by independent IRB Citing Commissioners.

The South African lock forward Etzebeth, was cited by Alan Mansell of England for contact with the eye(s) or eye area under Law 10.4 (m) on Scotland No 10, Greig Laidlaw, after 14 minutes of the second half of the match at Murrayfield on Saturday.

Meanwhile, Juan Figallo, Argentina’s prop forward, was cited by Mike Rafter of England for striking with the head (Law 10.4 (a)) on French Captain Pascal Pape at the end of the first half of the match in Lille on Saturday.

Under IRB Regulation 17, hearings for both players will be held on Tuesday (Etzebeth) and Wednesday (Figallo) this week before independent IRB-appointed Judicial Officers.

177 Responses to End Of Year Tours: Eben Etzebeth cited for alleged eye-gouge

  • 151

    @ grootblousmile:
    Not to different to how we heard it was PDivvy when Morne was poor, You still did not see us Sharks okes blaming Morne for everything 😉

  • 152

    151 @ Sharks_forever:
    Of course you have, according to you guys he is limited… and Puma has gone further than that, the coach is called an idiot…

    You guys forget, conveniently you all wanted to lynch Plum after 10 games into Super Rugby in 2012, having lost 5 games already…

    There are none as blind as those who don’t want to see.

  • 153

    I said yesterday in comment # 36, that the words “Unhealthy Obsession” springs to mind.

  • 154

    148: hardloop, ja, ja ….. maar kan hy goed skop ? 😉

  • 155

    heyneke meyer must gooooooooooooooooooo!!
    afternoon everyone, now see the bully boys get their g-strings into knots!! Who-s-the-man

  • 156

    155 @ ashley:
    Hello Asbakkie… bwahahaha

    Die Balju sal jou goed kom haal!


  • 157

    gbs @ 156
    (singing) hy wietie wa ek bly nie!!

  • 158

    157 @ ashley:
    Hahaha… maar hy weet waar jy werk….

  • 159

    gbs @ 158
    lmk. goeie een!!

  • 160

    how about that article on heyneke that i’ve been asking you about for ages now?
    you can gameplan (or lack thereof)
    his structures (the ones he want to impliment throughout the age groups) and what its all about
    etc etc etc
    btw, i think that heyneke (at this stage of his career) have more critics than pdv had at the same time (and THAT takes some doing, lol)

  • 161

    shouldve been …. you can COVER gameplans

  • 163

    160 @ ashley:
    Do an Article for us… then I’l fix it and place it.. how’s that?

  • 164

    gbs @ 163
    i was thinking more in the line of an interview with him … who better than you to do it? Approve

  • 165

    and anyway, i only write conspiracy theories, lol

  • 166

    164 @ ashley:
    Hy’s nou oorsee man… waneer dink jy ek gaan hom weer sien… eish

  • 167

    @ Pietman:
    Ja, last time I right punched my opposing hooker in a koshuis game 20 years ago we both went to stand behind the poles for 10 minutes, and then got back into it.

    None of this citing bullshit.

  • 168

    I see Victor has been appointed to the Bulls coaching panel as forwards coach.

    Thank goodness we won’t have to sit through his barely coherent utterances in the studio any more.

    I mean I’m a fan and he has an amazing amount of experience, but he cannot commentate to save his life.

    He’s not the only one mind you.

  • 169

    gbs @ 166
    dis die laaste game die week. ekt nie gesê ek wil daai artikel vdag nog sien nie, maar ek sal regtig ñ one on one artikel met hom waardeer … sal ñ mens ñ beter insig gee v hoe hy dink, waarheen hy gaan met die span ens

  • 170

    Boks call up JC Van Rensburg. For injured CJ. Just read on Sports24

    Feel pleased for him, should have been there in the first place, even before Heinke.

  • 171

    Any news yet on the findings in the Eben Etzebeth Judicial Hearing?

    It was supposed to be held today.

  • 172

    171 @ grootblousmile:
    No have read nothing yet. No news is good news though. He could be back from the hearing and in training right now. Think they will tell us later today. We two hours ahead of them remember.

  • 173

    They say a dog is man’s best friend. But I don’t even have enemies that would stare directly into my eyes whilst taking a shit on my carpet.

  • 174

    I am not sure i uinderstand the calling up of JC now?? you have 5 props fit and ready there, 1 match to play???

    He wont have time to really train with the team, so whats the point??

    Dont get me wrong, he should have been selected from the start and not CJ, but this does not make sense.

  • 175

    174 @ Sharks_forever:
    There is a thread on this bro.

    I think it is because Steenkamp might be carrying a injury.

  • 176

    Bulls flyhalf Lionel Cronjé has been released from his contact and will join the Lions. The deal has been worked out in such a way that Cronjé can be recalled to the Bulls Super Rugby squad should the need arise.

  • 177

    176 @ Sharks_forever:
    Thats not the best of news Sharkie, sounds like there were such high hopes for Lionel just don’t know what went wrong, why he never got the chance to establish himself with us, he was meant to be a good quality player.


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